Feeling the “now.”

When things appear to be against us, the perception of the mind is relentless: “It looks bad. There is no hope. Why me?” That “weather forecast” of the mind will have a snowball effect.

When I believe it, emotions will cement the perceived disaster. It could become a trauma through repetition, for the mind is engaged in repetition or avoidance. The mind works in those extremes.

Can there be perception without using the mind as reference? Indeed.

That is what is called to “live in the now.” It is a no-mind perception. How do I know that?

The “now” has no tense or time. The mind lives in the past, the future or the present as in “today.” That is a long present indeed. Never in the “now.”

When we understand this, our perception can be driven by feelings. This is not the feeling or emotion about something outside “me,” for that requires the interpretation of the mind.

That pristine feeling colors my attitude in Life.

When we forget the mind, we forget “our” problems. Forgetting in this context means, to allow for feelings to appear.

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