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Readers Remarks: Questions being answered.

Dear brother Om Shanti, I am in gyan for the last 4 years but a number of questions were in my mind which nobody was answering. Yesterday incidently I came to know about your site. I am of the firm beleif that BABA has helped me and he is himself answering me through this blog. You are very intelligent. Today by reading the topics I remained happy throughout the day. However, now a question is in my mind which i am asking throuh Questions. Thanks & OM SHANTI KEEP DOING THIS GREAT JOB.

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear soul,
Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to know that you are finding benefit by reading the posts of this site. Avyakt7 is just a role that I have to “put up with.” 🙂 Today called ” very intelligent,” tomorrow a “buddhu.” 🙂
Believe me, this role is used to hear both terms frequently. Thus, “nothing new.” 🙂

As I mentioned before, I feel fortunate to be part of an “unofficial team” here of souls who contribute with their experiences and wisdom.

Hope you keep enjoying this site!

Best wishes!

Comments on Sakar Murli – February, 28 2013


In this Murli, Baba “wraps up” the whole teaching into 2 subjects: Knowledge and yoga.
Knowledge will allow the soul to become aware of how the “Drama” works; in this way our activity would have a “compass” to follow rather than our own thoughts and understanding which is based on previous traditions.

Yoga is based on love to God. That is the love which even though, explained as “unique,” it needs to be experienced as “universal” at some point in our lives to be truly experiencing “love.”
In this school, the self is reformed. That means, a complete “new” being should emerge to be able to contribute in our society. It is not the path of isolation.

Once there is knowledge and love, the result will be love, for knowledge of this Drama is….love. Not a love story with someone, but a love story of finding our true self, which is …love.

Below some points to churn:

“It is only God who teaches Raja Yoga. This Godly part is not that of the Krishna soul. Each one’s part is his own; God’s part is His own. Only now do you understand how wonderfully this drama has been created. It you just remember that this is the confluence age, it becomes firm that you are going to go to the golden age.”

Everyone has its own part, but at the same time, those parts are intermingled, cannot be separated, is a “collective” experience which changes in time.

“You should have a lot of love for the Father who purifies you and changes you from impure to the masters of the world. When you wake up early in the morning, you should first of all say “Good morning” to Shiv Baba. The more you remember Him with love, the happier you will remain. You children have to ask your hearts: How much do I remember the unlimited Father after waking up in the morning? People perform devotion in the morning. They perform worship with so much love. However. Baba knows that some children don’t remember the Father from deep within their hearts with that much love. If you wake up early in the morning and say “Good morning” to Baba and churn knowledge, the mercury of your happiness can rise. “

That love may be based on “I love you because…” in this case, “because you make me the master of the world.” When the time comes when there is love without a reason, then love will become the only reason to love.

“Those who have more remembrance of the Father receive more current because remembrance begets remembrance. There are the two things: yoga and knowledge. The subject of yoga is separate. It is a very important subject. It is with yoga that the soul becomes satopradhan. Without remembrance, it is impossible to become satopradhan. If you remember the Father very well with a lot of love, you will automatically receive a current and become healthy. “

“Without remembrance, it is impossible to become Satopradhan.” Do you get that current? Do you experience your remembrance to be the means of your self transformation?

“The Father says: Children, the past is the past. First of all reform yourself. If you yourself do not have remembrance yet continue to tell others, this cheating cannot continue. Internally, your conscience will definitely bite you. If you don’t have full love for the Father, you don’t follow shrimat.”

Therefore, love to the Father is Shrimat. Love to the Father, to be “real” love is more than “uniqueness,” it is more than a “romantic setting of only Baba and I,” it is more than “being engaged with God alone…” there is something about love which goes beyond the “requirements,” the “boxes,” the “thoughts,” the “emotions;” “what you make me feel,” …that discovery of love, when is “real” becomes Shrimat, not self imposed “Shrimat,” not something to follow; but something which is righteous in itself, something which cannot be separated from my own breathing and living. Something which means life.

“ Only those who belong to this clan will experience the sweetness of these things.”

That is a Brahmin soul.

Comments on Sakar Murli- February 27, 2013


In this Murli the theme of comparisons of the “old” world with the ”new world” are being made by Baba.
With that the assurance that there is an “inheritance” which the children of God have to claim. In order to do that, celibacy (purity) is the basis of it. Otherwise, there will be punishment waiting for those who do not live up to the expectations.

