Change is Natural and leisurely

Life sustains itself. It recycles itself. No “help” is needed.
Humans living through the mind, are so concerned about “controlling” things and “making changes” out of a particular, reduced viewpoint which does not consider the “bigger picture.”

That willingness to “willfully” change things and control events most of the time, have undesired consequences. It is the “I” exercising his “choice.”

Observe Life. There is a continuous line of changes. It does not matter how we label them (good, bad, right, wrong) those changes will maintain Life.

Observe an hourglass. Life works almost the same manner. “You” are in one side of the glass full of sand, just to move to the empty side. Once “you” are in the empty side, there will be a flip, an inversion and… “you” are back to the “full side.”

Our minds and “spirituality for the masses” are concerned in “always staying in the full side.” That is a mirage.

Collective Consciousness also moves the same way. There are few particles of sand, the pioneers going from the “full” side to the “empty.” Their perception of the “empty” side will not be understood by those only experiencing the “full” side.

Those experiencing the “full” side will be many. Because “majority rules,” their perception will be labeled as “truth” and our society will be built upon that perception.

“Which side of the hourglass is the “truth”?” That is the question of most intelligent minds. However, observe that this question is foolish. The hourglass is ONE.

In the “spiritual” circles, some are so concerned in “making the change” right away, suddenly…. That is not “real change.” That is the change envisioned by the clever mind,  the “I.” That change is only behavioral.
Change happens slowly; as the particles of sand move from one side of the hourglass to the other. That is a process. Change is built in Life.

Concerned in “getting to the empty side faster” because it is “better;” the “spiritual person” spends his Life going from one objective to the other, trying to find meaning, purpose in Life.

Observe the hourglass again. “You” will get there, but it depends where you are located around the bunch of sand. That location gives you “your” consciousness.
Yeah! “You” want to push your way in, get there faster, etc.
Now, perhaps you could see, how silly that is. “You” will get there and that place is just another experience, just like the one that you are having right now, but you are unable to appreciate, to taste, to enjoy… the “now.”

Because we are living in the mind. The mind does not allow for enjoyment, to surrender to the experience… Hurry up!… the “future” is important, once you get there… you will be happy… I have no time for “now.”   That is so silly!

Observe change. Appreciate it. Respect it. Embrace it. “You” will be there, “you” will move there. It is just a matter of time.

Do you see that we are all together in this?  🙂