Society’s ideals

When we were born, an “ideal” was established for us. It didn’t have to be thanks to our parents. Anyone who took care of us, had an ideal for us. With an ideal in mind, the map was built and all they had to do was to “accomplish it” no matter what. It is about their “success” after all. That ideal was part of the “approved” ideals that society had established for many generations.

Some may have had the experience of being subordinates of authority. The “Yes, sir” person was born out of that ideal. Others, may had the opposite experience. The “My way or the highway” was born. Both individuals embracing opposite ideals like to comfortably, follow their scripts.
The problem arrives when Life brings the opposite ideal into their experiences.
That creates a trauma.

Ideals are “black or white.” Even the idealist lawyer who dreams about dismantling crime in a society, is only capable of seeing “one way,” but never the process. Crime will exist as long as obedience exists.

That is duality 101. Opposites go together, except in an idealistic society who is concerned only on “achieving” one part of the equation without considering the other side to balance things out. This type of  useful “math” is not taught at Universities.

Do you want to vote for the candidate who promised to eradicate crime? What about the one promising to bring peace?  Promises are meant to be broken and lies meant to stay.

“That makes sense, so how do we get rid of crime?” Certainly, when obedience is gone.
“That does not make sense. We cannot live as a society like that!”
Certainly. The ideal is to obey the hierarchy represented by laws, moral standards, etc.
Do you see how the creation of a duality brings the phantom problem and the so called “solutions”?

“Yes… but again, we cannot live without rules, regulations, etc.”
Correct. But observe that a society with less regulations invites less crime. Do you see that?
Look, we can go on with “ideas.” The purpose of these writings is not to change society. The purpose is to OBSERVE what is.

When we have observed things as they are, we could live in a society.  Just like a grown up playing dolls with kids, is aware that he is playing a game while the kids are not necessarily so; the same is with a person who is fully aware of the game being played in society.

“I don’t get it…”
You had a kid out of wedlock. What is the stigma? Sex before marriage… What does the religion say? And what about God?
Do you see the potential trauma for you and your kid? Do you see the labeling, the stigma, the sense of guilt, shame, etc.?

That is what I am talking about.
In some societies, to get to God’s altar as virgins, is a big deal. This is just an example. Explore the ideals in your society which has been passed around for generations as the source of “truth, goodness and morality.”

An Aware individual plays the game knowing that it is only a game… and as all games; they finish when you have enough of it.
An AWARE individual may leave the game in an elegant way, with a smile in his face… but for the rest, it may be another struggle, another traumatic experience… 🙂