Your concept is your own trap

Marriage is a concept based on agreement. Marriage will give an illusion of security, which “real Life,” easily breaks apart. That wide space between the security of the law and human emotions is what brings all sorts of suffering, soap operas and dramas.
In a nutshell, it is the old fight between the mind and the heart.

As a concept, marriage is neither good nor bad. It is a standard of society, which has an additional religious support to add “holiness” to it. The bottom line has always been, the way the protagonists (typically man and woman) feel about each other. Feelings are real. All the externalities amount to nothing; nevertheless, appearances are important to fit into the double face standards of society.

If John Doe has an “extra marital affair” with Mary Moe; no one cares. But if, Mr. Olympic Gold medalist has an affair with someone; then he is repudiated by the same people who praised him. His face is taken away from all the kids’ cereal boxes and TV commercials. His status is lowered.

Because he is no longer “an example.” By being Mr. Olympic medalist, he signed up automatically to be a representative of society’s moral standards. He became an icon like a “saint,” for others to follow.

An aware individual learns to respect the law, society’s moral standards and traditions but he does not limit himself by them. Those things are not binding limits, but references. An aware individual is beyond the labeling of “this is good, and that is bad,” for that labeling is a limit, just like a concept or a definition. That is what I’d like to call “intelligence.”  Want a definition? 🙂  Intelligence is the capacity to harmonize the “external” with the “internal.”

In the “office world,” concepts, definitions, labels are very important; but outside that realm; those things are just limits.

Beliefs are the first layer of unlearning for a new consciousness. Not because “beliefs are bad,” but because they are limits helping to delimit the “I.”

As limits are left aside, there is greater space for openness; which means less “I” which in turn will bring the opportunity to be whatever we want to be in Life… and not to be it,  at any time.

Such freedom “to be and not to be” is the product of encompassing the full journey of the “yes” and the “no.” Once you know both, you are free from the limits of them. That is freedom from the known.

As long as you only know one side, you will reject the other…. Until you experience it, in your own skin; then there is change of BEING.
Such is the depth of experiences in Life, which our society and moral standards cannot fit.

“The son of a bitch, becomes man’s best friend.” Isn’t that paradoxical?
Just like Life. 🙂