The shortcomings of rationality

Most “educated” individuals have been trained to follow patterns of thoughts labeled as “logical.”
Logic and rationality are important “tools” in the “Office world.” Our minds have been conditioned to accept rationality, analysis, logic as sources of “truth.”
It shouldn’t be a surprise that most of us, pretend to understand Life by following that conditioned pattern.

Life presents uncertainty for many. It is hard to “trust” when we are not sure what will be Life’s new move or change. That is why, the “office world” creates that “secure” environment, where we can “buy” everything we need, even for the afterlife.

The mind yearns for that security, where “I” will have “control” and “I” will be “safe” by DOING what “I” am supposed to DO.
In that mirage there is deep disappointment. It becomes a traumatic experience.

Ralph was an “A” student. He graduated college with honors. He could have a brilliant future ahead in the “office world” … but he stepped on a banana peel and earned instant “flying miles” points for the afterlife.

That sort of trauma was unforgettable for Ralph’s folks. His parents became bitter with Life. Their desire of seeing Ralph’s “success” was frustrated.
Then, the blame game comes around.
Blame it on God. Fight with him. Blame it on Life. Bitch about it. Who threw that goddamn banana peel on the floor!
Anger comes out… and then, surrendering… like heavy rain eventually will go away… 

Rationality will only look at the surface. It is linear. Ralph died because …. Put whatever “reason” there. Actually the laws of causality which were triggered before Ralph’s birth, are completely unknown. Just as Ralph “was” before he became Ralph… he “will be” after Ralph. It sounds like another belief, right?

Because we lack observation, we are unable to see how Ralph brought into his existence items that he wasn’t taught. Ralph did not come as a “tabula rasa” a “clean slate.” We could call that “his personality” but now, dear reader; after more than 1000 articles here; hopefully you could observe that circumstances, settings around Ralph’s life will definitely influence him. Thus, the simplistic “ that is him” is of no use once we see that we cannot separate Ralph from Life itself.

“So why everyone has different personalities?” Obviously, different settings, circumstances, Life itself….
“So why twin brothers are different?”
Because before becoming twin brothers, they were not. Rational enough? 🙂

How could we not trust Life? Observe that we are already taken care of. Observe that “chance” is a word invented in the “Office world” which cannot apply to Life. “Serendipity” is a nice label for causality.

The weaving threads of Life unites everyone, all the time.
When the “I” feels alone… that is a “good” thing indeed.
Because loneliness will make someone AWARE of relationship. One experience is there to make us AWARE of its opposite. Loneliness brings relationship… all by itself.

Fantastic, indeed!