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Spiritual Efforts: “You have to remain very firm in the disciplines, and also be fully independent.”

This is another Avyakt Murli which is self-explanatory when we have experienced gyan in our lives.

I understand this one, because I have experienced this Murli in my own life. The code of conduct is what keep us in the “race” in a numberwise manner. To learn to be “by yourself” and at “ease with yourself,” is something learned in this knowledge as well. The world doesn’t know about this, as a matter of fact, many individuals without the experience of “detachment,” will think that “detachment” is “bad, unhealthy, crazy, etc.” when for all practical purposes, detachment is part of love. Part of understanding our eternal journey of continuity, of moving, of flowing. Not to understand this fact of life and to try to “possess,” to cling to something is truly unhealthy…but under our society “norms and expectations,” is considered “normal.” 🙂

Note that Baba is explaining the meaning of being independent. There is independence within a relationship. There is no independence without a relationship. That is called “isolation.”

Nice, sweet and short avyakt Murli.

Avyakt Murli, April 24, 1969
Are all of you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? BapDada thinks that there should be no need to ask this any more, because all the children have now grown up. Each of you has now put on the crown of responsibility for changing hell into heaven. One who wears a crown asks others about their well-being. When you become the kings of satyug you will ask your subjects about their well-being. So you have to be filled with that sanskar here. The sanskars that you fill yourself with now will continue for many births. And within those, the main sanskar is that of being independent. Being independent does not mean that you do not depend on the disciplines of the divine relationships. You have to remain very firm in the disciplines, and also be fully independent.
To the extent that you keep yourself tied by the code of conduct of the Brahmin clan, accordingly you will remain loving and detached. The main code of conduct is to follow shrimat, and everything is included in that. If you let go of the code of conduct, you move yourself away from the clan, and there isn’t the intoxication of being a Brahmin. Shrimat is only one word, but it has very great significance. Shrimat tells you what thoughts you should have, how you should see, how you should speak, with what consciousness you have to perform actions, how you have to eat food. Shrimat even tells about how you should sleep; you have to be in remembrance first and then fall asleep. It is the code of conduct of shrimat to check your chart and then go to sleep. You know what the code of conduct is even in terms of thoughts. everything is included in that. So check every action. What is your attitude, vision, and consciousness? Every aspect should be within the code of conduct. In some cases you have to set yourself free, and in some cases you have to tie yourself. This temporary, sweet bondage liberates you from many other bondages. Look at your daily chart, check it, and move forward. All of you are going to look after kingdoms in the future. So can those who are going to look after others not look after themselves? If you cannot look after your chart, how will you look after a kingdom?

COMMENTS: Shrimat is the sweet bondage that liberate us from other bondages. That Shrimat is represented by a code of conduct which starts in our thoughts, vision, attitude and actions. Checking the self is not “normal,” in a society when checking others is preferred. This “new” knowledge requires that we unlearn many aspects and that takes time. Note how the emphasis is on transforming sasnkaras. However, this is not a process that occurs through “learning,” for we already have those sanskaras in us. It is about emerging them by….remembrance.

Spiritual Efforts: All knowledge is merged in the awareness of the point.

I have been reviewing some Avyakt Murlis from 1969. They have so MUCH WEALTH OF PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE.
i will be commenting on some avyakt Murlis which I feel have the potential to guide me through the practical experience of Brahma Baba.
If I had to select only one Murli out of the many, it will be this one from April 17, 1969.

Note that devotional language is out. Everything is to the point and giving practical advise which must be experienced to be understood.
Today I will comment about this avyakt Murli.
Here i go:

When you make others sit in yoga, do you have a vision of the stage of the other soul? You should be able to because you are also called trikaldarshi (‘knower of the three aspects of time’).
When you Brothers sit in yoga, when you stabilize yourself in the see seed stage, there is no need to churn the ocean of knowledge. You can churn the ocean of knowledge even whilst walking, moving, bathing and eating. The time for a heart-to-heart conversation is fixed for amrit vela. When you first sit you should spend time stabilizing yourself in the awareness of the point, and then have a heart-to-heart conversation. When you find you are not able to stabilize yourself for a long time in the awareness of the point, then catch hold of the second stage (heart-to-heart conversation). It is easy to have a subtle heart-to-heart conversation and to churn the knowledge, but difficult to stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, but it is essential to have that stage.

