The teachings of pandemic

We are all connected. One. Life is unpredictable. As the world’s human population increases, so the chances to hurt our delicate eco system.

It is interesting to witness how different approaches have been taken by affected countries in regards to the Covid-19.
Very few have taken the “sit and wait” approach. Their scientists believe that there is not much help that quarentine could do (how long is enough? could the virus reoccur after isolation?) even though the number of cases increase in their lands and so deaths. Others heavily hit by the virus, have mandatory quarentine for the population; whereas other countries with no deaths and relatively few cases, have mandatory quarentines as well. Testing methods for covid-19 are mostly used for the most evident cases at this time, which means that a person could have the virus and feel alright, but he may be contagious without knowing.

The bottom line is protection of population vs. protection of the economy. That is the political gamble there. For how long a country can stop to produce goods without being affected? There is another game on how some are taking advantage of the panic and declining macro financial situation, for their personal profit. But the biggest “spiritual teaching,” is to observe how panic will take over when the perspective of death knocking at our doors, is perceived as imminent.

The idea of losing all, even our lives doesn’t sink in well in our psyche. Panic is the consequence. Economic paralysis, panic buying over fears of not having enough to eat or to protect our lives, and overall tension is in the air. The media does a great job intensifying fears in the population.

The thought of “protecting my family and I” above anyone else is rampant. Clean the shelves of the store before someone else does it. It is that sort of consciousness, the one that only shows who we ARE.

Indeed, it is in distressed situations when our “happy” routine (the same old thing) is not; when we show our true colors.

This pandemic episode going on is a suitable scenario to learn a lot about ourselves, only if we are willing to OBSERVE.
The great majority is hooked on the TV, being fed by the same message of distress of the news.These individuals only repeat what they hear without further thought. We are so used to “fighting” with all the “enemies” to “win” the “war,” but yet there is nothing we can do with a virus: It has to come and go. That is their “normal” path. It starts slowly, it has a peak and goes away. Consider this, there is “natural selection”  related with fitness in Nature. This is true not only for animals but humans as well. This is the way of Life. It is not some moral standard, where humans are above all species. In general, we don’t  help ourselves to maintain a good immune system by living an artificial life style, away from Nature. The “cure” is our immune system.

Not even the almighty economy is able to survive to the tiny virus, for there is uncertainty on how things will move.
We wish we could have a “crystal ball” to see the future, so we can save ourselves and be safe, be “right.”

Discovering who we truly ARE, requires guts. It requires an extraordinary sensibility, intelligence. It is from that inner observation how a new being could be born.
In order to be at peace with a life of uncertainties, there is no future to muse over.  It is through that deep understanding how the mind could be at ease, for there is nothing to fantasize about.

Fear of the future. Fear of losing. Fear of not being there. That is panic. The mind in distress.
“Rationally,” “logically,” those fears will need to be faced one day by all of us.
Do we see that?


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