The greatest symbol is the “I.”

We use the word “I” to denote an individuality. It is “me.”
That “me” is static. Even though the body, personality and mind change; we believe to be the same “I.” 
The “I” is like the”now.”  A ripple in the moving waters of the immense Ocean of Life.
The above explains succinctly, the main issue in “true spirituality” to be aware of.

Most individuals fear death. There was a person who once told me: “I fear death, for that is the end.”

I told her: “It is likely that “you” will not encounter death.”
She looked at me as if “I” spoke in another language.
That individuality who will encounter death is not the one who spoke to me. It will be another. That fear is the product of a mind incapable of living in the “now.” 
Can you imagine when I was an 8 year old fearing death? Was that kid the same as Ahnanda now? We have nothing in common, other than the same mind remembering things.

Our society thrives in the enhancement of the “I.” The next worshiped symbol is called “choice.”
“I choose.”
That is a self-contained popular “truth” that not too many have explored.
There is no “I” choosing. It is either the mind or the gut feeling.
The mind is not “you” but the accumulation of past experiences, learned behaviors which are extrapolated into the future. Most do not recognize the mind away from the “I.” The mind is static. It likes pictures. Reality is not static, it is a flow, a movie.
Life is flow and so “I.”

If the “gut feeling” is “choosing” there is no-choice. It is what it is. It could be “wrong” for “my” perceived benefit or idea of what is “good or bad” but as far as the Universe is concerned; it is “right.”

Who is choosing then? There is no choice in Life. Choice is an invention of the ego centered mind. Let me use some examples from the well known 1999 movie “The Matrix.”
“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

“Neo” (main character) picked the red pill. Didn’t the “Oracle” know that already, before that “choosing” took place?  Yes… The “choice” was taken before “choosing.”

The “I” feels pretty awkward with that crazy “idea”!
Consider this: We are ONE with Life. Thus, who is choosing? Who is separating from that oneness to assert its presence?
The “I” through the mind.
What is the mind?
“More important than what is when…” (to paraphrase the Matrix.)
When the mind appears, are you aware of it?
That awareness is you.  Awareness is without choice. The rest is happening, it is occurring, there is nothing to DO but what is in your gut feeling; that is to be ONE with Life.

Nevertheless, the “I” wants to choose happiness, it wants to choose paradise, it wants to choose responsibility, etc.
In that “choice” sorrow appears, hell arises and guilt surfaces.
Choice means duality. That “I” will experience what it wants… and what it doesn’t want to.
Life offers that “free-will”  package as a bundle. “Your” choice means nothing… but the “office world” gurus will tell you otherwise. That is how “Best-sellers” are sold. 🙂