The immoral solution

Following up with the article from last Monday. The other side of the coin.

Janet is married with Tom. Janet feels unsatisfied with her marriage. She does not feel attracted to her husband anymore. Her sexual Life with him is almost none. She wants a way out, but she doesn’t go away “because of her children,” she thinks.
Janet wants to be the martyr.
Harry comes along and Janet feels attracted to him and his suave manners. “One thing leads to another” and the attraction ends in sex between them. Even though there is no love between Janet and Harry, Janet found an outlet for her passion, and Harry an opportunity to “practice.”

Tom is busy making money to support his children, unaware of what is going on. Unaware of his wife, after all she belongs to him. They are married.
Tom, Janet and Harry live “happily everlasting,” and so, Janet’s children.

Moral of the story: “Cheating” may help a troublesome marriage to endure, as long as you don’t get caught. For the books, Janet “cheated” on her husband Tom; but Tom was never there for her. If Janet gets caught, she will be labeled as a “bitch,” a “woman without morals.” If It was the other way around, Tom will be a “stud,” a secret example for children to follow…of course, just keep it quiet.

Another “true” story?

Karen and Jack are married. Jack wants to “spice things up,” for he feels like trying something new and convinces his wife to join a “swinger” group. Jack was Karen’s first “love.”
Karen feels very hurt, but she doesn’t see a way out of this if she wants to keep Jack with her. Karen agrees to try it.

Jack had a good time, but that is about it. Karen on the other hand, felt what she has never felt before with another guy (i.e. Jack.) Karen wanted to pursue this swinger life style. 

Eventually, “swinging” wins and Karen enjoys the “life style” tremendously. She even discovers that she enjoys women as much as man. Rachel became her “best friend.” Jack on the other hand, had enough. Jack discovered that his stamina is lacking. He took all the “blue pills” but his health deteriorates. Karen, Jack and Mary live happily ever after…

What is the moral of the story? Jack of all trades, master of none. If you play with fire, you may get burnt. Jack’s premature ejaculation was the source. He never considered that. Jack’s belief that he has to ejaculate every time, is killing him.

“But… those stories are immoral! How are they going to live “happily ever after”? Marriage, God and the scruples of our society do not go along with those types of Life styles.”

Define marriage. That definition binds you.
“But, that is the way our ancestors did it. We must respect that!”
Can you hide your true feelings? or Live as a martyr for the sake of a tradition, a belief, an ideal? That is the dilemma.

Honesty is the best religion. If you cannot trust your partner with your feelings, you may as well be alone. At least, you could be you.

Many could have lovers, but if your lover is your best friend, perhaps you found something else…