Bailed out from jail time

The master and his disciple were strolling at the open market place. There, they found many things to see including all sort of animals such as birds, hamsters, and even mice.

A strong medium size bird caught the attention of the master. That bird was hitting the cage while trying to fly from one side to the other. The bird had vitality and plenty of stamina.

The master said to his disciple: “Buy that bird.” The disciple asked for the price to the seller and paid for it. As soon as the disciple finished paying, the master told him: “Open the cage.”

The disciple hesitated while the seller exclaimed : “What!!”

The master said in a firm voice: “Open the door of that cage.” The disciple obeyed and – Oh Behold! The bird escaped the cage. The master exclaimed to his disciple: “ That bird wanted its freedom. Give that cage back to the salesman.

The disciple said: “ For sure that bird will appreciate its wings and its flying ability now.” The master said: “Nah. That is human. See that other bird in that cage? “ The disciple said : “Yes, I see it.”

The master replied: “Buy that bird.” The salesman was getting a bit anxious while taking the money from the disciple.

The master said: “Open the door of the cage.” The disciple opened the cage. The bird was hesitant as if it wasn’t sure whether to come out or not. Finally, after a few seconds, the bird flew away.

The salesman couldn’t contain himself and asked the master: “Why are you doing that?”

The master replied: “Why not? ” The master asked his disciple to give the cage back to the salesman and walked away.

Freedom does not have a patent.

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