The Traumas of the Past

“You” or “I” is a water pipe. The experiences of Life will go through the pipe, through us. As time goes by, some experiences may have “dirt” in it. That is a traumatic experience. That episode accumulates as energy, clogging up the pipe.

Because the pipe is unaware of what is going on, the pipe will “forget about it.”
“Yeah, that happened to “me” but I forgave “them” and “me.” I have to be positive. I have to look at the brighter side. Life works for “me,” so I am cool now.”
Those are the lying words that we are taught to say to ourselves. The words to meditate on, to condition our minds through some sort of “mantra.”

“Reality” is that the trauma is energy, it is not a rational element, a concept to change; thus, our little pep talk will not work at a deeper level, the level of change. It may work at the superficial level, that is behavior.

As the “dirt” accumulates over time the pipe acquires solidity. It filters the waters of Life experiences by using labels such as “good and bad.” “Good” means that it will be accepted for it is something known. “Bad” means danger, unknown, it could start another trauma. The pipe does not realize that filtering is done under conditioning. The pipe is no longer open to experience Life and thus, enjoyment diminishes. Extreme safety in all aspects becomes the concern, to preserve the “I” which is only accumulation of dirt. That is what we call ego. Thus, ego is a byproduct of living Life.

A time will arrive, when water will not be able to flow. The “I” is stuck with its own past experiences unable to let them go so water cannot flow again.
That is the time, when surrendering arrives. Life is no longer bearable as the pressure of the pipe increases with many emotional episodes.
Emotions are energies trapped which will express through the body. Because energies cannot be destroyed, these emotions will appear in different life times.

That is the time when we may learn about releasing energies or transforming them. That is the way to open up the pipe again.

In my experience, a point where Life is unbearable will need to be experienced (surrendering) before Life itself will show us the way out. It is a process. It doesn’t happen magically all at once. If it was all at once, it will be extremely painful as we couldn’t hold on to the armors that gave us a personality.

Since we are dealing with energy and not with concepts, different types of energy work may be needed. In my case, I am in tune with sound. Tibetan singing bowls have been very helpful.  There are some practitioners who are working with ethereal beings/energies, many times unknowingly. They have been “chosen.” Through those individuals is how healing may happen at some level. Their mission in Life, is to provide emotional healing to those who are ready.
Hypnosis could be helpful as well, to remove some traumatic experiences from childhood.  There are many non-traditional ways. Experiment. Be aware.

“Releasing” occurs in many ways. Sometimes is through crying. Sometimes screaming, sometimes through a sharp feeling that something came out. Other times, is subtle, as we resume Life, those things which used to be triggers will not be felt like that anymore.
It is important to keep the rational mind away, for we will not be open to express. The conditioning of “A man does not cry or a woman should be always a lady” will be there unless we allow ourselves to express raw, and be Ok with whatever is being felt.

Rationality and rational “solutions” or any sort of “numbing” will not go to the root.

The “methods” that Life uses to remove the dirt from the pipe are always unique. Openness is necessary for if we use our judgment, it is truly conditioned.
Feel from your gut, if it is “right” for you and allow it to happen. Trust Life…  🙂