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Reader remark: Thank you note

Thanks immensely brother, it is difficult to express how you and everyone contributing to this blog whom I have not yet thanked in writing (including the beautiful poetry by Precious Pearl, BK TD Joseph, Mathias etc and also all those commenting and asking questions) are helping this soul. Wishing you all the best today and always. Have a wonderful break.

Dear soul,

Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words! This is a good time to be appreciative on the many sharings given by contributors such as Precious Pearl, Angelsplay, BK TD Joseph and my good friend, Mathias.

Also, as you well indicated those souls commenting, asking questions and sharing their works are truly helping to shape this blog in its current form, as well as those souls proof reading the posts such as BK Gayathri and incognito helpers such as my double sister, Patricia and of course; Divine energies helping at this time.

All of those collaborations have helped many souls in their paths, including of course, avyakt7.

Today is my last day to share something before my vacation.
Thank you all and will see you by mid-July again!

Best wishes!

Reader Remark: The paradox of individuality and Oneness


Om shanti brother.
Brother, you said, “That “subtle energy of life,” is not divided in many pieces. It is One. However, because it is expressed through many beings; it gives the appearance that it is embodied in many beings. In other words, our bodies give that energy the appearance of individuality, which is further expressed by a personality.”

Well, brother, please explain how you have arrived at this conclusion. If it is the same life energy running through different bodies, how can we account for different sanskars of different souls/ people?

Yes, we ‘identify’ a soul by the body he/she/ it is occupying; and we also know that each soul is unique and there will be a world of difference between some souls.

It still sounds ok that we are all ‘leaves’ of the same tree and that we are individuals having the same life energy (with different ‘concentrations’). Even not a single leaf of any tree is the exact replica of another leaf of the same tree. They may look alike, but they will have some minute differences in their form.

If “preordained roles are enacted through human beings/ souls’ – our present understanding is that a soul should have the capacity to play a role assigned to it and the capacities of souls do differ.

That shows that the souls are separate. It is like, we are all ‘birds’ flying together, but are flying on our own.
And, we are the individual droplets of life, ‘flowing together’ thus making it a stream of life.
That is why, when all of us are interlinked and connected, what we give unto others reverberates and comes back to us. Treating ‘others’ with love will make us also experience love.

Even now, the more we practise soul consciousness, the more we can easily link our intellect to any soul in the world and can pass on our thoughts/ feelings to them INSTANTLY. Most of us are experienced in this aspect. And we can also ‘feel/ experience’ the stage the other soul is having at that particular moment.

This shows that we are individual souls having different stages of soul consciousness/ purity at any point of time and that we can experience anyone’s company in a second. All we need to have is the stage of soul consciousness, the only aspect that will enable the ‘meeting’ of a soul to another soul or many souls as well as the Supreme Soul.



Thank you for your well thought out note!
I am afraid that we will be dealing into the corners of too much thinking… But I truly appreciate your question!

Dear soul,
We are dealing with the paradox of individuality and Oneness. You see individuality. I see Oneness.
Who is right?
Who is wrong?

We are dealing with duality of concepts. Our understanding goes according to our consciousness. It is not that a particular consciousness is “higher” than another, but just a different perspective.

There is a Drama. It is One not many. However, it manifests as “many” for it runs through different actors.

If you go watch a play in the theater, you perceive actors acting different roles, however; their roles are already scripted to fit the writings of the Director of the play.

Let us say, you watch the movie “Saturday night fever” (1977) starring John Travolta.
Now, here is a simple description of the plot: “Saturday Night Fever is a 1977 American dance film directed by John Badham and starring John Travolta as Tony Manero, an immature young man whose weekends are spent visiting a local Brooklyn discothèque…’

John Travolta is not Tony Manero. Just as a soul is not the role.
However, John Travolta is there acting, because of the forces of the destiny. He was “selected” to act in that movie.

We simplify by saying it is the movie director who selected him. In Sakar Murlis, that director is God.

However, we know that the “sanskaras” which Travolta demonstrated to be selected are not really “his.” It is part of the role playing in that soul. Those sanskaras are nothing else that the expression of being numberwise. Every actor displays a set of sanskaras which are determined by the Drama for they are needed at a particular time.

Also, we know that the writing of the movie director is not really his writing, but came through him.
Who was behind all of that?
The Drama.
Who is the Drama?
The interplay of being an non-being, the interplay of duality which makes the Drama tick. The “sankaras” which express in the world of action as “karma.”

It is the spider web of the Drama, the “subtle energy of life.”

Souls without roles to play are like stones sitting in the pavement. “Sleeping beauties” if you like.
A Soul can give life to a body, but roles give that body “something to be.”

John Travolta without his role of Tony Manero, wouldn’t be known at all. It is that role what made the difference.

Therefore, if the Drama is one but expressing many things through actors; why do we just see the separation of different actors?

If the tree is one; why do we like to be caught up only in the manifestation, that is in looking at how different the leaves are?

A soul may be individual but the “sleeping beauty” does not make the Drama tick. The roles do that- Drama. Please see how that individuality of the soul is meaningless without the Drama.

The Drama is One flowing through the individuality of the souls.

Best wishes!

Reader Remark: Predestination

From article:

In Gita, it is said, put your effort but don’t have expectations for its reward.

This simple explanation applies even now.

Predestination is the reward (which is not just based on our effort) and our role is to perform to our level best.

