Sexuality under the shadow of guilt

Life is amazing. It provides a rainbow of colors to behold, but human morality is only concerned with identifying a color as the “right” color.  All colors in the rainbow make up light, that which allows us to see, and we see to judge based on our moral standards.

That is why, any spirituality concerned in segregating something out of the human experience is not interested in the person, but only with reaching an ideal.

Guilt arose due to the “failure” of humans to become that ideal.
Humans cannot be humans to be “good.” We have to be something else, something “better.” It doesn’t matter where a particular human being is in his development; he must DO as told. He must become what he is not. He must be the dream.

Picture this: Peter feels a pleasurable sensation in his first chakra (sexual organs.) After sometime, that sensation becomes bothersome, it feels as if something needs to come out. That sensation changes Peter’s mood. His relationship with others become agitated due to this sensation. Then the label: ” Bad itch” appears.

Eventually, Peter must get rid of that “itch.” He ejaculates. Perhaps a “wet dream.”
A “holy book” may say that masturbation is a sin and so most monotheistic religions. Next time, Peter tries with a prostitute.But that is “immoral” in our society. Next time, Peter finds a girlfriend. “Love” is the keyword to talk about so his sexual outlet becomes acceptable. Peter may be pressured into “tying the knot” in the name of “love.” It is the “right thing to do.” All of that because of an itch in the first chakra.

Pleasure is incredible. The itch is out of Peter’s control.
Peter may find an outlet which is not accepted by “moral standards.” Peter may decide to go all out in a frenetic attempt to experience the utmost pleasure and to fill the empty spaces in his Life, with this new source of “happiness.”

Nevertheless, Peter feels depleted. His energy is gone. Frailty sets in.
Life could be ironic: A very pleasurable itch which can also empty your vitality! Sex is the “black widow” and we are the prey.

What is the solution?
For many, to get rid of the itch, through many beliefs and practices. Being “itch free” is believed to be  the ideal  of “purity” like a child before sexuality sets in.
For others, it is to do it with “moderation.” The definition of that will change. “Moderation” has always been a nice keyword to say, when covering up our hidden darker instincts.

Every society has created its own way to deal with that “itch.”
“Only do it to have kids.”” Only do it with your wife.” Although there may be differences which will create fights: Different moods, different libido, different stamina, different hang ups, taboos, beliefs, etc.  “Starfish sex” may be the outcome.

Then the “reactionary movement” comes around. Everyone is a “flower child.” Everyone should be “free” to DO it with whoever. The word “whoever” means same gender, animals, objects, spirits, etc. Some diseases and unwanted pregnancies may appear.
Add to the mix, the mind and emotional repertoire of repressions unleashed: Fetishes, sadism, masochism, bondage, dominance … and all of those mental games which makes sex a “mental” thing… Yeah, “sex is mental” right?

That which is the source of utmost pleasure in the physical world, is also the source of suffering.

That is how sex was condemned. That is how our society became mentally ill and repressed through the unspoken condemnation of expressing pleasure, which is an integral part of BEING.

The problem is not sex, but the misunderstanding of what sexual energy is, of what it represents and our inability to deal with the gift that this precious energy is capable of giving.

That is how “Tantra” appeared in the world many centuries ago. However, this path of self-discovery has been distorted (one more time) to accommodate the hunger of the masses to express their repressed sexuality, without going through the process of inner work: Catharsis. Yeah,  Money talks…Time to write a “bestseller.”   🙂    (To be continued.)