Also, to “climb into Baba’s heart” is an objective for the children. For that they have to be very serviceable. That is what Baba likes to see. This is where the separation between “worthy” children and “unworthy” children is made. The children need to “cut away the evil spirits,” and forget this “dirty world.”
The theme is to encourage the children to be renunciates and to maintain a relationship of love with God.

Below some points for churning.

“All souls are children of that Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, but that is in the incorporeal world. When you are there with Me, you are My children.”

Interestingly, non- BK souls are the ones who will stay the longest time with the Supreme Soul in Parandham. Would those children who have stayed the longest with their Father not get an “inheritance”? 🙂

“In fact, you are the children of Shiv Baba, but you have forgotten yourselves. You souls now know that you are in fact the heirs of Shiv Baba’s land of nirvana. Shiv Baba says: All of you are heirs, are you not? You are the children who reside in Brahmand, the masters of Brahmand. Then, you have-to come here into this world to play your parts.”

The “masters of Brahmand” even though, BK souls reside there for a brief time. Once we come to the physical world to play our parts, then the roles will play. When we start believing that we are those roles, that is in fact when “subtle” body consciousness arise, for our consciousness of having a body will change to “being a body” which plays a role according to “our own wish.” “Role consciousness” is more subtle than the consciousness of believing to be a body.

“You children are now receiving your Grandfather’s property, and so you have to remember Him. You are God’s heirs, and all the rest are Ravan’s heirs. The Ravan community is remembered. Here, you are the Brahmin community whereas that is the devilish community. They are receiving their inheritance from Ravan. This is the kingdom of Ravan.”

Now, all the children who stayed the longest in Brahmand with the “Father”, all of the sudden became: “Ravan’s children.”

“You have to become the masters of the world. We have become the masters of the world countless times. None of the sannyasis etc. can say this. The Father says: Beloved children, you have become the masters of the world countless times and you have then been defeated. Now, gain victory once again. Everything depends on your efforts.”

“Our efforts,” which at the same time have been the efforts made cycle after cycle countless times. Here resides a deep point in Gyan, for those that can see the paradox of “doing something now” because it has been done before or because it will be done later. Gaining victory is guaranteed, because it has happened before or because it will happen again; however in a numberwise manner.

“To what extent would one Baba see the charts of so many children? Baba has so much work to do. His fingers are worn out replying to the letters. However, children have a keen interest in reading a letter in Baba’s writing. I sit with You, I correspond with You. You write: Shiv Baba, c/o Brahma. Then, Baba also responds to you. He has to write so many letters. Yes, when serviceable children give news of their service, the Father also becomes pleased. When He’ receives very good letters, He places them on His eyes and on His heart. Otherwise, He has to put them in the waste-paper box.”

It is apparent that the “children” believed that God was replying letters to them. Their belief was that God would be pleased if they “did service,” otherwise their letters will go into the “waste-paper box.” Humanizing God for the sake of understanding a relationship was required.

Comments on Sakar Murli- February 26, 2103

In this Murli certainly Baba is praising God in many ways, for “doing” many things. Even though we have the knowledge that this movie is eternally repetitive, we believe somehow that God has an “alarm clock” which will waken him up every 5000 years to “do exactly the same tasks,” to teach the knowledge exactly the same way He has done before etc. Do you feel any mercy for such a Father? I mean being “aware” of doing the same things every time “eternally” is some sort of “punishment.” In our case, we forget. Isn’t that wonderful?

My aim is not to contrast our “official” understanding of God, but merely to point out that Brahma Baba had a role to do and that was to “change” the particular way of thinking of the “children” back then and at the same time to give those children that “self respect” needed to embrace this benevolent God who has chosen them and no any other rich, well to do, handsome, intelligent etc. human being. To go from “God is a human being, his name is Krishna” to God is an “incorporeal point of light,” is a big hurdle to overcome, however, it is very difficult to play “relationships” with a point of light; unless we “humanize Him,” unless we make that point of light to have human characteristics that will make Him “lovable.” Why is the need to do that? Simply because in order to feel soul consciousness, we need to develop that love from the heart. For that love to be “full” we need to send it out, we need to feel that we are sharing it, that we are giving it and no one better than God for that. However, as explained many times, to feel love for God is something that many devotees from other religions feel. But to experience soul consciousness is something that just a few could experience at this time. We may say that “they (devotees) do not know God,” but we know that “knowing God” is a numberwise deal; therefore; just because we know His “real” name, form, and “occupation,” that does not mean that we “know God,” for God is experienced and those experiences go beyond descriptive words.

