The main infantile collective beliefs

As we start observing the “others” that is society, just to know ourselves; we could make great progress in self knowledge. The mirror is there, reflecting back our true colors.
The ideology of modern society which is taught to individuals is built upon 2 clear principles, which are applied according to social power:
“I am the center of the Universe” and “If it doesn’t go my way, I will fight until it does.”
Those are the universal, infantile principles of the “I.”

Although, we may observe how childish those ideas are, we may not be able to recognize that the collective consciousness is within us. The training has been assimilated and those ideas will reflect the way our society acts as a whole.

The opposite extreme of those two main principles will be there as well, that is to the point where there is no self-worth. Any extreme location is a disease of the mind. We could observe how many human relationships typically bring those 2 extremes together as a “match made in heaven.” That is how we could safely assume, that there is a strong need for mental health in our society.

Life is not just about two states: happy and unhappy, as the collective consciousness dictates. Like a computer, we have been programmed to perceive only 2 states, 2 “bits” a “0” and “1”, on and off. Man created the computer in his own image.

Observe how labels are extremist. We say “there is good people and bad people”. We have learned to look at Life from 2 opposite colors (black or white) and as we “mature,” we have been told that Life has many “gray” areas; the combination of those two colors.
Life is not “gray”. It doesn’t have “gray” areas as we are told to believe; but our society may be very “gray” indeed. Life is colorful. Truly we cannot attempt to classify individuals or Life into 2 little boxes; although that is what we learn in the “system.”

When we go through the “system” our minds are fixed into good, bad, right, wrong, winner, loser, god, devil, success, failure, beautiful, ugly, life, death, etc. The collective consciousness is unable to perceive the amplitude of a label-less, colorful life. While it is true that we are condemned by our dualistic language, to use simple but inaccurate labels to communicate with each other; few will realize that our AWARENESS should be strong enough so we don’t believe what we are saying.
Language describes things which may not be accurate. Spiritual, non-material values are clear examples (describe beauty or peace) but yet the collective consciousness believes in “holy words.”

Is there truly such a thing as a “bad” person? What about a “good” person? It is important to see that our judgment is biased as any judgment is. Nevertheless, we judge and place individuals in one of the 2 boxes available for us. Thus, as we say “bad dog”, we may want to be AWARE that this judgment is only for a particular situation and a limited time; and this label will need to be erased from our minds next time we meet such dog. However, more important than the label is the FEELING behind the label; for the feeling will give the flavor and we will keep the taste of it.

For the collective consciousness, words are everything. However, words without feelings are dead words. Observe yourself while speaking to someone and perceive the times when feelings arise. That is a fantastic training to be able to perceive the main conditioning of the collective consciousness: VIOLENCE.
We could smell violence in the air. It impregnates every human activity at this time. Even human sexuality. That is an activity which should be enjoyable and free from manipulation of the “I”, but it is another field to display violence.

Observe how sexuality has been transformed into a game of man vs woman (or partners against each other). Observe how it has been transformed into a game of performance and violent touching, wording and furious behavior which paradoxically is labeled as “making love. “

Observe how the infantile collective consciousness is permeated with violence in all aspects. An AWARE individual should be conscious of that influence.
When a person is ready to start his own process of de-condition, he will observe how deep the roots of violence are within.

We cannot cut those roots for the pain would be unbearable (if that was possible.) We can observe them, become aware of them and begin sowing the seed of gentleness.

Protect that seed while it is growing, for eventually it will use the roots of violence to nurture itself, for the opposite of violence is gentleness and that means, that both have the same root. Duality 101. Observe that mainstream religious, social and moral teachings would like for us to “get rid of violence” through rejection. That is a violent way to uproot something which is the fuel for its opposite.
We cannot cut violence with violence, but we can let it be transformed gradually; that change will be ushered into gentleness. This is personal inner work.
“Time, Sun and Water” will do the magic in such fertile soil.


  1. Gayathri

    Thanks Ahnanda for this thought provoking article. Yes, knowingly as well as unknowingly, we have imbibed a lot of collective consciousness. If we are honest with ourselves, we could observe our reflection in quite a few people around us whom we may not like much. We could see virtues in others too which is also a part of our being.
    The other side of the point — Sometimes i have noticed the honesty and helping nature of some people, but a few people kept doubting them no matter how much i had tried to explain to them. It shows that we can not ‘see’ the virtues of others if we do not have them ourselves; we understand people on the basis of what we are.
    Yes, it is time to transform ourselves rather than trying to ‘eradicate’ a vice.
    Thanks a lot.

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      • Gayathri

        We notice that a real yogi, a mature person, would be able to ‘see’ / recognise the ‘defects’ of others but he would not get affected by it. That shows that he is non judgmental, he understands that there are different types of roles in this world drama and accepts the drama as it is. Still, he may be taking whatever action is needed to ‘rectify’ the situation but will not harbour any ill feeling towards others.

        Where as a common man gets affected by what he sees or recognises as a ‘bad thing’. His conscience reacts because he also has the same qualities. So, it is high time we transformed ourselves whenever we feel irritable at others’ activities.

        In the case of dualities like victory and defeat, beautiful and ugly, light ad darkness, etc. we like one extreme and not the other. We denounce defeat and welcome victory. But, the one who loses/ gets defeated gains experience which is very valuable which in turn would be the ‘seed’ for his next victory. And the one who wins/ becomes victorious gets immense satisfaction but there is every scope for him to get into complacency, negligence, and overconfidence. Thus his victory may sow the seed for his next failure.
        Some people describe it as the waves of an ocean; the waves fall only to rise up again and they rise only to fall down. In the mean time, we praise one end of the cycle and denounce the other.
        I have not yet digested this concept yet, but i feel it is worth keeping these ideas in my mind so that one day i may emerge as a mature person. 🙂
        Brother, you have made many people to think deeply and to understand the realities. Thank you.

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