COMMENT:Please see that “effort” is to learn to be stable, concentrated in what Baba calls the “awareness of the point,” which to me is a single pointed concentrated energy to feel the self. This is no “visualization of the point.” There is no experience unless we are that experience. Sure, the “heart to heart deal” is nice, sweet; BUT I want the first stage.:-)

Whatever it is that you are practicing, you will not be able to achieve it until you first firmly make yourself stable in the awareness of the point. This is why the maharathis, and especially those who are going to become the eight deities, should pay special attention. Only eight will cross the land of Dharamraj without experiencing punishment. This is the method for not experiencing punishment. The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars.

COMMENT: The “awareness of the point.” Another names for it are “the awareness of the soul,” the “experience of being a-temporal,” the experience of being timeless,” or simply “being.” Here BapDada is giving his “recipe” for success, for passing with honors. This is the easy way to change sanskaras. Note: It is not by “doing stuff” or by buying CDs or by “acting elevated.” It is simply in the experience of the self, the point, a-temporal; however you want to name it; you will know once you have experienced it.

Have a powerful brake. When a car has weak brakes, an accident takes place. Therefore the brake should be powerful. The point of the drama should be very firm in your every task. When you stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, a sparkle will be visible on your forehead.
By staying in this stage, you will automatically become introverted. And solitude will pull you even when you are not especially practicing it. Even while you are performing actions, there will be the experience that solitude is pulling you. You can experience this stage even whilst talking. However, unless you have the practice of sitting in solitude, you will not be able to experience this stage whilst performing actions. When you used to go in front of the corporeal form, there was the feeling of being drawn by solitude and introversion. You even relate that sometimes it seemed as though there was nothing but light. Even whilst talking there was only light visible everywhere. This is the impact of the awareness of the point. When others have this experience through you, your life will be seen as unique, alokik. Knowledge becomes merged internally when you remain stable in the awareness of the point, just as for the deities you say that they do not have knowledge in an emerged form, that is, there will not be any expansion. Expansion is merged within the seed, and so the awareness of the point means the awareness of the seed stage. Everything is merged in the seed, and when the seed is sown in the earth, everything emerges. In the same way, all knowledge is merged in the awareness of the point. It emerges when you come down. When you have the awareness of the point, your stage remains full.

COMMENT: BapDada is describing what it feels like. Once you have reached that stage, this is what you will feel. Note that being in solitude is essential. Practice of sitting in solitude,with no distractions outside or inside- Put the “feely music away.” Put the “passing by thoughts in the pocket of your concentration.” Experience utter solitude in and out. Be comfortable with it.
Then, this practice could be put in movement. While walking and moving around.

There is a difference between the awareness of the point and being stable in the embodiment of love. The awareness of the point is more powerful. The nil stage of samadhi is different. They do not have any knowledge, so their stage is a blank. This is not like being a blank, this is being the embodiment of knowledge. There is no aim in that (samadhi), whereas here you have attainment. There is also the experience of happiness, coolness and being complete with all virtues. This is the stage of being full. A seed is full, it is not empty.
Your old sanskars have to be changed totally. This is the special effort you have to make to become one of the eight special deities. They will not experience any punishment. A life is changed only through changing sanskars.

COMMENT:Love is good but the experience of the “point” has love merged in it… and here is the difference between “super Gurus” and a Brahmin soul. Without knowledge there is no attainment and that attainment is simply those sanskaras which are Golden aged which are “recorded in the Brahmin soul.” The experience in this state of being a “seed” is based on the experiences we had in the cycle of time (expansion.) A Brahmin soul has 2500 years of non-dual experience. That is the “attainment” which is experienced.

(Will there be eight couples?) There will be eight who sit on the throne. There are eight deities in terms of the thrones. Those who become females have a different part. However eight will sit on the throne. It is said “Narayan the first, Narayan the second..”. There are eight deities who rule the kingdom. The status of a king is higher; the stage of a female is second. The eight special deities are not on account of being couples, but on account of their effort. Both males and females can come within that. There are eight who become the special ones who will claim the throne. This doesn’t mean that whoever becomes Lakshmi will not claim the throne. If not in the first birth, then in some other birth, she will definitely claim it. She will not be left out. Achcha.
Do all of you stay in super sensuous joy? What is the meaning of super sensuous joy? It means to stay in the avyakt stage and experience Godly happiness.

Spiritual Efforts: The Elevated Code of Conduct: Maryadas

For many, embracing a spiritual path, means to listen to someone (Guru) giving classes about a particular topic, mingling with a new group of people who are “into the same thing,” to dress similarly and help each other if needed.

This is very easy to perform. In my times as a Christian soul, going to church every Sunday was the hardest “effort” to make other than having to “confess” my sins to the priest so these “sins” could be “absolved.”

