Can you live without goals and purpose?

Ask yourself if you could live life without goals, objectives, purpose and meaning.
If you are able, that will set you free from the mind.
Sounds crazy!
Consider this: Before you could perceive what is the mind, practically and not by a concept, a definition; you may need to increase the ego-mind to be AWARE of it.
“Have an objective. Give your life purpose, meaning!” Isn’t that the mainstream spiritual teaching?

Achievement gives you purpose and so failure to achieve. You could be a “winner or a loser.” Either way, you will need more things to achieve, to keep you “entertained.”

Once you are tired of setting goals to achieve, you will start freeing yourself from your mind, but that is not easy. A low point in your life may appear. Your trust in “best sellers” may be reconsidered.

“But goals are not bad! We need goals, objectives, something to look forward to in Life!”

Correct. But look at the beliefs in your statement: “We need goals” is the first belief. The second one is to label “living with goals,” as Life.
Goals are needed in the “Office world,” but outside that there is another Life, which I invite you to explore. This writing is only an invitation… 🙂

So you want to achieve the objective of losing 25 pounds by next year. That is the goal. You have a year to entertain yourself in achievements. You also want Heaven after this Life.  You cannot fail that, for there is always plenty of room in Hell…
Observe this: You are aware that you are overweight. Are you aware of what increases that weight? That is it. No need to go into the “I promise that from now on…” What is so magical about 25 pounds? As stated before, the mind likes numbers, dates, definitions. 

Heaven is your goal? What are you going to DO? “Good” actions? Is what society defines as “good” truly “good”?
Is an action performed with the intention to achieve something for you, truly “good”? Isn’t that action actually covering your greed?
“What greed?” You are “helping” only yourself and making someone believe that you are doing it out of your good heart. All about mind and not feelings.

How can you go to Heaven if you are greedy?
“Yes, but I helped someone. My action helped another.”
That is the theory in the “Office world.” DOING defines a person. In Life, BEING defines the action. That is why Karma deals with who you ARE behind the action. Now, you know why “bad things happen to good people.”
“Let me write a check with some money to help the poor” Is that a good action?
Are you giving because you can spare some change, because you want to go to heaven, or because you believe that money will help someone? Let us say that 80% of your money went to some crooks who set up a fictitious fund to “help the poor.”
Yes… you had a “good” intention as long as Heaven and giving your left overs weren’t lingering in your mind…
See how tricky “good” becomes?

The problem is the mind. The mind creates goals, objectives, purpose, meaning, good and bad… Duality. We “reason” our actions  based on the learned conditioning…and we believe that to be “real,” “truth,” and use politically correct labels to defend “our” thinking…