A theist and an atheist are walking the same path.

Theism, monotheism, deism, pantheism and all subsequent “isms” are on the same boat as the denial of those – namely atheists.
It is another duality where opposites, complement as they are part of the same continuity.
At the mental level, we only want the “right” answer. God or gods either exist or he/she/it/ they don’t.
The mental conditioning comes up with reasons “pro” and “against” just like what we have been taught to do and believe to be “right.” We could back up our views with “proof” the ones given by “experts,” scientists, religious leaders, gurus, political figures, actors, etc. That is the same spaghetti sauce we have been eating for centuries.

When we OBSERVE the significance of EXPERIENCES in Life, we could realize that in the world of duality opposites are not “right or wrong.” That is only human conditioned morality, which nonetheless has value in our society but which is away from Life itself. That understanding requires certain openness and “mileage” in Life. Thus, in Life our mental/ intellectual understanding is of little value, when to go through the full experience is what is really required to KNOW.

If the above seems obscure, that is because it is hard to explain. Let me simplify that with something known by most of us.

When I was a child, a believed in Santa Claus. When I became a teenager, I knew the “truth” that he did not exist. When I became an adult however, I became Santa Claus and gave gifts.
That is the full experience in Life. What is the important aspect of Santa Claus? The gift.
Have you seen a child looking forward to open the gift from Santa? Have you seen a child assessing his behavior during the past year, to conclude that he deserves a gift?

Isn’t that child the same person as the teenager and the same as the adult?
Yes, the same but different consciousness. The child accepts the gift. He has experienced the gift. There is no further questioning needed. The teen, rejects the gift, for he wants an answer, “truth;” but unless that person becomes Santa himself, dressing like one and being the one offering gifts to other children; the experience will not be complete and there will not be “true” understanding. At that point for him, whether someone believes in Santa or not, it will not make a difference. There will be complete understanding. Knowledge.

Consciousness is the most important aspect of living Life.
The child and the teenager still lack the complete experience of an adult.
In Life, many will remain with the consciousness of children whereas others will remain as teens. Few become adults in one lifetime with the experiential understanding that an “answer,” the “truth” has no value in the development of human consciousness. Again, no value at all. Experience of the “yes” and “no” does. Most humans are only concerned with “answers.” Life is concerened with consciousness.

The discovery of this life experience, means the world. That happens when we are OBSERVANT, AWARE.
The gift is all that matters: Receive it or reject it. That is the duality. To go beyond that, is to BE the one offering it.

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