Your choice: Strawberry or vanilla ice cream?

“You said that there is no choice, but I can choose between one thing and another thing. Isn’t that choice? It is obvious that “I am choosing,” so what you said is nonsense….”

I asked Timmy: “Do you want strawberry or vanilla ice cream?”
Timmy said: “I want strawberry.”
I asked Timmy: Is that your choice?
Timmy said: “Yes, it is.”
Question: Did Timmy “choose” to like strawberry?
No. That flavor came as part of BEING Timmy. There was no choice. It is in him.

Few people are aware of this.
Most say:” I like red, I love roses, my preference is for watermelons over mangoes,” and believe that those are “choices.”

Little old Anne is trying to cross the street, but the traffic is pretty heavy.
Mr. Smith, a candidate for president; happened to be near Anne. He did not choose that. It happened.
Mr. Smith wasn’t sure if he should help Anne to cross the street.
Then, he “thought” in a second: “Many paparazzi may be around with their cameras. If I help that little old lady cross the street, that action will look good and may help me in my career.
Did Mr. Smith choose to do that “good action”?
No. He is merely bound by what he IS.
His activity is selfish in nature, for Mr. Smith is selfish. Although from the outside it may look like he is a good Samaritan. The intention and intensity behind the action drives the consequence.

“…but Mr. Smith made a choice between helping Anne or not helping her…”
Yes, superficially.  That is what we are taught to believe.
At a deeper level, Mr. Smith expressed through an action who he IS. That is all. Paradoxically, what he IS does not depend on him.  There are circumstances, level of awareness, experiences behind Mr. Smith’s self. To observe that ACTIONS are not defining someone but rather the intention, is certainly another notch of depth.

Mr. Smith couldn’t choose not to “help” Anne, for that action could go against his presidential campaign.
Certainly, the outsiders will praise Mr. Smith for being such a “nice guy,” but that is the nature of dishonesty; it is about making others believe what we are not.

Whether Life “chooses” to help Mr. Smith in his campaign or not through that action of helping little old Anne, it is completely out of Mr. Smith’s hands.

 Let us say that Mr. Smith went to help Anne and she responded with violence, for she thought that she was being robbed. That “choice” will bring suffering to Mr. Smith’s life. Do you see that? That is why it was expressed that “our choice” is our source of sorrow as well.
When the “I” chooses there is duality. That brings anxiety, stress for the “I” wants to be “right.” When there is no choice; there is agreement with the Universe. Timmy’s selection of ice cream wasn’t a choice at all. He just went with what he IS, and what he IS can change at any moment, whether he recognizes it or not.

An honest strawberry flavor “choice” without choosing. Free of beliefs and conditioning.   🙂  Shall I “choose” to move on from the topic of “choice”?