Back to the Future

Our society is mostly in trance with the “I.” The ultimate is for the “I” to have “choice” to control the events in the future.
That is the main theme of popular “sci-fi” movies.
“I” can go back to the past and change things.
Of course, those changes will be according to what “I” think should be the “right thing.”
“If I can go back and avoid the assassination of Mr.Important, then that will change the future for the best…” However, as we are so immersed with the “I,” that change is only palliative medicine, a band aid over a huge wound, for our consciousness will go back into destruction mode, our “old program.”
Most individuals are completely unaware of what is going on with themselves.

Our society praises our ability to “choose,” but at the same time; that is the greatest source of suffering.
When we think we choose, we use the ideas and concepts that we have learned, what it was taught to us as being “right.” We don’t choose. We follow the old program.
That type of choice brought by the mind has the other side of the coin as well: It is called guilt.
Your choice when is mind driven, will also give you doubts, uncertainty, guilt. We want to be “right.”

Have you ever had the nagging thought that “I” should have done this in a different way?
That is guilt, doubt, fear of being “wrong.” That is the product of “your choice” as well.

In Life, there is no going back to the past. There is Destiny. Because we are all one, our actions “are” as they are supposed to be. Nevertheless, guilt comes out of the mental “choice.” Thereby: “Put your mind away, the conditioning out and learn to listen to your gut feeling.”
That action is not “yours” thus, there is no feeling guilty, not being afraid of being “wrong.”

Remember this quote by Chuang Tzu?
“The greatest crimes are eventually shown to have been necessary, and, in fact, a signal benefit to mankind.”

Let me ask you: If whatever you DO is necessary as it is, why use your mind to “make a decision”? Connect with your inner being, your gut feeling, your connection with Life itself and be like a carefree leaf floating on the river of life. The direction is there, follow it without “trying to follow.”  No need to fight the current, to try to change it.

Some may misinterpret this as the license to “do whatever you want.”
That is not what I conveyed. There is no “I” in this. Every action brings a consequence, but an action done as the expression of Life through “you” is at peace with your consciousness, at peace with Life.
Want a piece of peace?  🙂

Be honest. That is not a choice. If it is; be certain that there is no honesty in that.