Spiritual laissez-faire or Non-Action.

When there is a connection with Life through feeling, then the compulsion to act based on learned ideals (conditioning) is left aside. In our society we are told to DO something when we perceive that the ideals which have been taught to us, are compromised.

Observe that circumstances surrounding Life are unexpected. We could think and predict that something will go one way and act upon that prediction, but many times; Life will go its own way. Many times our untimely and idealistic action could exacerbate the situation that we wanted to avoid in the first place.

Without a doubt, this desire to intervene without allowing every party to fully express, (to DO their part) will create further conflict.

While in society to DO something is encouraged, we are not aware that most of the time this ACTION is the expression of ego. Therefore, the final product may be perceived as violence, a force to intimidate others to comply with our wishes driven by some ideal. That is the world of the mind, the “reality” in our every day dealings.

The opposite of action, is inaction but that word is defined in a negative way: “Lack of action where some is expected or appropriate.” Non-DOING has been equated with inaction or non-action but the word “laissez-faire” has been chosen here to replace the negativity associated with the words “non-doing” and “inaction.”

Laissez-faire means to “allow to do,” that is to allow for things to take their own course without interference. In this way, we could observe where exactly something is going, thus action is on going in the form of attention and unavoidably practical, at some point of the journey. When our feeling is aligned with the common good; that action is void of egotistical pursuits. Typically, we put our ideal first and act according to it and label that activity as “fair,” “impartial,” etc. We are not respecting the changes that may happen as Life is uncertain and dynamic.

“Right action” then, is to follow through and wait when the opportunity to align in that journey appears, without having an ideal on how things “should be” but merely connecting with our feelings and our intention to serve the common good.

The “common good” is very important. Otherwise, we are acting as if we align with a specific political party and only care for those ideals.

If Life is a play, every person or actor in it, has a part to play. Allow for the actor to express his unique part for there are many others parts involved within a scene. Even as we try to singularize “my action” from someone else; we could observe that there is a common thread coming from Life itself, which stirs our activity in one direction or another. We are connected with this intangible, invisible source where a keen awareness could be able to perceive it.

Non-action or “laissez-faire” (In spiritual talk) is not a practice. When it is natural, it is harmonious with Life. That harmony depends on our level of observation, awareness and feeling Life. Otherwise, it is “you” allowing others to act or “you” avoiding to act. That “you” in it, is a gross misinterpretation of non-action.

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