This blog reflects the life experiences of a seeker (Avyakt7) who was involved in many religions/philosophies in search of God just to find himself. “Ahnanda” is the outcome of that journey.
“Avyakt7” represents one state of consciousness. “Ahnanda” is a totally different one.

The Journey into Ahnanda through the process of self-realization is unique. Others, may have the help of gurus, books or religions. Ahnanda has the help of “Mathias”, and “Raysha.” A Being of light manifesting through Nature  (a tree and a door, as he says) and my sister, who has many gifts and unique capabilities.

My degrees, studies, certifications and many years of association with religions, have little consequence in change of consciousness, but only as Life experiences.  A totality of threads of experiences are the ones bringing change of consciousness. Humans label those as “good or bad,” unaware of the relationships. 
If there is a label for my journey now, it is known as “Tantra.” Before, it was “Yoga.”
Tantra in my experience is not taught by human beings, but it is unleashed by refining subtle energies. It is a discovery within when the time arrives.
“Tantra” has been changed and misinterpreted. The collective understanding of Tantra is heavily distorted. In my view, Tantra is about self-realization only when the individual is ready.

Many realizations found here, will not be found at any other place for these reflect the personal journey of Avyakt7 into Ahnanda.

The aim (if there is one) is to share the oneness of living life in joy from different perspectives and consciousness.
Perhaps these writings may spark “new” realizations in readers. 🙂

PS: As of October 2018 a new being of light has appeared to help me in my process, his name is “Miguel.” Look forward to his guidance.



  1. Anil Kumar Reddy Mendu

    It has been more than 6 years since I’m following your blog. I always felt something new when I go through your sharings. Really very thankful to you. Waiting for a chance to meet you personally.


  2. ahnanda

    What you just shared are symptoms of depression. It would be on your benefit to seek out professional help for that.
    The mind is tricky. The mind cannot get satisfied. When we live in the mind, our one sided “reality” is all important, all pervading. To get out of that depression first, should be your “goal.” The rest will fall into place after that.
    Best wishes. 🙂

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  3. shruti1811

    I am a follower of your blog for a long time.
    I have a question for you on how to eradicate confusion and bring clarity in our lives.
    My situation was that I was a very closed person before. I never met many people and men before marrying someone. I went into marriage not that satisfied, convinced and a little bit unwillingly, mainly because I didn’t want marriage at that time. When I got married and I started living with this person I had a new lease of life. I went to another country and me and my husband explored many places and met many people. As a result, I really opened up and many of my fears went away. Observation of myself increased inside me. I started knowing myself and my likes and lislikes. I also had few experiences of separation of me from my mind where i felt a very sharp and intense presence. One time I felt that I was looking at my room for the very first time through that presence and another time i felt one with the sky during sunset while walking, I was gone and came back a few moments later. I had glimpses like that many times.
    At the same I felt a huge attraction towards someone and I got into a fix as to what to do. My one mind always said from the beginning that I want to meet guys and want to experience that attraction and affection for someone, I want to date as this can only be done when I am young ( I won’t be young again, so I want to enjoy that way). This obsessiveness is also dominant due to my background, as I never did these things before. On the other hand, I don’t want to leave the present relationship and go as this means leaving the marriage and being tagged as a divorcee and going back to my parents and previous life and starting it from scratch with an added amount of baggage. Also, I think my present life is good which I have already started.
    This confusion of the two scenarios is killing me and pulling me down ( not letting me be happy). I can’t make a conclusion as to what to do and which way to go. It’s bringing down my state of mind not letting me focus in one direction and move forward confidently, my career also taking a hit as if I am being destroyed by my mind.
    Any solutions as to how to take charge of my life and what would be the right course of action ?


    • ahnanda

      Thanks for your question.
      It has been replied in an article today. Hope it is helpful to you. We are here to learn. Learning does not know about mistakes, but consequences. Many times are are unable to see the consequences of our acts or lack of, but if we are aware, we will be able to learn from those consequences once they happen.
      A fool makes “mistakes” . A wise person also makes “mistakes”. What is the difference? A wise person learns from that. A fool only complains about his “misfortune”, when there is only cause and effect .
      All the best. 🙂

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      • shruti1811

        Thank you so much for your reply. It is really appreciated.
        Your answer clarified many things. It seems that I can’t stop thinking and analyzing the situation. I feel, more than the relationship, it is overthinking which is the cause of misery for me. What is good, what is better, I don’t know what I can handle and cannot. May be talking to too many people has caused this confusion inside me. I can’t seem to make a choice. I many times refuse to do things which I like ,dance, expanding my horizons, pursuing career, trying new things etc.and want to do in my life with the excuse that this is one big problem which I have to think about day and night. I want to live my life in a different way, I want to spread happiness, be happy, grow to my full potential, do productive things in life. Rather, I have been spending my time doing just the opposite. It’s been 4 years, I am 30 and so depressed that I am not there where I want to be. When I was 26-28, I used to think if i don’t experience that attraction now when will I, you do this when you are young, I am young and I want to enjoy this. On the other hand, I have a person with me who has encouraged, made my life better, I have grown with him, came this far with him, we have shared memories, experiences. I dont know why I am not able to trust him.
        The person that I was attracted to also said no to me, I feel mainly because of the stress I am taking and the way I am behaving. That caused more misery how he behaved, what he said etc.
        I feel all this is because I am living in my mind instead of reality. My thoughts are not in my control. Why would I make such a small thing into such a big situation ?


