Is there life after death?

It was a cloudy day in the middle of nowhere. It was the perfect setting for deep questioning. The disciple asked: “Master, there is a businessman offering prize money for any qualified individual offering proof that consciousness survives after death. Is there life after death?

The master couldn’t help but laughed out loud and said:” Do you want to win that money?” The disciple said: “ I have no scientific proof even if I knew. How can I do that?”

The master smiled and said:” Science is mostly objective. Spirituality subjective. The world beyond the physical realm is not the study of science. All they could ever have is subjective answers from different experiences of individuals. Consider this: Even if science gives you an answer, something like- Yes, there is Life after death. Consciousness survives- for you, that will be another belief just like a religious belief. When faced with the experience of death, you will be afraid and finally accept it just like a cow does when facing a slaughter house, but the general human distaste and fear of death and the unknown, will be there like a shadow throughout your life. Do you realize that?”

The disciple was anguished by that answer. He uttered: “ There is no hope then.”

The master said: “Hope? There is no need for hope for those who know. A drop of water separates from the Ocean. That consciousness creates suffering. The drop is the Ocean itself. It has been said: ‘Know thyself then thou shall know the Universe and God.’ Right there is the answer, but most are not ready to go inside but rather start their journeys from the outside.”

The disciple said: “ The Universe and God will be known to me when I know myself?”

The master replied: “That is correct. Not before. By BEING that experiential knowing, that living presence, and not intellectually or through second hand information or beliefs, how could you be afraid of death? How could you ask what is there after death?”

The disciple said: “But that person who knows could tell others and help them in their lives.”

The master then said:” The one who knows through the process of self-realization is helping by only saying the necessary according to someone’s path, for they know the path. The ones who had personal supernatural experiences are being interviewed all the time. Their particular experience becomes another belief for others. Everyone has their own timing to start.”

The disciple asked: “Master, where do I start?”

The master said: “By dying from that self. That is the price that few are willing to pay. Most are only curious. They only want answers to be right. Most are not willing to go deep into their own lives to peel off all the layers of the onion of the self. Most are no willing to die from that shell of layers that they have built around themselves and in that perceived comfort, surrounded by their worldly distractions, achievements, conditioning and power struggle; in that sleepy trance, is how they encounter death. Obviously, fear and the desire to be certain will be there. They will cling to what they know by accepting beliefs from a subjective experience or tradition, unwilling to let all of that go. That is, they want hope that a sleepy consciousness will survive.”

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  1. Gayathri

    In the US, there is a team of doctors who are working on the topic, near-death experience, decisions taken before taking the present birth, meeting GOD, etc. Dr. Reymond Moody Jr. is a Psychiatrist who had interviewed more than 1,500 people and written many books on these topics. His team comprises of doctors who could speak different languages so as to be able to understand the person who is being interviewed who might be speaking in a different language than English when he goes into regression. One of the team members is a BK who visits Madhuban regularly. She had shared the information given below.

    The whole thing is captured in an 8-minute video, but I am not sure whether this website would allow that big file to be sent. Will try to send it after posting this message. The video is in Hindi and I made a brief translation of the message.

    There are some general questions that are asked while interviewing/ taking a person into regression such as – 1. Where did you go to when you died (left the body), 2. Did you immediately enter into the womb of a lady to start a new life? Answer- Most of them had answered that they have traveled to a place/ world full of light where they met GOD in the form of a very powerful Light.

    Given below are some questions and answers.

    Q – How do you conclude that what you saw was God?
    Ans – It was God because only He could shower so much of Happiness. We kept enjoying the shower of Love. It was a divine and powerful Light.

    Q – Did He tell you where you should be born?
    Ans – No, He only kept showering on us the divine love. And while having that shower of Love, we feel as if we are being cleansed very well and feel very light.
    Then the ‘movie’ of our past life is played in front of us. While watching the movie of life, because of having purified in the shower of Love by God, we could clearly see and understand what all wrongdoings we did and wondered why did such wrong things. We felt very bad for causing sorrow to so many people.

    Q – Then did God punish you for your wrongdoings?
    Ans – No, God did not punish us for that, instead, He kept showering His love on us.
    Then it is we who decided that we should clear the negative account we have created by committing wrongdoings.

    It is we who decide as to which couple we are going to be born and the way in which we are going to settle our negative accounts of karma as quickly as possible. We create our destiny by deciding on the mode of settling the karmic account. That is why it said that no one can change destiny. It is we who have ‘created’ our destiny. We also decide on which day we will be born, how many years we need to complete our project, when to die and how to die. We also decide on the ‘mode’ of death.
    It is said that marriages are made in heaven; it is because we decide on our partner before taking this birth.

    Q – Did you remember all this after you are born?
    Ans- Yes, we remembered it till we were nearly 2 year old. Till that time, whenever we come across people to whom we gave sorrow in our previous birth, we try to give them happiness by smiling sweetly at them.
    But as we learn to speak, and develop an attachment with the family members, we begin to forget the purpose of our taking birth in that family.

    Since we forget the fact that we have created our own destiny, we start to question as to why we are having so many problems and why God is giving us so much punishment.

    Such a deep secret of life has been revealed through past life regression.

    Om shanti.


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