Living inside the mind: The need for purpose

Little Timmy lived in wonder. Every experience was unique. He did not know what was like to “be bored.” Peer-pressure was a word with no meaning.

Once he entered the “office world,” Timmy learned about objectives, goals, pressure. Life was about achieving things, demonstrating to the world who “I am” now and in the “afterlife.”
If Timmy liked to run, that wasn’t enough. He had the potential to be “someone.” He could go to the Olympic “games,” represent a flag with a collective label and be part of the “winning pressure.” Games are no longer games, if to win is what matters.

Timmy could be “entertained” by the “Office world,” until one day; those “games” become meaningless… What happened?
He got tired of achieving and accumulating things. Little Timmy is “unique” after all, for many could be entertained by the “office world” for a lifetime: Go to work, watch the kids, watch TV, bond with your smartphone, feed the pets and all the “adventures” related with those items. Life is good! 🙂

Until something happens to spoil the routine.

PURPOSE becomes the new keyword.
Life has to have a purpose. Timmy’s life has to have a purpose as well. What is it? Is dead the end? What do “I” need to DO in life?
Many “best sellers” self-help/religious books will give answers to Timmy. But because he is not AWARE, he does not realize that it all boils down to a BELIEF. “Believe and you will be saved,” it is said.

The indoctrinated mind is concerned with the future, so “I am” alright then.
Some controlling will be needed, some struggle with someone to get where “I” need to be. Perhaps, it is a number. The mind loves numbers: “I need 850,000 US dollars to retire and enjoy Life.” To get that may be the “purpose of Life.” Let me work towards it.

The mind is so busy DOING things, sacrificing, accomplishing, setting goals, etc. Just to avoid being bored. The sense of BEING is left aside. BEING a childlike, is forgotten. Thus, joy is no longer known.

When you ARE (BEING) there is no purpose. BEING means enjoyment. To enjoy is not a purpose but the natural manifestation of BEING. Joy is BEING…. mind free.

You are invited to a buffet. The mind says: What is the purpose of eating? How many calories in that? Little Timmy (not trained by the office world yet) tagged along with his folks to that buffet. Ask him: “what is the purpose of eating little Timmy?” Timmy will look at you and say: “I don’t know… err … to eat.” Such a philosophical profound response.
Observe him. Observe his enjoyment. The mind hasn’t occupied Timmy’s BEING yet… As the mind grows as a virus, then traumas will appear (experiences labeled as “bad”) then fear will surround that trauma and the “I” will be built upon those emotions…