Integration is the total understanding of duality

Mental understanding of duality does not have any consequence in our lives. It becomes yet another concept, another theory, another definition to like or dislike. Day and night is an example of duality but what is the consequence of it in our own lives? That is the question that truly matters for those looking to live Life in harmony.

Whereas in our society we make continuous distinctions and differences which in turn are used to separate people in religions, races, gender, nationalities, etc. a good grasp of the meaning of integration of duality is lacking.

Let me illustrate with practical examples.

Gender is a good case in point. It is a duality. There is male and female. There are many shades of those 2 genders in between. A person identifying with a particular gender will create a separation on something which is meant to be united, whole, harmonious within ourselves.

Of course the above may not make any sense to most individuals. A male is supposed to be a “macho” figure. Anything less than that is despised with a derogative in many societies. However, gender is not just a function of having a particular body organ. It is mainly how a person FEELS about themselves. Moreover, every individual has within them male and female characteristics. It is a mix with different percentages; a person by person case, thus undefinable. The reality of Life goes beyond our mental definitions, our artificial “lines” that we draw to differentiate A from B, male from female.

Let me go a notch further in depth. There is a cliché stating that “to love another, first we need to love ourselves.” How could this be accomplished unless we are energetically complete? Otherwise, we will feel as if something is missing, thus; we will have the need, the desire to complete ourselves with someone else. It is that desire, that need not allowing us to feel love. A desire is not love. A need is not love. Consequently, we typically observe the drama of relationships as desire and neediness. To transcend that, we will need to recognize and acknowledge the male and female within ourselves. That “marriage” within is completeness, and from that wholesomeness we could extend who we ARE, onto others: Love. We could say that Love is the extension of BEING when wholesome.

INTEGRATION within meshes together a duality. Different forces converging in a point together to create union.

Observe the ideology of nationalities. Duality is created once we identify with a particular “nation” and look to benefit it without acknowledging the Totality. Chauvinism is a disservice to humanity. Another example is to side with a particular religion, a political party, a race, all of those ways to separate; by creating rejection or repression of a part which makes up the whole.

When we have created a duality, we need to observe how a contradiction of values is born: For instance, a white supremacist who could be a Christian at the same time, is contradicting himself. Those contradictions create a dishonest person, a two face individual. It is that sort of corruption within corrupting society, and a corrupted society feeds individuals to preserve corruption.

To embrace our light and our shadow, is the practical work of the spiritual seeker. While knowing that shadows exist within because of light; they will learn to integrate their shadows into their light. That is when Lucifer reclaims his status of a “fallen angel” to align with his creator, God; in sacred union.

Will take a break until November 11 ! 🙂

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