Yoga is about Control

Ultimately, yoga could be understood in the need to control.
Our society is sold on that idea.
Control means to enhance our sensation of power, our ability to decide the course of actions.
When that control is used in the self, it can only become a source of ego.

Who is controlling?
That “center,” or persona controlling things is what many will call the “true I.” Nevertheless, that center is just that mind playing the game of the controller and the one being controlled.

Control your thoughts. Control your emotions. Control your reactions.
Observe the center, the mind directing the separation between who “I am” and what “I should be.”
Observe that the one that “I should be” is built upon conditioning.
That conditioning has been learned and thought of as a source of goodness, righteousness, morality, compassion, etc. 

Thus, yoga is the desire to bring the one that “I should be” into the front, by suppressing the one that “I am.”
Let me elucidate. Let me use a simple duality; we can use a label such as dirty.
The word dirty becomes the ideal to suppress. The ideal to embrace is the word clean.

“I must be clean.” That is the generalization that I could repeat to myself. Nevertheless, what “I am” is not “black or white,” it cannot be hidden under my ideal.

“Control yourself so you are not dirty.” 
That mentality of separating what is meant to be together, is creating a serious mental disease in most human beings at this time.
Dirty is meant to be together with Clean. Both are just extremes of the same journey.
Life is change as we already know, and repeated here ad nauseam. Change is to experience every inch of the circular journey, where dualities are only perception of the mind due to its tendency to separate things.
If your clothes are clean, it is a fact that they will get dirty while living Life.
Yoga is the need to maintain the ideal of the word “clean” despite the fact of change.

If Yoga is not intimately understood as union beyond the mental dualities, it will create a mentally diseased individual; that is someone who is in continuous fear, even obsessive compulsiveness of not losing the ideal of “clean.”

That control will be used to maintain the ideal even in denial of the reality of change.

However, Yoga is a great path. It will bring all the elements of the “I” into light.

At the end is not about the “I” having control of Life, but to see the mirage of the unchanged permanency of the “I.”

If the “I” is not permanent, so is the control/power that he inflicts.
Once we see that totally, without  the influence of conditioning; we could observe for the first time that “union,” “yoga” is in the absence of the “I.”

That “I” is the promoter of control, power, achievement, goals, etc. all ideals of our society. That is why, most can only live and understand life from the mind: Unable to feel it, unable to enjoy it. Paradoxically, unable to live Life.