  4. Ramesh Ramakrishnan

    Wish you a happy new year and a great 2019.. May you share more of your realizations.. You don’t realise how much it has helped me and my wife understand what is actually seeing the world with a different perspectives.. Thank you so much for all your blogs we eagerly wait to read your posts.. Wish you a great 2019

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  5. nidhi

    I want to ask a question..if my destiny is already decided that I will fail in exam.I pray to god for fulfill my wishes. I worshiped him ..but I failed in the exam..because it was written in my destiny. i also work hard for passing that exam..where I am wrong..please help me..


  6. ns

    Hello Bro Luis , i actually want to post question cud not find out where i cud type it, hence i am using this space. Well ,Live life meaningfully , have a goal , What does it mean ,for a normal person what can be the goal .Once you are set in middle age what cud be inspiring ,unless for the ones who have expand the business of reach some position. please share your insights


  7. Ravi

    Hello Brother,
    I have been following your sharing for a while now. You were very helpful in understanding the knowledge share at brahmakumaris.
    Can you share how the transition was from brahmakumaris’ path to objectively spiritual way of life in terms of personal, social relationships?
    I think belonging to a group as a family and going beyond would have some impact in your relationships!


    • ahnanda

      It depends how you look at it. To go from “lokik” into “BK” had a transition as well and it changed my Life completely.
      From BK into Ahnanda, there is another transition. In AWARENESS we could observe how we are programmed to believe that somethings are “right” and others “wrong.” In awareness, we could perceive our fears and our conditionings. When we allow ourselves the freedom to be someone different, then that who we think we are, will be gone. That is not as easy as it seems for we are mostly attached to who we think we are, we are so identified with it, we feel so secure and “right,” that we forget that it is only a belief defining what cannot be defined…
      The group is a nice support, but in my experience, you will never know who you are until you are alone. Then, you can learn to have a relationship with yourself.
      All the best to you.


  8. Vishwajeet Agrawal

    Thank you dear brother,
    But i think i didnt get my answer, question reframed:
    If 5000 year cycle and the drama is the real truth, then should we not prepare for it to go in the golden age or more precisely if we deny it, we will take birth 1250 years after cycle like the others, am i right?
    “i am asking this question because you have in your previous articles justified the cyclicity of time, and it seems pretty logical, your consciousness may have changed but since you experienced the cyclicity and exact future predictions.
    (Please dont say those experiences were an illusion of a different consciousness, which would mean you must have experienced the illusionist nature of those conciousness in the present conciousness which can also be an ILLUSION!! )


    • ahnanda

      The cycle of time exists. Everything is repetitive. I do not know if it lasts 5000 years, but I know that everything is repetitive.

      Your scripture, the “Murli” says: “The Drama is predestined.”
      Because the “Drama” is predestined it is as it is.
      Because the Drama is predestined, there is no “I” having “free-will,” for everything has to repeat as it was “before.” The “I” cannot DO anything out of “free-will,” for everything is according “to the Drama” and all of us are the “Drama.”
      Because there is no “I,” you cannot say that by joining a religion, “you” will be going to “Paradise.”
      That “I” is an illusion.

      Because your religion teaches about the cycle of time (it is not the only one) and that is factual in my experience, it doesn’t mean that I need to join or follow that religion.

      I have discovered that there is “no-I” and your religion teaches that there is an “I ” who will be saved, who could be someone with “good status” in the “future.” Moreover; that “I” is believed to be the “soul,” but … that soul is without a “choice,” because of predestination. That soul is not an “I,” but is empty.

      Taoism, Buddhism and Zen teach that there is no –I.
      Does it mean that I have to join them?
      Self-realization through the dissolution of the ego, to be “nothing” just to be “everything” is what Ahnanda knows now. Avyakt7 didn’t know that. This knowing is not intellectual, repetitive, parrot like. It is experiential.
      “Free will” and “predestination” are merely concepts dealing with the “I.”
      Without “I” those concepts have no meaning.

