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The circle of life

   The wise in disguise

The wise in disguise

In the path of life
there is faith followed by ovations
doubts surrounded with plights
but in between; different destinations

Some will take U-turns
to meet the neighbor’s journey,
others will follow their heart
while hearing the inner attorney
rant of not being smart

By choosing “black or white”
we will be blind to colors in the sky
blindness is for those who cannot see
the monochrome of doubts to live high

Love is not just a feeling
but mostly a time for giving
our life treasure to be shared
as you are, completely bared

Dare not to be “normal”
think out of the box
flying away from the flock
it is truly paranormal

The circle of life is our inner travel
the rest is talk and senseless cavil
opening doors or closing windows, is you call
as the time to express our true feelings unfold.

Truth Be Told

Formally Done with Formality, No longer any Commonality

That is part of Duality, Not the Pure Reality

Systems & Customs needed to Re-align

A Stringency No Longer needed in Time

When the Cleansing of past Karmas is through

the day begins anew

Roles & Positions fade Away

when we understand the Wonder of this Play

Going beyond the need to fit or belong

we sing our Own melodious Song

It’s time to grow beyond the illusion

Of half barbaric, half devotion confusion

First waking from deep sleep, then from herded sheep

Keeping distance, to keep a position- that is Old

As this Unlimited Story Unfolds, Let Truth be Told

Earth & I

Oh Earth, How you’ve been Misused!

Taken for Granted, Undervalued, Abused

Both Pleasure and Pain I’ve Given and Taken 

Your Symbiotic, Humble Nature completely Mis-taken

Positive Reverberation you Could Not Provide

When to Gratitude, Balance & Harmony I Died

It was I who took away all your Beauty

Oh Mother you have Given So Freely!

The Color of Love is the Signiture of You

So much Green you have given for us to Bloom

Did we turn Green into Greed and undervalue Truth?

I Vow from now to Care and have Respect for You too!



Silence: Our Hero

To much of this life has been lived unconscious
Have I been present to witness it’s fullness?

Constant chatter, distractions galore
Mindless matters, & looking for more

Skipping from one automatic half-hearted action to the next
Missing the timeless exchanges, connections and contexts

Only when Silent does the debris start to clear….
Only when I Listen can the wisdom appear

How much of the worlds problems would be solved
If we suddenly became mute and had to evolve?!?

Serving the Yagya

Lighting a Flame to All that is old
Honest & Warm, never cold
Allowing Everything to Be
Except false Reality

Uncovering lies and Old defenses
Finding masks and Hidden pretences
Proactive to leave duality
Journey to Breathable clarity

Serving the Yagya, seen Anew
Is not something that I “Do”

I am Delighted when I see
That which is un-pristine in me
Then I know where to Burn the Embers
Of releasing to remember

What is Serving the Yagya to You?

A lie

Living a double life
the smiling face of a clown
despite the sign of his eyes
the wording is great but lies

Tears running outside
are but the reality of a lie
an actor is trained to act
even in the face of a fact

Is honesty expressing without a lie?
words are the delightful illusion of a sunset
enchanting the seer on seeing the sun decline
despite the reality of a star
which is bigger and could never sunk

There is no hope in understanding
when words are meant to lie
don’t you want a piece of that tasty pie?
truth is free, but a lie
you can always buy

Poem:Oh my God – You are my Father BY: VVRISOR

Oh my God, Oh my God
Yes my Child, Yes my Child
I want some thing, I want some thing
Ask me Child, Ask me

I want to become like you, like you
Yes my Child, Yes my Child
Follow me, Follow me
Take that my Child, take that

What is this Father, what is this
Churn it my Child, Churn it
Thank you my Dear Father, Thank you

I Churned the KNOWLEDGE, I Churned
I got the POWER, I got
But it says ‘maintain PURITY’, maintain
It brought me PEACE, It got me LOVE, It got me BLISS

Thank you my Dear Father, Thank you
I realize now, that you will not give, you will not give
you will not make me like you, you will not
I have to become, I have to with my efforts

I realize now, I realize, to TAKE it from you
I am your NATURAL CHILD, Natural Child
I am your Natural Heir, Natural Heir
I will become like you, one day I will….

Thank you My Dear Father, Thank you.