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Quantum physics and Spirituality

This experiment in quantum physics named the “double slit” experiment shows that mater as perceived by a “normal” human being is not so in “reality.”

Most human beings will perceive matter as “particles.” However, as we can see in this experiment a particle could be a “wave” as well. This paradox has been named the “wave–particle duality.” If you would like to know more about this, please read this wiki article.

By watching this practical video, we can see that everything depends on the observer who is “measuring” what appears to be “reality.”

How is that related with spirituality?
Spirituality had the answer long ago. There is a pre-ordained Drama which moves everything from the quantum level of the electron through a particle. This is something which Science hasn’t quite figure it out.

There is also a “role” which perceives and observes the things happening in the Drama in a particular way. That role is within the Drama.

Observation based on expectation (as in the experiment) is not observing but inferring, thinking.

This is the same phenomena that a human being displays. When we observe life, when we observe our own inner world; we already have an expectation of “what to get out of it.”

If “I” observe “my thoughts,” it is so I can get rid of my wasteful thinking. That is an expectation which will not allow me to observe.
This is why, reality as it is or “truth” could be observed when that “I” is not there, for otherwise; there is thought and with that thinking there is an entity called the “me” manipulating information based on previous experiences.

To understand this principle of duality means to understand the principle of “being and non-being.” A person immersed in spirituality, may want to consider the following points:

1) what “I” observe is not necessarily real.
2) What my logic and reasoning are able to find as “facts,” are not necessarily true.
3) There is a paradoxical quality in very phenomena in life, so if “I” attach myself to a particular belief or concept; “I” will be missing the other side which duality brings. There is the reality of the concept but also the reality of the “no-concept.”
4) As long as there is “I” there cannot be the whole picture. “Truly” observing is not possible.
5) The way we have perceived the world as emphasized by “traditional” physics, mathematics, history and any other source of human knowledge is not truly real, for the “I” has been lingering in that observation. This is what is commonly known as “biased” perception.
6) This is the reason why we should not be attached to a concept or perception of the senses, for it is a half-truth as best.
7) Egolessness is the way to observe without bias.

A drop of water belongs to the Ocean just like a human being to the Drama of life. To feel separated as “me” different from life, means not to see the “reality” of being the same thing at the same time.

Questions for May 30, 2013 – 5000 years and Dino “combo”

How do you explain that the cycle is only 5,000 years when the earth is so very much older. It’s not just carbon dating that shows how old the earth is, but geology, and many many facets of science. All else in gyan is easy to understand, but this one point of 5,000 years in not. So when did the dinosaurs room the earth, they also existed for a very long time as they have been dug up through many many layers of earth and rock on most continents, even those that we are told are under water in the gold and silver ages, so therefore dinosaurs are meant to have been on earth only 2,500 years ago, but that is during recorded history. These questions have never been answered, so please explain if you can. Om Shanti Jan

Dear soul,

This is a repeated question. There are plenty of articles in this blog which deal with those questions that you have asked.
Please search in the blog by using a keyword such as “dinosaur” or “5000 years cycle” etc.

Nevertheless, I will answer your questions so I can just place this article someplace visible in the blog, where everyone who has the typical “dino” question or the “5000 year old” theme; will be able to look at it. (“Scientific tales” section.)

Dear soul,
The Earth is not 5000 year old. It has existed forever. It just changes. The cycle of time is according to Gyan 5000 years. Matter cannot be created. It only changes. This is something that many people fail to realize.

Just because someone placed a flag in the moon, in 5000 years it does not mean that we will see the same flag there. Matter changes, recycles itself. Everything changes in matter, but after 5000 years (according to Gyan) repeats itself.

You are a believer of science. Science may be your religion.
Science can only bring you beliefs, just like a religion.
Want proof? 🙂

Now, let me ask you: Why intelligent people who are so great about providing “proof” with the help of Science, are able to disagree by “millions of years” in something so fundamental as the age of the Earth?

Now, just because someone says that the more accepted theory is the “big bang” it does not mean that this is the “truth.”
The truth is not won by consensus of the “majority,” by votes.

There are plenty of theories nowadays that even reflect that time is cyclical and not linear as believed by some scientists.
Please take a look at this link:

Please read every article with care and you will know, that we are dealing with scientific beliefs, dogma hidden under the precious word “research.”

Please read the article below. It basically explains in a very rational way, why cyclical time has greater probability of being “real” than the so-called linear time of millions of years. ( is no longer in business, so I have a copy, below)

Click to access chickenegg.pdf

This article is the top one among many other articles by “thinkers” which do not belong to a particular religion. Please take the time to digest it.