      When the “I” IS everything by being nothing; what is the importance of the cycle of time? Why worry if “I” will go to Paradise? Why be so entangled with “destruction” and “my” fear of disappearing, when everything is eternal and repetitive?
      That is why I said to you as a response: “Learn to enjoy the now.”
      Was Avyakt7 “wrong” then?
      No. He wasn’t “right” either. Ahnanda couldn’t be without the experience of Avyakt7. It is not a question of being “right” or “wrong.” It is about experiencing a process, Life; that is why the writings from Avyakt7 are still here (for some readers are in that consciousness and take benefits from that,) even though those are so different from Ahnanda’s.
      Ahnanda is not interested in being “right or wrong.” Ahnanda only shares.

      Ahnanda is writing for the common good and respects your “chosen” path.


  9. Vishwajeet Agrawal

    Dear brother,
    Will you elaborate on what is the ultimate aim of life. , And if you believe in 5000 year cycle then should the aim told in brahma Kumaris be true and to be followed ?


  10. Chandra Prakash Suman

    Dear Ahnanda
    Please share your experience about depression and sexual fantasy. If someone is suffering with depression from long period what is life teaching to that person also if anyone is addicted to sexual fantasy how does it effects other being and what is the solution to transform this energy for the common good.
    Thank you very much


  11. Dinesh C

    Hey bro,

    thanks for your reply, well I am sure I will gain a lot of experience in this spiritual journey of my life. Thanks for answering my queries… and you know in BK’s gyan, it is advisable to stay far away from unnecessary questions. So, I would like to ask you one simple last question that’s the topic of debate among people, it’s about desires.

    I mean when I started exploring spiritual knowledge, I came across this point that “desires are the root cause of suffering”. I have contemplated a bit on it. And I do agree that lesser the desires, lesser will be your suffering. But you know they say that final aim of a person who wants to be fully enlightened, you have to become “Unknown to desire”, now how is that possible. Desire of getting rid of desires is also a desire. Desire to achieve enlightenment is also a desire. Becoming a deity… making God as your companion, getting Jevan Mukti, getting moksha, all these are desires. So, can we really become “Unknown to desires”. Icha matram avidya, that’s what they call it.

    And most important, is it possible to become desire-less human being by living in sansarik (being married and with family) world??

    Now even if you attain this stage, “I want food at least one time in a day” is also a desire. I know I am bit confused about this. Please explore and elaborate on this.

    Promise!! this is my last question… My friends used to call me sawali in my childhood, because I used to ask a lot of questions… haha… Namastey.


  12. Pravin J. Patil(alias anadi000)

    Dear ahnanda (or Ananda), Thanks for your brief but meaningful response to my “Whimsical trait” question. I have one issue; Whenever I came across any repetitive behavior I got irritated and loos my temper since my childhood. What would be your suggestion and advice regarding the same? Is it anger or what kind of trait what could be done to minimize it as I feel even nature follow the repetitive traits and it is natural?


    • ahnanda

      Pravin, Today’s writing should give you some light into your question.
      Awareness is not something to practice, to do; but something to BE.
      All the best to you! 🙂


  13. Dinesh C

    Dear Ahnanda,

    I went through few articles and questions on your blog… would love to connect with you… about 5 years ago, I became a spiritual seeker and I am 28 now, have been interested in the philosophy of Bhrama Kumaris and Bhuddism for quite a long time, it would be great if you can share your mail id here, I will connect with you and will communicate on few things… plus I will get a brotherly friend… hahaha… So please share your e-mail id here…

    Dinesh C


    • ahnanda

      Thank you for your friendly note. If you have questions and those questions are for the common good, you may ask those here.
      All the best to you! 🙂


      • Dinesh C

        Hi brother,
        thank u so much for ur reply, ok so the questions are for common good.
        I do have many spiritual questions, but I would like to start by asking one common question that everyone gets at some point of time in his/her life.

        It’s about existence of God, when I learnt Rajyoga meditation, I did experience myself as a soul, I have experienced Shiva baba’s companionship as well. But the only problem I have is “how to talk with God?”. When we communicate with someone, we put our views and ideas first, and then we get views and ideas from other person. But what happens while talking with Baba is, I feel that the reply to my views and ideas is also my creation. I end up feeling that I am talking with myself and not with Baba. I hope you understand what I am trying to ask. And why it relates to his existence? well when we get reply from other person, we do feel that the other person exists… but when u don’t get reply from God, there comes a question of his existence, well if he is there, it shouldn’t be that difficult to communicate with him, isn’t it!!

        Hope to get a reply soon,
        Om shanti 🙂


  14. Pravin J. Patil

    Louis, Can you please differentiate between emotion and feeling. As I am trying to find the difference since long. Congratulation and Thanks. Pravin Patil Pune, India


    • ahnanda

      Pravin: Today’s article was about that. Hope you enjoy it. I’d rather go by my spiritual name in this blog (Ahnanda) if you don’t mind.
      Thanks! 🙂


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