The ideal of Justice

One of the prettiest and worshiped words in our society is the word “justice.”
Everyone wants justice, thus there is a fight, a struggle for justice. “Justice” doesn’t come easy. In the “divine” the synonym of the word “justice,” is “karma.”

We are not aware that the only reason “justice” exists is because we are rupturing, separating what cannot be. It is “I” fighting against“you” for justice. There is a difference between that “I” and “you.” Pick any difference, any will do: Color of the skin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, heritage, political affiliation, nationality, language, intelligence, beauty, hierarchy, physical strength…. And of course, etc. etc.

Our Life in society is about separation. Our identity is made through many labels, which truly never show us who we ARE, but basically what we identify with. Thus, a great source of ego, which will clash with someone else’s ego. That is how justice appears.

When we identify with something, that something will define us. Through that definition we will live our lives as slaves of ideals.

Even though, the world changes, our ideals will remain static, through the veil of illusion of another word: To be “right.”
Nothing wrong with ideals, just be aware that no one has the same ideal, even though it may be called with the same label.
The mirage is that we feel part of something bigger than us, by giving our allegiance to a label.

What I shared above can be easily misunderstood.

A fish gets eaten by a hawk. Is justice available for the fish?
Men hunt dolphins in the Pacific Ocean. Any justice for the Dolphins?
Prosecutors? Defense? Lawyers? All mind created “fair solutions.” Shall we award half a million dollars to the Dolphin foundation for concept of damages to their protegees? Is that justice?
As we look deeply into the concept of “justice,” it gets borderline stupid.

Murder is not resolved by giving money to the victims. Somehow in our minds, that is “justice.”
An eye for an eye then? Murder is perpetuated by murdering.
What is the solution? Don’t we all want a thought out solution, some word to offer hope and call it “justice”?

Look into yourself. When you are aware of separation, “your” convenience, your DOING becomes a problem for the “whole.”

“But that is not a “practical solution,” people will keep on acting unjustly, so the law needs to prevail: Justice for all!”

Yeah. What I shared above, is not for you yet. 🙂