Below some points to churn.

“You first took birth to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and so He is the One who supports everyone. He is the One who supports the whole world; He is the One who removes all sorrow. People are very unhappy because it is now the end of the iron age. Therefore, He becomes the One who helps everyone. Nevertheless, there are the terms, “in general’ and “in particular’. So, He especially helps Bharat, and, in that too, He comes and meets those who are in the last of their many births, that is, those who come into this world first.”

Here we can see how the Drama works. Those who are to come “first” in the cycle of time need to be prepared. Now, that preparation is nothing else but emerging the qualities that a particular soul had a capacity to be. Nothing is being created. It is just the time to be aware of who we are. For that reason, God will spark somehow this knowledge which is already a role in Brahma Baba. From that point on; Brahma Baba becomes just like any other religious founder; however, this religion is for those who “will come first” in the cycle of time. As mentioned, at this time there are many energies, which we could call “Godly energies<” which will help us to transform. That is the meaning of “God doing through others.” A point of light in Parandham, is a point of light in Parandham. We could believe that this point is “inspiring others,” or that ”He is changing intellects,” etc. when we also know the knowledge of the Drama and the roles.

“He is the Creator of heaven, the One who helps everyone. Krishna cannot be called the One who helps everyone God, the Creator of the world, is only One. Krishna himself is the creation. He is a first-class flower of the garden. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is called the Master of the Garden and also the Boatman. People cannot understand how He is the Boatman. He truly takes us away from this tasteless world and then sends us there to the new world. “

The “creator of heaven,” who is also the “boatman.” He takes us away from this tasteless world so we can come back again… 🙂

“When devotees are very unhappy they remember God. However, they don’t know Him at all. They even say that He created them, but would they eventually come to know Him or not? At the end, they sing the praise: O God, Your divine activities are limitless. This praise has been sung. You know that if it weren’t for the Father, who would tell you the secrets of the world cycle? Who would make you into rulers of the globe? Now, at the confluence age, you are making effort to be liberated from sorrow for all time. “

More lines of praise for God. Those devotees will know who is God at the end, when there is no time for them to “make effort.” For it wasn’t in their “fortune” to know that. God has nothing to do with this but it is the “Drama.” Those devotees will repent that they didn’t realize that God was here, but it will be too late. That will repeat for eternity…. 🙂 Nothing wrong with praising God. However, there is a point where we could see if that praise is reflecting what “pure gyan” tells us.

“The Father explains that this knowledge disappears and that even this deity religion disappears. It is like that in the drama. It is only when it disappears and the world becomes unhappy that God comes and establishes it once again. No one knows when the iron age will end. Only you know the Father and the beginning, the middle and the end of this drama.”

Therefore, to be in sorrow is just “the option” to know God, to remember God 🙂 The Drama gives us sorrow through Ravan, and then God the hero, appears one more time, to save us from the villain…
🙂 But yet God will not change the Drama. He is bound by the Drama. God can “do many things,” like to come and go at “will” from the Soul world or to take an “impure body,” and then leave the cycle of time, unlike any other soul… but yet… He is bound by the Drama.

“However, it is certain that, although we have been studying for so long, some very deep points still remain and that Baba will continue to explain them. At schools, too, they teach you gradually. It isn’t that you receive all the knowledge in just one day. In the same way, here, too, it takes time to study, to have yoga and to make others the same as yourselves. The Father makes it very easy day by day and explains to you. God is One and everyone remembers Him. God alone establishes heaven, and so He would definitely teach Raja Yoga at the confluence age to make you into deities.”

As we know those “deep points” emerge only when we “churn” Gyan. When we just accept things out of a “7 day course,” we cannot possibly understand Gyan yet. Perhaps we will know the basics, the “A,B,C.” But to learn and repeat “A.B.C” all the time to everyone just because “Baba taught us in that way,” is to forget the fact that we learn “A.B.C” so we can read and write… not just ABC, but many, many different words….

