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The same old thing

Everyone knows that Life is change, but very few are AWARE of that.
Do you have a “good/bad” job? It will finish. It is just a matter of time.
Are you in a “good/bad” relationship? It will end sooner or later, in time.
Are you young, old, middle aged? That will change. Give it a little time.

Therefore, what is the meaning of the “same old thing”?

I like to eat oranges. What happens if I eat 50 oranges every day?
“The same old thing” appears, but yet if a banana shows up in our path; we may reject it. “I don’t like bananas. I like oranges” That is the program.

Many times in Life, we may be experiencing a particular time which may seem endless. We may grow hopeless, without enthusiasm. The “same old orange” doesn’t taste as good anymore. That is when rejection starts growing inside, not realizing that we are still eating an orange and feeding ourselves with that energy of tiredness and  lethargy.

On one hand, we know that “Life changes,” but practically; we are unable to perceive the inner changes, the desperation and rejection coming from our minds, which in turn will affect our experience of the world. We are biased by eating too many delicious oranges!

How do we get out of this endless circle of liking, apathy, rejection and disliking?
By looking at things with newness, of course. That is called APPRECIATION.
Without appreciation of the moment, the now, there is no enjoyment in Life.

The mental program of “the same old thing,” cannot overcome the intensity of the feeling of an appreciative heart.

A lesson in Appreciation

Ananda experienced what is like to have an infected finger this past week. The physical “cause” was a piece of yellow squash that got into his index finger while cooking. The underlying “reason” was a buildup of emotionality that needed to come out. The past couple of weeks brought the experience as if everything in “his” world was falling on him. There is a time in Life where we learn how to swim in a nice environment. There is another time, when we need to put that skill into practice while in the “real” Ocean and not a swimming pool anymore.

It took one week for the finger to show symptoms of infection: It swallowed up, hurting with a dull heartbeat, changing color, etc.

Mathias helped Ananda through this “experience.”
Raysha (Ananda’s sister and channel of Mathias) observed how Mathias used some sort of needle of energy, to pull something out of Ananda’s finger.  Ananda did not see or felt anything. Mathias then told Ananda to put the finger into a solution of water and baking soda for a few minutes. Ananda felt a relief immediately!
Mathias said: “Your body wants to get rid of the element, but it cannot. That obstruction caused the infection. But behind that infection, there is trapped emotionality inside you due to persistent thoughts.”

Ananda was thankful and appreciative of Mathias and Raysha.

Ananda felt very lucky for not having to see a regular doctor. However, he had to go through the “natural process” of dis-infection.
The finger was in pain for a couple of days. Woke him up at night. Mathias mentioned to apply ice to help in the healing process.

The finger turned into different colors: black with white indentations and red in the periphery. It was an “ugly sight.” Doubts came into Ananda’s mind. Perhaps he needed a regular doctor?

Mathias asked: “Are you finding difficulty to go through the natural process? Once that emotionality goes away from you, so will be the inflammation. You have 2 paths: You could go through the experience of natural healing and take away a valuable lesson OR you may want to get help from Science to make the recovery quicker, but you may not be aware of a lesson. Both paths are fine.”

Ananda went with the natural process.
Mathias said: ”Many times in the process of Life, things get ugly before they move into balance. Those who are not aware of this process do not know the end result and they become anxious and suffer by trying to change things when it is not their time. Only those who are ready to see a lesson, will take that experience as an opportunity for growth.”

So, what was the lesson that Ananda learned through this process?
Ananda learned about the “true” meaning of appreciation.
Many times, Ananda heard this word and even used it in many of his “spiritual” articles. It is a pretty word. Something everyone likes to hear. However, it was truly an ideal, a “concept.”
A “little” finger infection was able to move Ananda’s world into discomfort. Ananda learned to appreciate his health. Something that otherwise, he usually takes for granted. That appreciation is a source of happiness: His world could be upside down, but he is healthy. He can enjoy Life in many ways thanks to health. It is ironic how we need to “lose” something to appreciate it. That was another well-known, pretty phrase, that finally has meaning for him.

Life continually teaches us and will give us the tools for growth in consciousness. We are not willing to learn. We want to “change the world” to fit our ideas.

Unless we are ready to see, we will not see… but yet we are unwilling to trust Life to lead us. We want to see the world as built through the conditionings of our mind. That is why, we cannot AWAKEN. Our eyes are closed in our dreamy world of made up “realities.”

Are the Golden age AND/OR Paradise “better” than now?


To change our consciousness means to change our perception, our vision through a different set of values that is through appreciation and enjoyment of the moment, that is where happiness resides.

