Checking on your ideals

Part of the walk of the “Life walker” is to observe those things which make up that which we call “self.”
Throughout these articles, the mind, the “I”/ego and beliefs were looked at.
Ideals, is a new “can of worms” which may need our tact to explore. Why?
The “office world” and most of humanity believe in them as a way of living.
Ahnanda is not a rebel or servile to the “Office world.” He is only interested in finding those items which define him. It is in the observation of those things, how opening of the “I” appears.

Have you observed Patriotism? Are you willing to sacrifice for “your country”? or in “pretty” terms, are you full of “love” for your country?
That could easily change into chauvinism and nationalism. Just like ego.. It tends to grow out of proportion.

Is your country something that exists or it is mind created?
It is obvious that continents do not have lines segmenting them into smaller places known as “countries.” Have you observed that?
Every country has a flag and a song (national anthem.) To represent a country means to adhere to those things and what they represent.
All mind.

Observe that through those artificial divisions, we keep dividing our world of people and living beings.

The same holds true from any form of religion. Rather than the division of land, there is a division of gods and beliefs. Note that Patriotism is more concrete, that is why it is widely accepted. Land is tangible.

With “God” we could stretch the mind into many paths which are available as long as there are believers.
Nevertheless, the division among individuals is granted.

What about political parties? We believe that there are differences that could identify one party from another. In practice, those differences can change as the wind. Nevertheless, the adherence to a label becomes the important issue.

When I share that our issues are in the mind, can we step out of our minds?
Can we be “out of our minds”? 🙂
Because our unconscious immersion in that structure, is not allowing us to observe and acknowledge a different way of looking at Life. That way resides in Nature.

Nowadays many have a very scarce involvement with Nature. Taking “Fido” every day for a 5 minute walk/pee/poo combo while texting someone, may be the extent of our relationship with Nature.
There is so much that we are missing!

Once you are aware of that world, your “mindless” world may cease to exist.
The process is like traveling to another country and learn their language, traditions and so on… the longer you stay, the more you get to know. You may find out that words, ideas, ideals and beliefs are just all of the mind… not real, concise, as Fido’s gifts.

The core is in the feelings of your heart. That is where you “new” Life may reside. To open that door, is to adventure into the unknown.