On your dinosaur question, the same thing applies. Bones may have been found, but that does not mean that a dinosaur depicted, as scientists want us to believe, existed. Behind the dinosaur belief, there is just the theory of evolution and behind it, the “big bang.”
I am not saying that dinosaurs did not exist. I am saying that as far as I am concerned there is no way, that I can know if they existed, and that I have to rely on someone else to “find that out for me.”

I don’t like that.

I have experienced “deja vues,” I have experienced the “soul,” I have experienced “fortune telling” (which demonstrates the cycle of time) and I had experiences with reincarnation by intuitive experience.

Those are my “proofs.”

Dear soul,
Please do not get caught up in more beliefs, in more dogmas. The bottom line of this knowledge, which is Spiritual knowledge, is to know the self, so there could be self-transformation.
That is all.

More concepts without experience is worthless.
However, If a concept is able to transform you, please continue.

In your deathbed, you can hold on to more beliefs, to more concepts and be afraid to die, afraid of the unknown. No theories will get you out of that feeling.

On the other hand, when there is experience, when you have tasted that which scientists do not know about for lack of experience; then, you will be alright. You will know.

Finally, I am not here to support more dogmatic views of life. To support a particular theory or a religion; but just to share experiences, to share what could trigger something in your spiritual life, a new viewpoint, a new realization, a new feeling… No more concepts or empty theories.

Best wishes!

Om shanti——— Is it true when we give a certain THOUGHT to a crystall, it then vibrate at that frequency for many days/hours depending upon the intensity of thougth.Also how we can increase our frequency of vibration to a heigher lavel.. enlighten it plz.

Answer: Dear soul,
That type of question is not part of my experience. From the spiritual perspective, a thought is powerful for it has the possibility to manifest itself into “reality.”

Best wishes!

Dear avyakt7 do the souls have any consciousness when they resides in the paramdham? is it godlike stage?

Answer: Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question! There is no “consciousness” in Parandham.
Is it Godlike stage?
Answer: what do you think? 🙂 🙂

Best wishes!

The 5000 years cycle and world population estimates

It is said that a picture is worth a million words… or just a thousand? Anyway let me play western scientist and take away “0s”to fit my theory.

You can see 3 important pictures about world population in this article.

The first picture (displayed by Google but not made by them as a disclosure) happily shows us that we have grown from 3 billion people to 7 billion people in 51 years!

That is despite 2 major world wars, famine, lack of resources, etc. which is reasonable to expect as population grows and entropy increases.

Now, keep that in mind when someone asks how is it possible for the cycle to be only 5000 years.
If you read this post about when “man appeared on Earth” according to European historians, Man appeared “ indisputably” based on the fossils that they have found 2 million years ago! 🙂
Here is the link:

Please note this: “A fossil skull fragment discovered in England is the oldest known example of modern-day humans: a 300,000-year-old Homo sapien.”

Remember what I mentioned that science is made in the UK and the USA? 🙂 I wonder why they didn’t discover that in Africa (where man appeared) or in Asia, where the largest population resides?

Ladies and Gentlemen: How is it possible for human beings to have appeared on this Earth 2 MILLION YEARS AGO and at the same time had a population of only 1 BILLION human beings up to 1830, when we can go in 51 years from 3 BILLION to 7 BILLION human beings?

I am not a rocket scientist, but I recognize when something smells “fishy.” This smells “fishy” to me.

Of course, do not ask a scientist how man appeared on Earth? Or how everything started? For that would be very amusing to hear.


Now, if you please give your attention into the second graphic below, you will see the top countries with the largest population in the world. Note that we know that Pakistan was part of India; therefore, India by all means has the largest population in the world. Now, How is it possible for the countries who have the largest population in the world to be in Asia and yet, scientists think that “man appeared in Africa,” but yet we see only 1 country from Africa (Nigeria) as being number 8? Mystery huh?
Is it possible that Indian people reproduce faster than Africans, even though Africans had 1.5 million years in their advantage (since man appeared there) to procreate?

That smells “fishy” to me… 🙂


On the last graphic below, Man needed not 2 million years but now 50,000 years to get to 1 BILLION people. (what happened to the other 1.9 million years?)
How is it possible for the population to grow 4 billion in 51 years from 1960, but yet only 1 Billion “in the beginning” having more than 1.5 million years to reproduce like rabbits, for TV wasn’t invented yet? 🙂

That smells “fishy” to me….

Dear souls,
When someone disputes to you about how come Brahmin souls think that this cycle is only of 5000 years rather than a linear time of 2 MILLION years, please just show them this article.


Another look at free will and determinism from Philosophy and Science

As we know, there is a Drama. That Drama is preordained. At the same time we have this “perception” that I can do things. The “doer.” The free will.

