To understand Life at least at the intellectual level, we need to step away from our ideas of “good” and “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” etc.
Our moral standards and ways of looking at Life are highly biased by our conditioning.

Life does not exist based on human morality and understanding. That conditioning is what makes the content of our mind. Our mind expects to “see” Life under that vision.

We have learned about the “law of karma.” We know that causality is determining outcomes. Although we may not be aware of all causes, we should be aware that what is happening now is exactly what we need to experience. There is no randomness here.

Our limited labeling of our experience as “good” or “bad” has no consequence other than setting ourselves up into a particular attitude towards Life.

In Life, there is a mesh of experiences void of moral labeling. “Your” car accident may be labeled as “bad” in our moral understanding, but then we see that this incident is the cause of “your” change into a “spiritual” person. The experience of Life frailty, its ephemeral quality was the cause of that change and not an action taken by the “I” to “become spiritual.”

Life does not end in “becoming spiritual,” as there may be other “bad” things happening, culminating in death.
Is death “bad”? Apparently in our society, it is.
Death is a taboo in our society.
Why do you pray to God if there is causality? Why do you ask God for forgiveness in light of causality? Why do you ask God for “help”? Obviously, because “you” want someone with influence to spare you from your lot. Just like in the “Office world.”
It is understood that what you are going through is exactly what you need to experience in Life and that will change at the “right” time, as everything in Life does. We are part of Life.

When the “I” is afraid, that “I” will cling to any idea of safety, salvation, redemption, etc. Our inability to deal with the situation, to accept it and acknowledge it, will prompt us to look for any sort of escape, any sort of palliative medicine to give us the idea that we are “better” now.

That is how religions appeared and so “Spiritual Best sellers.”

“It seems that you have a grudge against “spiritual bestseller books,” you are dancing around that theme for too long now, what is your point?”

My point is that “what sells” is not necessarily aligned with “what is.” The collective consciousness of the masses (supporting what sells) are looking to escape from their perception of whatever is considered to be “bad.” They want a method to change things around, even by embracing beliefs and askew ideas. The “majority rules” is a human belief supported by economical interest.
“Spirituality” as understanding of Life, is not constrained by the claims of the masses.
Let me put it out in concrete words: “You” will experience your lot, no matter what you DO, no matter what you call it (good/bad/right/wrong) duration and intensity are all figured out just for “you.” Change of consciousness does not happen by escaping with a “positive affirmation” or by escaping with “hope.”
Life is fully inviting “you” to be AWARE of what is going on, the changes that are happening little by little, in a subtle way. There is timing for everything.

Causality is underneath every action, every thought, every feeling. Causality unites the past, the present and the future.
The understanding of Life and thus, “true Spirituality” is in the understanding of causality. There is nothing to change, control or escape from.
What is left then?
To experience. For change itself comes through experiencing the experience brought to us by Life.

“But, what if the experience is “negative,” “bad”? “
That means that “you” will be a step closer to what is “good.” Life will take you there at the “right” time. Be AWARE of it. “You” are Life itself. “You” are taken care of.  In the meantime, enjoy your lot…enjoy what you are able to… for it will change.  🙂