Do you believe in God?

A reader asked this question:
“Do u believe in God?”

Thank you for your question.
Ahnanda has shared many things about beliefs. Beliefs have a time when they are useful even necessary for us and then a time comes when they are useless. But we may tend to hang on to them.
That is my short answer. Now, let me elaborate on that.

A belief in Santa Claus, had his own time. After going through the experience of Santa Claus, we could realize that the gift given by HIM was the most important item, for the gift gave us a moment of happiness. Once our belief in Santa goes away (we grow up;) then we could see that it is not important to know the “facts,” to have the “right answers” in LIFE as to: Who is the “true” Santa, or How to get Santa to like you, or why he dresses in red and white, or how old is him or if he comes through your chimney or through your door; all of those things which kids (“thanks God!”) have not made into different “faiths” yet.

For an honest spiritual seeker, the “right” answer to a belief in God will be found in his own journey. It may not be as simple as a “Yes or No” a “I believe or I don’t” answer. Remember, Life is a journey. Your “right” answer will dependent on where you ARE in your journey. 

Why does God become so important?
Because the “I” is aware of his limitations, of his short life span, of his uncertainties. That is the moment when God becomes important as a belief. God is a support. You FEEL it.
This experience will change you.

For those who are not seekers yet; the logical answer only resides in their mind. It is a simple “yes I believe” or “No, I don’t.” These individuals do not know about the “gift” yet. For them, it is about being “right,” by having “the right answer.” Nothing will change in them yet.

You may have had an extraordinary experience with Santa Claus. He appeared only to you with Rudolph (the red nose reindeer) and his whole crew of elves. You felt happy as you have never felt before. You know that “Santa exists and he has chosen you.” You proclaim to others “Behold! Santa exists. I have seen HIM. He is the “true” Santa! Believe in HIM!”

You could know Santa, but you do not know YOURSELF, and because of that; you do not know your potential to BE that gift, which Santa once gave you: The gift of happiness.
You believe that Santa can help you. You do not know about your own strength.
You become a worshiper of Santa because you have not explored your own potential.
You may dress like Him. You may act like HIM. You may even say Ho Ho Ho to be “like HIM.”
Yet, you don’t know yourself, your own gift.

It is my experience that an honest seeker may start his journey believing in God, after that… only “God knows…” 🙂