It is like driving a car, you have the right to drive but the destination is not in your effort, it depends upon how fast the car in front of you moves and how the whole traffic is in that road, and everyone knows how long it takes to reach the destination inspite of the traffic, still the person-driver has to drive the car.

The driving effort is in our hands and reaching the destination depends upon the karma-fate of individual or the whole society/traffic. Both goes together – self effort and fate,they cannot be separated.


Dear soul,
If we divide “traffic” and “my car” with “my destination,” we will have a problem.
In your phrase: “Put your effort but don’t have expectations for its reward.”
WHo is putting effort?
For what? 🙂
I guess, it is not for the sake of “making effort” right? There is a purpose.

If I don’t want to call that purpose with its real name: “expectations” then “I am” just kidding myself. Making myself believe that “my” effort does not have an expectation.

As long as there is a “my effort,” there will ego and with that, we cannot pretend that expectations will not exist.
Ego and expectations arrive at the same time.

“Self effort” is just a nice phrase. “Fate” is what you get when there is an “I” lingering around.
The issue is separation. The traffic and the cars and your car are all part of the same thing. They are not separated but only in a separating mind.

Best wishes!

Reader Remark: Is Milk Satvic?

Milk is considered as Satvic food. But in olden days the situations were different. The cows were given pesticide-free fodder. First her calves were made to drink the milk then the remaining was used for human consumption. But now a days the cows are fed with pesticide contaminated fodder (lab test have proved that milk contains harmful pesticides), the cows are injected by hormones to stimulate them to give more milk (studies shows that this type of milk put negative effects on physical and mental health) and cows are kept in dairies in unhygienic conditions. IS THIS TYPE OF MILK CAN BE CONSIDERED SATVIC ???

Dear soul,

Great point! and a great illustration for those who are adept into “following everything to the dot.”
Times change and thus when we have understanding and knowledge we can make the needful changes and optimal desicions.
As BapDada has mentioned in an avyakt murli: teachings are according to times and circumstances.

If someone has his own cow in his own stable. ( a stable stable) 🙂
then, that of course could be considered Satvic. On the other hand, if you are like the immense majority without the luxury of having a cow as a pet… then, we better eat grass instead (vegetables)… 🙂 for as you mentioned that milk that we get may be a threat to our health.

Here an article along those lines of interpretations:

Best wishes!

Reader Remark: Woman’s equality with Man – A perspective

Om Shanti brother,
I read today a very interesting article on woman’s equality with men. A very simple, yet highly scholarly article! It clearly explains how the Bible was distorted to project the supposed inferiority of woman, yet it restores hidden concepts from the Bible itself to show woman is equal to man. This will make easier BKs’ effort to help those from the Christian background. Interestingly it is written by a male, that too from Hindu background! Really a must-read! Here is the link:

Dear soul,
Thank you for sharing that link. The fight between genders have been an ongoing thing since the perception of “being different” appeared. Humanity is always dividing. Races, countries, religions, etc. Everything is a division. That only accumulates further ego.

Men and Women express 2 different energies of the same unity. They are complementary as the Yin and Yang.
Then we have the “stereotypes” which make a woman do certain things or be certain things. That probably was true sometime ago in many countries; but as we should be aware; the gap is closing and women are doing the same things than men and even opportunities are changing even though it could be argued that it is a “male” world.

Hence, the need of female energy to balance that male dominated world.

However, “female energy” does not necessarily mean being in a female body; but to have the stereotypical qualities of female energies such as: nurturing care, sensitivity, and sustenance towards others. Those are female energy qualities, which could be held by men as well.

As it is in the world, when in “body consciousness,” we either tend to believe that God has chosen man or woman (according to a religion) as their “favorite” gender to “save” the world… 🙂 thus, we build hierarchies based upon that belief.

That denotes lack of spiritual understanding.

Best wishes!

Reader Remark: Omnipresence

Dear brother Yesterday I was hearing a lesson from Maduban Jewles from 4.3.12 name is Conversation: Style of Connecting to Baba no36—(results 211 of 601) after an our and twenty minutes Morni was sayin that Baba said to her that for Brahmins God is omnipresent it is very interesting how Baba is teaching us not to be rigid in our study.

Thank you for sharing that, dear soul!

Wasn’t Baba the one who said that “omnipresence is poison?” How “logical” that is? 🙂

Dear soul,
As BKs are getting trapped in words, concepts, definitions and logic; they will not have the experience of the Spiritual subtle nature of things. They cannot for their dividing minds will not allow that to happen.

That dogmatic view of defending concepts is childish but necessary in the spiritual development of some souls.

When you love God, you see God everywhere.
That is omnipresence… well sorry about that! 🙂

Thanks again!

Best wishes!

Reader remark: Greetings and gratitude.

Dear Avyakt7 loving greetings As I have mentioned many times ;your blog , wisdom and experiences are greatly appreciated and I found it invaluable .I’m happy to hear that , you are keeping the blog open . I always respected you for having the courage to be different and share your differences . Dear Brother you are valued and thanks for your honesty . Kindest gratitude

Dear soul,

Thank you for your kindest words.
I understand that you met my “double sister” in Madhuban. We are a “team.” 🙂
Avyakt7 is just a mirror. What you see in others is what you are. You are just recognizing those items within you, through others. The only difference is in the expression. Avyakt7 writes in a blog. Writing is his expression. That is all.

Life teaches us not to teach to those who know, but merely allow them to emerge what they already know.

All the best to you!