What is the point of Living?

There is no point. That question comes from a mind conditioned to see utilitarianism in everything. Objectives, purposes, goals, are only conditioning. There is no way to define Life and to enclose it in simple words.
Any scene of Life could be viewed under different perspectives. Any scene of Life has a journey beyond our reasoning.

Believe anything you want. It does not matter. A belief is merely a point of view. To pretend to trap Life and explain it from that viewpoint is superficial.

There was a point in my Life when I thought that I knew all the answers. I thought that I figured Life out pretty good.

“Were you wrong?”
That is not the question. Use a less conditioned question. Wrong /Right… All conditioning.
Let me elaborate without questions.

I had a different consciousness. I was a totally different person back then.

“What makes you feel that you’ve got it “right” this time?”
There is no right nor wrong in Life. In the office world, in our society, there could be a defined line, that is artificial; however, useful.

It is part of a journey. Now, I see things different, because I am not the same.
When “spiritual” people believe that they have changed even though their beliefs, emotional traumas, ideals and viewpoints remain the same… That is a huge mirage.

To be different, to change means to see things in a different way, a different perspective which is inclusive of the previous ones to grow; otherwise, we become angry and bitter with ourselves for we reject our own past. We were not “right” back then… How silly!

“So you are saying that truth is relative, correct?
Which religion or philosophy/ism has the truth?
Now you can see that it is only a matter of perspective; however, followers are like little sheep, all they want is a uniform belief to feel secure. If they would allow themselves to be themselves, their perspectives would necessarily be different.

“So, to be a follower is “wrong”?”
There is no right nor wrong. A follower has a process, a journey. A sheep needs to be protected from predators and the group brings that pseudo-security. The journey of being part of a group, will continue to become a solo journey. That is the full experience. To call any part of the journey as “wrong, inferior, etc.” is to deny that everything is a process in Life.

There is no end product in Life. There is always a continuation, in a different form, a different package.
Nevertheless, our goal oriented conditioning, is always looking for the “arrival” place, “Paradise,” which is some sort of imaginary reward.
There is no arrival. No destination. That is why, there is no particular point in Living, unless we make something up, which is another perspective just like many others.

The experience of Living is unique. A treasure in itself which is not meant to be kept, but it is meant to be used, spent, ready to drink it, taste it as newness arrives.

To use the mind to anticipate and try to control the “future” or to re-live the past means, to waste the opportunity of the “now.”
Living is always “now,” any other tense is non-living, that means; to be lost in the useless questions and answers of the mind.  🙂