Many of Baba’s teachings are geared towards taking away that perception of “me” doing. He says “Baba is doing it.” 🙂 You are an “instrument.” Then BapDada will clarify the significance of being a “Detached observer” of this “unlimited movie.” We are actors but spectators at the same time.(As mentioned in the realization of a reader in previous posts.)

Below, some other explanations that could give further clarification about “Free will.” First we have a very clear explanation from Ramesh Balsekar. Note that he has the concept “right” but he still believes that “predetermination” to be part of our “genes.” He does not know about a Drama. However, he uses the same principle of life that Baba teaches, that is to live as if we were the “doers,” the ones responsible as in – “Everything depends on your efforts”… 🙂 But, at the same time to know: “what can the Father do if that is in your fortune…”

Then we have this video of Michio Kaku Ph.D in theoretical physics. Dr. Kaku is a very popular scientist known by popularizing science to the masses.
Note that he encounters the same premises and a similar example than Ramesh is given. However, Dr. Kaku believes that the principle of “uncertainty of Heisenberg,” is the answer; therefore, “God plays dices,” and Einstein is wrong.

As we can see, Dr. Kaku’s premise that electrons have an uncertain position and therefore, there is no determinism is flawed, but expected for he does not know about the existence of a Drama. Those electrons appear to have a random position when in fact they have a directions and a determined position which is eternally repetitive at a certain point in time.

“Uncertainty with regards of the position of the electron” “No one can determine you future events given your past history.”

What Dr. Kaku ignores is that your “past is your future.” That is something that we know through this Gyan; because of the cyclical aspect of time. Because there is a cycle, “God does not play dices,” for those dices have been already played .. 🙂 by the Drama.

As mentioned before, we have such a “first class knowledge” hidden in the vocabulary of “little children.”



Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

I have written here many articles about the 5000 year cycle. You can do a search on the “search article by keywords” in the blog, by the “blog stats.”

Let me showcase again an article which I wrote sometime ago This article has been the #1 article for a long time now. This article even though it answers the question of “who is first the chicken or the egg?” in reality it answer the validity of cyclical time. That website is not a Brahma Kumaris website. Why is that article the #1 article if it merely explains gyan in a more worldly way? Please read it. (the article was in which is no longer in business.)

The cycle of time is what exists from a logical, reasonable perspective for there is no beginning of time and if there was, I am eagerly waiting for “proof” on that. 🙂 Please send that proof to me.

The “proof” of the cycle of time of being a short span, according to gyan; of 5000 years is quite possible if we just look at the trend on population. You may wan to look at this article.

That article has the classical answers. Finally, I want to add something “new.” You say that there are no “proof of the Golden age, etc.” Let me tell you that there is.

I am a Peruvian native. Let me tell you that the history that I learned in Peru about Peruvians and World history is quite different than the ones made by Americans and Europeans. It is not about dates. It is about perceptions and theories built upon them.
It is about covering up things that our science cannot explain through crafty theories.

Peru has been a “picnic place.” According to Gyan, that means a place where Deities used to go to “catch some rays,” and to surf by the Pacific ocean in their veemans. Peru has one of the oldest cultures in the world. It has been greatly exploited throughout history by different “Developed countries.” The history books of Peruvians are different when it comes to British and USA “doings” in Peruvian territory in the last 150 years. I know because I have studied them and somehow experienced it.

It is all about economical interests. History is written that way. Once Europeans came to Peru, a new religion was in place. That is Christianity. That religion wasn’t taken by the love of people for the “son of God,” but simply it was imposed. Likewise, Western culture is being imposed in a more “subtle way” in the world. Scientists will support the “status quo.” That means linear time. That means the belief that we are “much better off now than before,” that means that our culture is far more advanced now than what it was before.

Not true.

Please research about Macchu Picchu. “One of the 8 wonders of the world.” Please research about the Nazca Lines. I have been in Macchu Picchu a couple of times. There is no way on Earth that our current worshiped technology could make something like it. Look at the structures. Feel the vibes there. See how the knowledge of astronomy, architecture and aesthetics all blend in. Accepted theories show that this site was probably built by aliens… 🙂 Iam talking about something that I have first hand experience. There are other “memorials” in other parts of the world, such as the pyramids in Egypt, the ones in Mexico, their advanced knowledge in astronomy, etc.

Here a little website. By the way, “Macchu Picchu” was “discovered” by an American, Hiram Bingham; even though natives new about it long ago, but it takes a foreigner to “discover things.”

It is a wonder how scientific theories come mostly from American or British scientists, specially from the most renowned universities. You do not hear much about latin american scientists making a “breakthrough.” It is not because they cannot think. It is because they are not part of the “game.”

Please read this website for further information about the scientific whims of the time. How some scientists were treated just to preserve the “old stuff.” 🙂 Change is not always welcomed.

I think i have given you enough “intellectual material.” Just remember that a change of consciousness means a different way of looking at things. That hopefully will come with time.
Welcome to the BK club!