On the other hand, once I became interested in the Brahma Kumaris knowledge; there was a “surprise” waiting for me if I wanted to be “part of the club.”
That was the “code of conduct.”

In this writing I will expose the main ones with the only purpose to inform individuals about this practice. To follow these “principles” is perfectly feasible, although not for everyone. It is my experience that by following these principles, our life in general will change for the better, for a more spiritual self. It is just a matter of time and consistency to succeed in this life style.

There are 16 “maryadas” in the current list that I am aware of, but out of those there are 5 which are the pillars of spiritual “effort making life” and those are the main concern of this sharing.

1) Morning class every day. (nowadays, “hear” class every day through the phone or computer) at 6:30 AM. In my town, it is Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM and weekends at 7:30 AM with half an hour meditation before that (if possible.)
Now, this is a change from just a typical Sunday morning mass (11 AM.)

2) Lacto vegetarian life style (without eggs, garlic or onions)
This was a “big change” in my life. Fortunately I had been vegetarian for “moral reasons” (Don’t believe in killing animals to survive) back in my native Spanish country, when no one around me believed in such things, so I had to fight my way back then and eat “taste-less food” to make it. Although, “no garlic” meant that I couldn’t buy much from the store; for 99% of the food items have garlic in them.. 🙂
What is the issue with garlic? It is a well-known food item with “aphrodisiac” properties, besides the “strong” smell which most individuals believe to be “normal” to have with them.
Here a website for those who need “proof.

3) Celibacy: Things could get a bit tougher, now!! However, take care of your diet; get away from the “normal” diet and things will start changing. Diet is the first step. The second step is if you are a Brahmin soul or not. If you are a Brahmin soul, celibacy will not be so hard, especially if a “Golden age” soul; otherwise, there may be some “inner fights.” For the rest, celibacy is a “cleansing” process.
There are some who believe that celibacy is just non sexual intimacy with someone, but still indulge in self sexuality. Sorry, that is not celibacy. There are others who will experience “nocturnal emissions,” through this process. That means that there is still room for improvement. Celibacy is “numberwise” as well. These involuntary emissions could be experienced also by women; however, as the grip on celibacy increases, these episodes will diminish. For a Brahmin soul; there is a complete life-style to follow “purity,” AND; this is not just for the “clergy” or the “upper classes closer to God,” but for everyone. Higher standards; that is all.

4) Amrit Vela: Early morning meditation at 4 AM every day until 4:45 AM.
Time to wake up: 3:30 AM approx.
This is the “backbone” of the BK life style in my perspective. The whole life style points to the experience of “Amrit Vela.” If you consistently have “good” meditations at this time, you are doing good!
This practice by itself will regulate the “myth” of the 8 hours sleep cycle. 5 to 6 hours should be enough for most.
Being awake after amrit vela is beneficial to avoid “nocturnal emissions” and it is the “best time” for spiritual uplifting.

There are some souls who would like to try “Amrit Vela” without training the self for it. For most, this will require some “training.” To do this every day will be felt as sleepiness by an unaccustomed body, so the number of times per week should be increased gradually for most, to allow the self to “get used to it.”

This is something that I encounter in many souls eager to follow all the “principles,” those souls will feel “tired” if not properly trained, then, the consistency will be lacking. (i.e: 1 week amrit vela every day and the next week nothing at all ) Training and patience are required.

5 ) Keeping a chart:
This is the equivalent of “confession” in Christianity. Here, at night we could revise our activities mentally and see where we need to concentrate for further improvement. By keeping a chart, we will be able to “process” our life so we know exactly how we reacted throughout the day. A chart gives us the opportunity to “check and change.” This is the equivalent to the “dairy” which some individuals like to keep.

As we can see, these principles will definitely change our “traditional” life style; but if we have the strength and tireless stamina to learn from this new life style, positive changes will definitely be just around the corner. It is a matter of faith in our own capacity.

Spiritual Efforts: Good Wishes and Pure Feelings

It may sound simple. Even silly; but behind that simplicity lies one of the greatest methods to maintain equanimity in our wellbeing, our stage.

Good wishes and pure feelings are not a thought. Something like:” Let me send good wishes to so and so,” Good wishes and pure feelings are manifested as a state of being, in other words, what you have in your “heart” at any moment of your life are good wishes for all as well as pure feelings. It is a constant “giving.”

It is this fact, what changes the “simplicity,” into something harder to obtain.

That stage comes out of a peaceful being, that is expressed in a mind whose thoughts are few, rhythmically slow and because of that powerful. An ongoing concentration may be needed at first to “get” the feeling. Then it is a matter of practice to make it automatic, part of the self.
In this realm of pure feelings, there are other important points to be aware of:

1) When karmic accounts are being settled, we will experience sometimes that our activities bring “instant” karmic return. Here it is important to maintain those pure feelings for if we do not, that “test” was “flunked.” We didn’t pass with “honors.”