Comments on Sakar Murli – February 25, 2103


In this Murli the theme of who is the true God of the Gita? Is taken. The aim is to convince others that Shiva is the “true” God. Although we know a name and a form, many still do not understand what God is or how God manifests. The idea of a God who “creates the world,” is prevalent. Sakar Murlis mention all the time as “God the creator.” The “praise” of God is taken to make us believe that God is “saving us” from Ravan, when in fact, it is all in the play of the Drama and that “salvation” is temporarily; therefore, it is not “Salvation” at all.

As we understand the concepts of “abhogta, asochta and akarta” with greater depth, we will find out interesting things about the nature of God. Those concepts have been explained in Sakar Murlis as being the “nature of God,” but yet we have several descriptions in Sakar Murlis where we can see a God who can experience, a God who thinks and “works hard” for the children and a God that does many things to please his little children, like giving happiness to them.

I believe that we have come to a point in time when explanations do not longer satisfy us. Tomorrow someone fixes the answers to be this or that. Tomorrow a Murli is revised to say something else. Tomorrow we get an “official” answer on different things. Tomorrow, we will get brainy Ex-BKs, discovering this and that about the “hidden story” of the Yagya, etc.

My question to all of you readers is: Have you experienced this knowledge to be true in your own life? Have you had the experiences which support your belief ? Or this is just a fashionable thing to do, a “something new” to do before destruction happens and a source of “making sure” that you will be in the Golden age by “sacrificing now”?
Is that what we call “Love to God,” or merely a way to get “easy life insurance for 21 births.”

To understand Godly ways is truly out of our reach. That is why, every religion founder has served the purpose of being the bridge between their followers/section and God. Similarly is in the BK religion. We can only understand God through Brahma Baba. If we have had touchings of him in our lives, we could understand this. That is why one of the lines in the first avyakt Murli of 1969 mentioned that : “God will be known as BapDada in the confluence age.” We know that the confluence age is experienced by BK souls alone.

Below some points to churn.

“God Shiva speaks. Or, it can even be said: God Shiva, the God of the Gita, speaks. The name of the Gita is mentioned because it is the Gita that has been falsified. Everything depends on the fact that it was not the corporeal deity Sliri Krishna who spoke the Gita, that Krishna did not teach Raja Yoga and that the original eternal deity religion was not established by Krishna. Krishna cannot be called incorporeal God.”

God cannot speak directly. It has always been through Brahma Baba’s sanskaras, through Brahma Baba’s understanding, through Brahma Baba’s experience. That is why the knowledge has been changing in time. That is why we get the last 5 years of Sakar Baba’s life as the Murlis that we read everyday in class, and still they are “revised.” We need to churn this knowledge. It is not enough to say who is the “true” sermonizer of the Gita, when what is truly important is to put that knowledge into practice.

“He Himself says: I don’t take any of those forms. I have to create a new world. Krishna doesn’t have to create a world. It is Brahma who creates the Brahmin clan. There is a lot of difference between Brahma and Krishna. Brahmins have been created through the mouth of Brahma. It has not been written anywhere that deities were created through the mouth of Krishna. “

God does not create a “new world.” That comes already in the Drama. God is “akarta.” There are lots of differences between Brahma and Krishna but yet, it is the same soul performing different roles at different time. That is the teaching that we need to be aware of: DIFFERENT TEACHINGS ACCORDING TO TIME AND CIRCUMSTANCES.

“Therefore, it is good to follow the directions of Me alone. Surely, only at this time would the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, give directions. That Supreme Soul gives directions to you souls, whereas there, those who give directions are all human beings. In fact, those are also souls who give directions through their organs, but people are trapped in the name and form and so they don’t know this secret. “

Certainly, it is good to follow the directions of God alone, and those directions have always being to become soul conscious. If we take directions literally, we will not consider “time and circumstances.” Without that consideration the “directions” that we will follow will not be accurate. This is something that we need to understand. For those of you that may believe that this is “my direction,” please read the avyakt Murli from yesterday (2/24/13) where BapDada explains the importance of following directions in lieu of time and circumstances.

“The Master of the World Himself sits here and teaches you. He has the power of all the relationships such as Mother, Father, Brother, Friend, Guru etc. This praise is of only the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, but people don’t understand it. They sing this praise in front of Lakshmi and Narayan etc.”

