Life works for you… not against you

The origin of that phrase may be a “best seller” book, highly recommended by many well known “spiritual” gurus.
Nothing wrong with that phrase. It is “good” for those who perceive Life as a hard experience, a traumatic journey. For those who are not yet AWARE of the intricacies of the “I.”
The great majority of “best sellers” are meant to encourage, support the existence of the “I” in a “positive” way.

Positive “I-ness” is supposed to give certainty, encouragement and a feeling of being taken care of.
If you had a dog and a car ran over it, then you may feel that Life is unfair.
If your boyfriend left you for another girl, you may keep that experience as a hurtful trauma.
If you got fired from your cushy job and forced into manual labor, you may feel that Life sucks…
Therefore, when you hear: “Life works for you, not against you,” a sparkle of illumination may surround your face.
Even though, you don’t have a dog, a boyfriend, a job … there is hope! Life works for you… You may find a mutt down the street to feed, the bag boy at you nearest superstore may become your friendly boyfriend, or you may find a job as an actor in a Marvel comics movie… Life is great! Yeah… You didn’t know that “losing” the former, will allow you to “win” all of those new and neat things later on… A success story! Close your Life right there before “bad” things arrive again.  What a great phrase!

Now, consider this.
“You” are not separated from Life. “You” are Life itself. Sounds pretty metaphysical, huh? That is why “best sellers” sell books…
Life does not work “for you” nor “against you.” Life is not your employee or your nemesis. Easy to catch that, huh? I wonder why it wasn’t included in the “best seller”? Probably, because it wouldn’t sell otherwise.

Now, the hard part: “YOU” is not a static entity, like for instance a label: YOUR name is Peter Prune. That label is static, it will not change; but “YOU” is a dynamic being: Always changing, always moving, evolving, becoming… therefore, “You” don’t exist….
” Say, Whaaat?”
I said, It wasn’t going to be easy… No “best seller” material.  🙂

Life is change, so are “YOU.” Language is static and structured, so to say “You” defines something different than “I.” When we believe and solely focus on the labels, we are stuck in separation, but in “reality” you and I are quite connected… only our physical bodies disconnect “you and I.”

There is Life. “YOU” are Life itself.
Therefore, there are 2 ways to understand “YOU” by using our rudimentary language:
1) By negating “you” as : You are nothing… Thus, there is only Life.
2) Asserting “you” as : You are everything… For you are Life itself.

Isn’t this logical? How is it possible for “you” to be “nothing” and “everything” at the same time?
That is called a Paradox. Life is a paradox at a mental level… but it is not, when “you” are living it…
“YOU” are the “yes” and the “no” together, not separated. Content and emptiness at the same time.
Definitely, the above is not “best seller” material.  (To be continued.)