2) Even if we pass that karmic test, there is another layer to be aware of that is when we “share” a particular karmic episode with others. If we are relating details of what we went through, when the karmic account hasn’t been settled, a feeling of being perturbed will arise, emotions all of a sudden will pop up. Therefore, if you share an episode of your life where a karmic bondage was not settled, it is my suggestion not to go into details or better yet to keep quiet. Otherwise, the stage of “pure feelings” will go away.
For instance, if I tell someone how “bad” I felt when this person said something about me in front of others, I am re-living “past” episodes which will bring disturbing feelings/emotions. That will generate a karmic bondage. (Even if while I was present during the “defamation” I did not react, for I was “storing” emotions so they could be “dumped” to others later on.)

3) If “pure feelings” are gone, waste arrives. Our mind will be an easy prey of outside forces and we will not be centered anymore.

4) Pure feelings and good wishes bring an easy attitude in life, a peaceful demeanor, thus; when we go away from that, we need to be “awake” to catch that. It is a good “checking point” to recognize our stage.

5) Pure feelings and good wishes is the basis of conquering “sex-lust.” From that, we can see how important this “practice is.” Lustful energies from lower “chakras” could be shifted to the “heart chakra.” Here is where “feelings from the heart” reside. This was explained here.

To be at peace is to have pure feelings and good wishes for all, at all times.

Spiritual efforts: The magic of “Check and Change.”

How do you check if your activities/actions are the “right ones”?
How do you check if your interactions are according to the slogan of “making everyone happy”?

We could go through life without even realizing about being happy.
If we have ever asked the question, “Am I happy?” For sure, we are not. That is the beginning of this thing which is known as “the spiritual search.”

The questions above may seem a bit tricky, but it is not dependent on a “method” to realize if my activities are the right ones. It is not dependent on following a particular set of directions either.

It is a feeling. We feel the “vibes” of someone.
When we observe without judgment, we can “catch” how someone feels at a particular moment and act accordingly.

“Checking” is easier in others than in the self as we know, but both are related; because depending on my current state is how much accuracy will have my assessment of someone’s “day.”
This is why, it is important to recognize a particular state of “being” in us. We can call that “peace.”

That particular state could be known through meditation. Once we are acquainted with that state of natural peace, we will automatically know when we are “out of synch,” by just checking on the self, by just being aware.
There is no need for any “laws” or mental image of that someone who we want to imitate because we consider that person “spiritual.” Any imitation is not the “real thing.” A change in behavior is not the real change.

Let me stress this issue one more time: We need to recognize our own state of peace. Become familiar with it. Anything which takes us away from that, is the source of the issue that we may need to explore in our “checking.”

Basically, why is that “thing” taking our awareness from a peaceful inner setting? That is what checking accomplishes, but it is not a question that requires a mental logical answer. It is just to be aware of the moment we enter into the land of “peace-less-ness.” That is all.

Once that happens and we become aware, “change” takes place automatically for we will go back to that state which we are familiar with, as long as we are fully aware.
When we relate with others in this state of peace, which comes from “being” that peace rather than “acting it,” we will be able to answer the questions above, without writing extensive commandments or laws or methods.

The source of “checking” is our own state based on our own awareness. “Change” happens when aware.
Everything starts in the self and finishes there as well.

Spiritual efforts: Eureka! The avyakt stage – baby steps ;-)

Remembrance is one of the least “understood” topics. It is something which is pretty much left for us to figure out as our practice with Yoga increases.
For instance:

Do I remember the “dot” or Brahma Baba or BapDada or…? Do I have a “heart to heart conversation with my “companion” or the “beloved”? Do I remember my kingdom, my inheritance or my angelic dress? What do I remember?

Sounds familiar? 🙂

Today as I was walking “practicing” the avyakt stage, I noticed that when my mind was able to concentrate in a feeling which is similar to the one experienced in “traffic control” when all thoughts are over and you are “packing up” going inwards, that state is “indescribable,” that state will take someone away from all physicality. I felt it.
It could be powerful if my concentration increases.

Here is the gradual discovery.