May you grow and prosper…

Best wishes!

Scientific tales: Why do we use science as the yardstick for truth?

This will be the last article for now on the “Scientific tales” section. The purpose of these articles is to be informed as to demonstrate that scientific knowledge does not reflect truth but rather, a search for answers.

Many times we use “science,” as a way to defy or even shutdown different ideas and philosophies which are non traditional.
We use Science as “truth,” we have been indoctrinated to believe so.

My interest in science grew when I was interested in the topic of time, which is completely misunderstood by science. As a matter of fact, despite all the scientific “progress,” the topic of time remains as one of those untouchable topics which science hasn’t been able to understand. Want a sample? Case closed. Add the second law (entropy) here to make things difficult and we will have several explanations, theories without truthful answers.

What about the age of the Universe?
According to scientists a “baby could be older than his own parents.” 🙂
This is an article by a bona fide Ph.D in physics as far as I know.
What about the planet’s orbits around the Sun?
According to what I was taught as a “truth” the planets had an elliptical and predictable orbit around the Sun. Here is a video with that scientific “truth.”

Now, we can understand that the path of the planets around the Sun is not a predicted path which repeats every time as when the Earth goes around the Sun… It is a spiral…

For those of us who ever thought that the platonic time of 26,000 years would dismiss an “eternally repeating cycle of 5000 years,” it would be good to reconsider; for we are relying on our point of reference or observation being the Earth and we are just beginning to understand that there are many different movements in the celestial bodies. For instance the Earth moves around its own axis and the spiral movement around the Sun is not the same pattern nor the same degree in space, for the Earth does not move in “flatland.” Similarly what we observe on a distant star, is merely subjective according to our position in space.

Moreover, as “it is above so it is below,” therefore, celestial bodies merely reflect the behavior of atomic particles, which we are just beginning to understand under a scientific perspective.

There is a lot to be desired from Science.
Here is one question I sent a group of astronomers sometime ago for their enlightened answer:


Thank you for your question to Ask an Astronomer. It will be forwarded to one of our team members to answer.

“1) The Big Bang. We have extremely strong evidence that the universe as we know it had a beginning, that everything which we can think of, matter and space alike, started off compressed together and has been expanding ever since.”

This is a quote from the question here:

My question: What was the beginning of the Universe? What is the “extremely strong evidence that you have”?

If in fact was an explosion, how the elements which produced the explosion got there? Isn’t this like solving the riddle “who is first the chicken or the egg”?

Finally, How this “extremely strong evidence,” is able to counteract modern views of the “origin” of the Universe cited by scientists like Neil Turok, Paul Frampton and other cyclic models of the universe?

Thank you.

No answer so far.

Finally, I recommend this link for a different view and “research” on what we have believed to be the “true” history of the world.

16 minutes well spent

The “Drama” showed me this video. It is one of the better ones I have seen in the explanation of “oneness” and the illusion of “individuality.” Some articles were written on this topic already.
What is this “new age” talk about being ONE?
What is the meaning of “underneath all of those particles/waves there is “pure” intelligence?
Being ONE means that we are the Drama. That is the intelligence behind everything. That is us, masked as “you and me.” The Drama expresses through individuals, through different parts. That is what makes this life move into a particular direction. That is “pure intelligence,” and we are part of it.
About 6 minutes into the video we see professor Jim Al Kalaki (theoretical physicist) saying: “ Our reality is just an illusion.”
Words which were already known by mystical sages before scientific “proofs” came into existence. Let us face it; the reality of knowing this material illusion has a profound change of vision and attitude which is not displayed by a scientist even though, the intellectual understanding is there. The “practical” change, the practical proof has always been displayed by spiritual minded individuals.
Also professor John Hagelin
Inputs are in this video. As all “thinkers” appear to come from the USA or the UK; we need to acknowledge that these scientists have done their “homework,” however, with some gaps in it.
Note that he is displaying his wealth of vocabulary in many interesting ways, without going to the root of the matter, which is the existence of a Drama which is conveyed through all of us “actors.” To mention that this Drama is “pre-ordained” will be heresy when their theories talk about randomness and “probabilities.”

At the same time, note his idea about creating this “consciousness /technology” where the brain has to be properly trained to reach amazing levels of pure consciousness, which by the way; we need to wait for the next generation to work on it. 😦
Now, we know that mediation is that “technology” and that the “atman” as he mentioned, and not the brain; is the culprit due to our ingrained belief on this role playing through us , which is the illusion.
I feel it is necessary to put Baba’s gyan in such language, for the only reason that “learned” individuals will not look into it, is because it is not “fixed” in the Drama. 🙂
However, to translate things in their language means to increase the opportunity for their understanding.