Now we understand that ALL of those relationships are attained once we become DETACHED OBSERVERS, as BapDada has mentioned in the avyakt Murli of June 10, 2012.

“Everyone knows Krishna. Some say that Radhe and Krishna belong to heaven whereas others have taken them to the copper age. They have created this confusion. God is the Ocean of Knowledge. Only you, the Godly community, can have knowledge. How could the devilish community have knowledge? you should remember the Father with so much happiness. “

The Godly community versus the devilish community. This is the problem on “black or white” understanding. There is the community who needs these directions at this time, known as the BKs and the community of those who do not need those directions at this time (rest of the world.) If we keep understanding the Sakar Murli through a childish intellect, we will make many mistakes. If we keep following explanations without the experience of this knowledge and the awareness of the time and circumstance when those directions were given, we will do lots of disservice.

Comments on Sakar Murli – February 23, 2013

In this Murli Baba praises Sannyasis for following celibacy. Interesting to note that their celibacy (purity) is not enough to get them a “spot” in the Golden age. As a matter of fact, I doubt that their “purity” is real, for otherwise, there is no need to go away into the forests living everyone behind. Certainly, that was a source of admiration from others and a source of ego for Sannyasis, by being able to do something that no other “normal” being would have the guts to do. This is when spirituality becomes the greatest source of ego. It is about who can live with less. Who has less number of Saris or shoes, etc. That “renunciation” is surely a source of ego. The Saffron robes or the white robes represent something, which is automatically a source of “respect.”

Note also than in this Murli Baba is talking about “pure couples.” As mentioned before; out of all the “natural sanskaras” in the Golden age; to live as a couple is no encouraged by the BK institution. To be single means automatically to dedicate yourself to organized Baba’service in the center near you, if you want to survive as a BK. That comes with all sorts of “responsibilities” to be considered part of the “close ones.” Evidently in this Murli, Baba is encouraging life as a”pure” couple, for this is the “family” path and that is the difference between “purity” attained by living in isolation and “purity” living as a “normal” couple.

Marriage as an institution has been trivialized, due to our own lack of spirituality. As Baba puts it “ it is a way to indulge in vice;” however, it does not mean that “marriage is bad,” it just means that it is experiencing its tamopradhan stage and it is our aim to elevate it again.

Below some points to churn.

“At first, there is a little darkness, and then, in the iron age, there is extreme darkness. The kingdom of Maya is called extreme darkness. The Father says: The biggest of all the enemies of Bharat is Maya, the five vices. You know that this Maya, Ravan, has abducted the Sitas, that is, he has imprisoned them in his chains. The Father comes to liberate you from the biggest of all enemies. No one knows who made Bharat that was so prosperous become so poverty-stricken. This Ravan is a big enemy. The condition of Bharat has become like this since Ravan came into existence. It is said: You have the evil spirit of anger. However, people don’t know that the five vices are called evil spirits. These evil spirits, that is, Ravan, is the greatest enemy of all. It isn’t that the Muslims or Christians made Bharat poverty-stricken; no. It was this Ravan who made everyone bankrupt of happiness and prosperity.”

In this paragraph, Baba is personalizing our own vices. Baba puts a name; Baba calls those vices”Ravan.” Then Baba will make that person real, by calling Ravan “our greatest enemy,” now we have something to fight against, something to conquer and here is where the personification of God as a “liberator” comes. Note that everything is about self transformation. Those vices are just the tamopradhan stage of our virtues. A different level according to time. We are not fighting with ourselves, we are just transforming to what we were before; that is our potential for virtues.

“Sannyasis have disinterest and so they go away to the forests. Their path is separate. They leave their homes and families; they don’t have any difficulties. Yes, there will be storms in their minds. They become liberated from the vice of lust but, yes, they do have anger, and they are numberwise in that. Some are the highest, some mediocre and some the lowest; some are totally dirty.”

Lust and anger are connected. As Baba has mentioned, anger is a “progeny” of lust. There has been this admiration for renunciates; and Sannyasis represent that. Like in any religion, you have the “scale” of the good ones, the so and so and the bad ones. This is a given in any religious path. It is amazing how much influence the Sannyasi religion has in India. The vows of renunciation are taken from them. That renunciation becomes the “bread and butter” of most well known Dharmic religion, and the reasons may vary, but in BK knowledge is about reformation of the self.