I described in this article a practice called “being a-temporal.” I have been practicing that along with other exercises to increase my perception such as: hearing my heart beats, bringing the sound of the ocean to my mind at will, and listening to 4 different sounds of Nature, while in Nature. Then a couple of days ago, while browsing the “Spiritual Treasure Chest- 100 Jewels from Baba’s Murlis,” “I” found on page 66 this:

“When you find you are not able to stabilize yourself for a long time in the awareness of the point, then you catch hold of the second stage (heart-to heart conversation.) However, what happens is that because it is easy to have subtle heart-to-heart conversation and to churn the ocean of knowledge, you quickly begin to do that. Because it is difficult to stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, you pay less attention to that. However, it is essential to have that stage…The more you stay in the awareness of the point; the greater will be the changes visible in your sanskars….
When you stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, a sparkle will be visible on your forehead. Your memorial of the third eye will be physically visible through the stage of the soul… When you have the awareness of the point your stage remains full.”

Right there is the key! That is the same explanation as being “a-temporal.” It is the same feeling and the effects of reaching that state is being felt as well as Baba explains it.
For me, that is my main form of “remembrance” now.

Another “practice” which have helped a great deal is to calm the mind by being in Nature and to open the heart chakra so energies do not remain stuck in my third chakra. It feels like a flow of energies towards the heart and I was able to develop that while getting a “mental massage” in Nature:
Sitting by the ocean and hearing how the waves make a relaxing sound when hitting the rocks nearby. When we are completely in that experience, there is some sort of relaxing mood which opens our subtle senses.

Please understand that I am trying to describe something which is not possible to describe. I am using the best terms that I can, and still I am short of words. This is why, remembrance is not described but it has to be experienced.

In my practice, I still need to concentrate for longer periods and to have a deeper concentration. Getting there is the next step.

Another benefit of this practice is when sharing “drishti.” Now the soul will be felt by others. That energy could easily “travel” now.
Baba’s description above is clearly understood by me now. It is not that I have to imagine a point all the time. It is the point of “inner concentration.”
In that state there is automatic change in “sankaras.” It is magical. There is transformation. The rust goes away.

In that avyakt stage there is a sense of being outside while being here. There is calmness, tranquility and some sort of blissful elation for moments.
These are “baby steps,” but I will no longer have to ‘pretend’ that exists when I have not experienced.
I have. 🙂

Spiritual Efforts: Spinning the discuss of self realization

We have heard that phrase many times. What does spinning the discuss mean?
It has been said that by using this discuss we can “cut the heads of all demons.” 🙂

The discus is one of the 4 main ornaments of Vishnu. Baba mentions that it actually belongs to Brahmins.
Many will go into it as a drill to practice 108 times in the cycle of time:
“Today I am a Brahmin, tomorrow an angel then a Deity, then a devotee to start all over again in the “I am a Brahmin” line.” Now do it 107 times …

Repeating that endlessly does not accomplish anything other than getting the mind busy for some time before boredom takes over.

In previous articles it has been shared that when thoughts come up in the mind, we make them stronger when we go into them with further additions and thoughts which will bring feelings which in turn will make those thoughts stronger. That is a cycle.

If you see or have experienced depression, you will recognize that pattern of thoughts which we are unable to let go. Just thoughts that are capable of changing our mood and dictate our lives.

The easiest way to get out of that sorrowful “loop” is to think on something else which will bring our full attention. Until we are not aware of those thoughts which are managing our life, we will not be able to counteract them.

That is why, observing the self is so important. Part of that is to watch the thoughts. We do not need to do anything, because watching brings its own “doing.” We will realize how our thoughts and our mood change and then all we need to do is observe ourselves and be aware when those thoughts come again. Once we watch them, those wasteful thoughts lose power in us, unless we give them the “gasoline” of our feelings. This is the easy way to get out of that loop, besides turning the TV on or “escaping” in a superfluous conversation with someone.

Another way of “cutting the heads of those demons,” is by using th discuss of self-realization.
Those wasteful thoughts will come up. Some of them will be very strong, thus we need to get out of the “track” of that song, by using thoughts in movement, as we bring ourselves to our unlimited nature, thus; taking our awareness out of the current, limited, wasteful issue.

If that spinning have some feelings associated with it, then naturally we will make that experience stronger.
This is just merely imitating what a wasteful thought does when we make them stronger through feelings and further thoughts, hopes and what ifs… 🙂

Spinning the discuss have the added benefit of remembrance in it. We are remembering who we are in the unlimited and taking ourselves away from the limited situation.
We cannot suppress thinking nor run away of those sorrowful thoughts by entertaining ourselves. We must confront them, but this is not a “fight.”

This is the understanding of the nature of thoughts.
There is a stream of thoughts. I cannot stop them, but I can re-direct them.

As my experience of peace through yoga becomes stronger, our thoughts will naturally “slow down.” That will give us the impression of “peace of mind.”