The disconnection of the world of “interest.”

The master said to his disciple: “To know the self, does not require previous knowledge. It is only observation. Likewise, Life requires careful observation not previous knowledge. Knowing yourself, you will understand another and thus, Life itself.”

The master paused for a few seconds and added:

“Society is built on the principle of acquiring knowledge, second hand information and to apply it in a reasonable way. However, when it comes to human relationships as in the government of people, that does not bring the anticipated benefit. For example to elect those who should be in government is based on some information about them, their knowledge. However, what is needed from those in office is honesty, selflessness, and a keen understanding of the common good. There is no knowledge or training, that could give those qualities to a person. Do you see the disconnection?”

The disciple listened attentively and said: “Yes master. Those needed qualities cannot be measured unless that person’s character is known and seen in action in tests, like primitive societies used to do.”

Then the master reacted with a smile. “The ideal is there to be defended with reasons and information but underneath all of that, there is the human psychological and emotional component which brings separation, antagonism and fight. Remember this: The collective consciousness does not operate through reason but yet majority rules in theory. In practice it is about the interests of few. That is another disconnection.”

The world of supply and demand has forgotten about human virtues and qualities, for those cannot be sold to another.

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