“Now, you have cancelled the marriage for vice and sit on the pyre of knowledge and become a pure couple. Therefore, you have to check yourselves to see that Maya doesn’t cause mischief. Are there any storms in your minds? Although you may have storms in your minds, you mustn’t perform sinful actions through your physical senses. By your considering to be brother and sister and by staying on the pyre of knowledge, there won’t be any fire of lust. If there were a fire, there would be degradation. “

When the self has not been explored, there will not be any self discipline nor the opportunity for a different vision and feelings. Without a different consciousness, it will be a life of going over “temptations” through sheer will power. That denotes lack of understanding, lack of experience with self transformation. Life as a couple is meant for completeness of a “natural” experience of meeting complementary energies. It is not meant as a life of a cat living with a dog in the same room. Without that inner work on the self, we are just kidding ourselves if we believe that sex lust could be overcome by living as a couple, unless our idea of life as a couple is of a 2 roommates, who only exchange the necessary information before continuing on with their isolated lives.

“They have falsified the Gita. If this one secret were to be revealed, all the BKs would become very well known. They would all surrender themselves to you. There will be your influence. Now, many people oppose you. First, your family members become your enemy. So many became enemies of this Baba too. They have even said of Krishna that he abducted women. They have made so many false allegations against him. This too is fixed in the drama. According to the drama, your influence will automatically be felt.”

If there was “proof” of that falsification, then things would be a lot easier. Otherwise, it is about exchanging different perspectives. So, Krishna is not the God of the Gita; why is that? Unless the people listening experience an “experience” it will be very difficult to merely accept explanations based on someone else’s thoughts.

Fortunately in my life, my family members didn’t become my “enemies.” I had support from them, although not their understanding. As a matter of fact, my family members remain the ones who I can always go back to in case of need. They have always helped me in whatever way they could throughout my life changes. Baba does work through others, even through my family members and that is something which I appreciate. As a matter of fact, I have experienced most of my difficulties coming from the “Divine family.” Karma = Drama.

“Even though some children write letters, Baba writes back to them: You don’t have any faith at all. If you had faith, then, since you receive an inheritance from the most beloved Father, you wouldn’t wait for even a second. Reason says that the poor would quickly come running here. Scarcely any wealthy ones would emerge. A few ordinary ones emerge. Tell anyone who comes: This is a study place (pathshala) for Raja Yoga. Just as there is yoga to become a doctor, so this is Raja Yoga for becoming a king of kings. Our aim and objective is to change from human beings into deities.”

Faith is very important. That faith has to be based on something, it could be an experience or “faith in the intellect” (understanding.) The issue is when we only have “blind faith,” then problems arise, doubts start coming and our inability to grow spiritually is stopped. Devotion takes over and with that, spiritual knowledge becomes just another devotional practice.

Question: Dear Soul, thank you for this wonderful means to explore gyan. i have a question about today’s blessing . When it mentions the bondage the Gopies tie God(Krishna) to and tje bondage we tie Shivbaba to the Kalpa Tree. What does that mean? thankyou.

Thank you for your question and for your kind words!
Dear soul,

The blessing said this: “May you be worthy to be remembered through tying God in the bondage of your love and devotion.
On the path of devotion, it is remembered that the Gopis tied God in bondage to them. This is the bondage of love and devotion which is remembered as their divine activity. You children tie the unlimited Father to the unlimited kalpa tree with your love and devotion and the memorial of this also continues on the path of devotion. In return for this, the Father gives the seat of the
heart-throne to both of these ropes of love and devotion and makes it a swing and gives it to you children. Constantly continue to swing in this swing.”

The meaning of that blessing is to be one to be remembered as those who have love for God. To illustrate that blessing, in the path of devotion Krishna (who is viewed as God) is portrayed with Gopis having love for him. Similarly, in the cycle (Kalpa tree) we will be remembered as those who have “eternal” love for God for even in the path of devotion that love is remembered through different memorials. For that reason, our devotion and our love (path of knowledge) are recognized throughout the kalpa and that knowledge should be the swing to get to the Father’s heart throne.

Best wishes!