Shifting from Action to Being

Our society is concerned with Actions. DOING defines who we are.
Observe the religious teachings, how what we know as “good” is determined by an action. Our society may need this arrangement for it brings stability to the system; nevertheless, the mind is creating what is “good,” when our feelings may be different.

The above has been the dissonance that societies have been maintaining: What I feel is not what I do; but what I do must be respectable, it should bring some advantages to “me,” except inner honesty. Therefore, let me be an actor. Let me “fake it.” 

The “Office World” is sold on DOING before BEING. Life does not work on those terms, for Being means to be one with Life.
This does not mean that the “Office World” is “bad” or “negative.” No!
It means that it has a different way to operate. Most label the “Office world” as Life, when it is only our own little, mind-created world; our escape from Nature, our “sand-box” to exercise control, free will, choice… the “I.”

In my view, David Carradine was an extraordinary actor. He starred the TV series, “Kung Fu.” That series is my old time favorite in “spiritual movies.”
Carradine honestly stated that his Life wasn’t like the character he was playing in “Kung Fu.” Although he was invited to talk about “spiritual” things by the public; many times he would agree to do that as when someone agrees to play Santa Claus even though he knows, Santa doesn’t exist. It is about the fans and their expectations, to agree with the power driven by the masses and  to keep a good PR.

Similarly, we are acting Life. We have the expectations, the rules and obligations which need to be fulfilled. The “objective” is to maintain those expectations unchanged throughout generations. Every time there is a systemic change due to obsolescence, there is a clash of expectations manifested through violence in society.

We may be slaves of the system, for our actions will define who we are under the scrutiny of someone else’s eyes. We can make “effort” to comply, but ultimately is the feeling, what we ARE, what will come out no matter how hard we try to put it aside, forget about it, bury it under some belief.
We may live miserable lives by struggling to be someone who we are not.

Carradine knew that he was an actor. He knew about the expectations of others as he was a source of imitation, but most humans labeling themselves “spiritual,” are only concerned in imitating what they consider to be “good, right, spiritual,” by DOING so, Life is no longer an enjoyable experience. For it is about cheap imitation.

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is certainly THE expectation. Who do you imitate? Who do you compete with? That is where the “cookie cutter” pressure starts, and that experience is carried over into the “spiritual realm,” into getting “heaven,” “God” etc.

Be aware that you are acting. The “Office world” calls for that. On the other hand, the journey of living Life has always been an individual experience. What you feel” now” is what you feel “now.” Acknowledge it. Tomorrow it will change. If it doesn’t, you are still acting. Living Life and “spirituality” are the same exact thing.

Life is unpredictable. Life is change. Life is uncertain. Life is a gift to be experienced and to let go… So ARE “you.”  That is to BE one with Life.