Contradictions in the perception of separation

There is the person, the “I,” which is mostly viewed as a separate entity.

That perception is the origin of our society, laws and views about Life.

We perceive Life as a set of separate things, circumstances or beings. Typically, we do not see the relationship, but Life is truly relationship.

Life is like a movie. A movie has different characters just like Life. A movie has a protagonist, the main character; the center of the plot. However, in Life there is no protagonist, there are different stories which could be weaved at one point in time just to be unweaved.

In the perception of separation, the end justifies the means. Nevertheless, what is the end to be justified if something is weaved to be unweaved again? Perhaps to control. That is usually detrimental for the common good.

In Life things evolve in a subtle way, little by little so change is not grossly perceived. In the Human world change is typically abrupt, violent, with hidden agendas.

The perception of separation builds division but creates the ideal of unity at the same time, which cannot be achieved. Laws will be created to support behaviors which call for unity but yet are contradictory to the essence of the perception of separation, which is egotism: We are taught to build our egos but yet “teach” Love.

We talk about Love, but we AREN’T Love: How could we accept someone at every moment just as that person IS, even ourselves (which is Love) without judgment, when we have different teachings and conditioning inside to separate, label and classify another?

In Life, every story is different although with similar plots. Each story is delimited by our ability to perceive relationships. Thus, someone could only see two people involved while others could see many more.

The ones who have been greatly influenced by separation, cannot see beyond themselves or their small group. Therefore, how could this person be concerned with the common good, Love and unity?

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