The reality of perception

The master and his disciple were in front of a big tree. It was very wide and tall. The disciple used that tree to energize himself, by resting his back on the wide trunk for a few minutes. That tree had many branches and cracks which showed its resilience through the passage of time.

The master said: “ Every living thing has a role in Life. For example, a tree has a good role because it brings many benefits. However, some people may say that a tree brings some obstacles, others may say that a tree is dirty because leaves will fall and dogs will urinate at the base of the trunk. Yet many may say: Thanks to a tree I have a comforting shadow in a sunny afternoon, or perhaps they may say: I can have better oxygen. See? Everything depends on how we perceive a tree. That is our point of reference. Likewise, everything depends on how you perceive your particular living experience. If that experience gives shadow or not. You could be confined in a place with nothing else to do, perhaps suffering some discomfort. You could abandon yourself to endless complaint and crack the freshness of your visage with lines on your face made out of anger, and bitterness or… use the time in a worthwhile way to edify yourself. See? ”

The disciple said: “ Master, many times events in Life may be very harsh. Yes, I may have time to enlighten myself but I could be depressed, or my mind could be bothering me with incessant hostile thoughts, not allowing me to do what I ought to.”

The master responded: “That is the perfect scenario to learn about yourself. You do not need to fight back. Just become conscious on how those things appeared and realize that, they will disappear as well. Don’t wind up that clock with negativity. In the world of duality you will have 2 options, that is; there is always an alternative. If your perception dictates one option, find the other. By knowing the options you can change your posture. Just remember this: Be aware of tension. It is tension what doesn’t allow for openness. It is tension what does not allow for joy. In tension there is rigidity, boredom, there is confusion… ”

The disciple realized that truly every situation in Life will bring those 2 options. But he had yet another question: “Master, what about if I pick an option which is not the best for me? That will worry me…”

The master smiled and said: “To worry is not a solution. It doesn’t solve anything. It only adds tension. Look, what is the worst that could happen to you?”

The disciple thought for a second and hesitantly replied: “ To die.”

The master laughed and said: “ At that point all worries will be over! We spoke about 2 options. What is the alternative of death?”

The disciple understood the ‘concept’ so he replied: “Life, master. But in that duality of life an death, if I am already experiencing life, the counterpart is death and that should be all, the complete experience, correct?”

The master smiled and said: ” If you started with Life, doesn’t that mean that death was before that? for you were not. Thus under your perception, the complete experience should finish in Life, but it is not.”

The disciple was perplexed and said: “How could that be, master?”

The master replied: ” Have you seen the depiction of Yin and Yang? It shows duality but also it is in a circle. What is the meaning of that? Life is a circle. I will leave this conversation here, for you need some time to muse about this interesting finding, but I will finish saying this: Contraction follows expansion, but also expansion follows contraction. People believe that a caterpillar knows how to become a butterfly. They perceive those two as different. However, the caterpillar IS the butterfly. Ponder on that one too, and you may find the depth behind life and death and your own perception.”


  1. Ramesh Ramakrishnan

    Writing after a long time but have been following non-stop, this thing just keeps getting interesting and I am always trying to play catch up- Very helpful during the current epidemic times it really psychs you out when you start to look for the signs your body gives you and start to percieve all kinds of scary images- ventilator it even takes you to the final moments… crazy roller coaster and this epidemic has shown each one a mirror and its a fascinating deep dive in to one’s self- thank you brother you have been kind to share which lead me into exploring- deep dive!!!

    Just a quick question on Taking care of older parents and siblings who are going through tough lives physically and emotionally – How do we manage all this over the issues we ourselves are facing loss of job, uncertain cash flows, fear of giving or getting infected etc… at which point and how do you communicate this to your family and other siblings


    • ahnanda

      Good the hear from you! Today’s article will have my take on your question.
      Hard times are among us, but Life has given us the capacity to go through those experiences as well. That is how duality works. All the best to you! 🙂


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