Digging deeply into ideals

Is education truly “education” or it is about “training”?
Is marriage a “sacred institution” or just convenience?
Is God for everyone or just for few, selected ones?

I could go on. Those ideals later become beliefs and those beliefs are mental walls to define ourselves, to make us static entities in a world of constant changes.

Whatever we believe to be, creates our purpose. Observe that ideals are just clouds without consistency, our “invention” created through conditioning.

That is why, to become aware of Life through a different perspective, we may need to dismantle that conditioning, starting from our sacred ideals, what we believe to be “right,” what we vote for, support and use to dress up our “I.”
That is an inner-revolution.

As we can see, Self-realization is not hidden in worshiping or in embracing a religious practice of beliefs. It is not about getting a Ph.D in psychology either.

Nothing to DO, nothing to accomplish. No goals, no purpose, no desire…. But this has no relationship with being a renunciate of the world, no!
It is the complete opposite! It is about inner fulfillment, to harmonize with the Totality, into what is.

We could be “complete” when we are One with everything.
If it sounds “magical” it is because language doesn’t allow me to express that there is no separation, but a mind made rejection separates. That awareness does not depend on something that “I” can DO to change things to fit “my” concept.

That awareness happens when there is no definition of ourselves to ourselves and others. You are comfortable with BEING without defining it.

Empty of “I.”
Another way to describe that “I” is in finding our self-defining words, what we “believe to be.”

Mind, ego, “I,” are intimately related with ideas, ideals, beliefs which in turn will bring emotions which will separate our mind, from our feelings. That is the inner layer of the onion, the core, the seed; from that “seed” other categories of duality are built such as: Body and soul, male and female, black and white, educated and ignorant, young and old, etc. Those separations come from the seed: Mind vs feelings. Ultimately the meaning of words do not separate, but the emotions that come out of it.

Because our mind is controlling our free BEING, we live in continuous imbalance: Ideals, beliefs, taboos, hang ups become “reality” but they are all in the conditioned mind.
Do we see that? 🙂