The comfort zone

As soon as we become comfortable with a situation, Life will change it. Have we noticed that?

It is as if living in a continuous challenge. That newness will take us away from our comfort zone. That forces us to meet a new setting with new tools. That is to allow ourselves to learn from Life itself. We could meet that newness with rejection, trauma and bitterness or we could appreciate the new challenge and adapt with flexibility.

As we adapt, we learn. As we learn we move onto another challenge.

Comfort is the preamble for a needed change in Life, although; many expect a daily routine that will last forever, eventually that will break apart and then that person will meet his own attachments.

Life is unexpected. The comfort zone will be continuously challenged. Any artificial control to keep things unchanged, is surely an utopia.


  1. Vishwesh

    So true and relevant especially in times like these.
    One of the best articles, maybe because it is sourced from actual life experiences. thank you.


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