Many times we are caught up with the mental world of comparisons. Someone who “is” an engineer or a computer person ( His job is that) is in tune with logical variables such as “AND, OR, NOR” which this person has been trained to use through our educational system as comparisons: Higher than, lower than, better than, worse than, etc.
These are judgment values.

When there is judgment there cannot be “pure” appreciation.

In a different consciousness those values are limiting because life is not conceived only through the mind.

Life is an experience: invaluable, unique and instantaneous. There is no chance to compare unnecessarily. Life is not a “job” to use our comparison skills. 🙂

When a religious concept such as the “Golden age” or “Paradise” is explained through a comparative mind, then obviously the idea that “The Golden age or Paradise is better” and thus desirable than any other age will come up.

This “location” of consciousness is limited to an understanding based on learned educational values and that limitation will be expressed in the way that we choose to live our lives.
Something like : “Now is not the moment to enjoy life, but the Golden age will be the moment…” “This place is hellish… but when the Golden age comes things will be better…”

Let us hear the talk between Mathias and Ananda…

Ananda: Friend, I have another question. Does the Golden age or Paradise exist as something, which is “all good” as most may think about it, or it is a neutral state where duality does not exist?

Mathias: Should Mathias respond to the friend from before or to the friend from right now?

Ananda: Please respond to the friend of right now, not from before.
Mathias: Then, Mathias should say something or keep in silence?
Ananda: Well… please share with your style of giving clues… I am not looking for something like “The Golden age is this” but I am looking for clues to help in my discovery.

Mathias: That which you call the Golden age, or that you have a conceptual view of it; is a fascinating moment, my friend. To discover that which in essence is complete… that is fascinating! To discover that which in essence is incomplete, it is also fascinating when you have material to complete that, which is incomplete!

When you do not have the material to complete that, then what is fascinating is to know where to search … That process is called life, to live.

Some will resign themselves with their conditions and some will search for things, which do not fit into the jigsaw puzzle. The golden age is then, only an instant where you could understand the jigsaw puzzle in a complete state when all the pieces fit together but that is not more fascinating than to disperse all the pieces around…

Ananda: It is the same jigsaw puzzle after all!

Mathias: Different moments, but when a piece is missing and you forget that this piece is you, then what you find there is anguish.

Ananda: And that feeling of anguish could last many years, even centuries…

Mathias: It is part of the game… Game or not a game, it is only a game… 🙂

Godly Leadership


It was a sunny afternoon. The atmosphere felt pretty heavy due to the general human vibration of a continuous “diet” of worries, anxieties and stresses of the “modern” life. Despite that heaviness, Nature was very welcoming with its colorful beauty and its therapeutic scents in the park where Mathias, the wise tree; resides.

Raysha and Ananda wanted to speak with Mathias, but Raysha wasn’t able to hear him. Then, Raysha heard a voice: “ Wait. I will be right there soon,” and along with that voice she had a vision of beings of light reunited in a circle. It seemed like a council. A being of light flew to the middle of the circle to share something to the group, and then went back to his former place while another being of light shared in the middle of the circle in turn.

Mathias: “Welcome friends! I was in a council. Mathias feels very refreshed after one of those.”
Ananda: A council? What for?
Mathias: To maintain the balance on Earth. Some people are only destroying some parts of the Earth.
Ananda: Who is the leader of that council?
Mathias: Everyone shares.

Ananda: oh! No leader… interesting. That is unheard of in our society of human beings…I have a question related to that friend….
I have realized that God is conceived as a human idea only, which comes from the way that we have created this society. There is a government and there are people in a hierarchy. There is a leader and followers underneath. It seems to me that humans have arranged the same idea for the Divine. There is God and other “governors” underneath with their representatives on Earth…. Angels, archangels, saints, etc. Isn’t this correct?

Mathias: Friend; Mathias just came from a council and you asked if there was someone who was the leader. Mathias told you that it was a sharing. That is what you mean in your question?

Ananda: I refer to the human idiosyncrasy. God is the king, the father. He is the one who decides and manages things and underneath him there are people who “represent” him. A human form to follow. The point here is not about the existence of God. That is not the point. I am just referring to our human vision towards that which only projects a belief based on what is known to humans.

Mathias: About that human vision, you could speak better than Mathias.
Mathias will only say that the one which you call God is a fantastic being.

Ananda: A being….
Mathias: Fantastic being, my friend!
Ananda: But now, there is no being which I call God.

Mathias: The way you conceived God before and the way you conceive God now has changed…only in your mind and your heart; but essentially it remains the same.

Ananda: That is an interesting answer. Mathias does not truly answer my question but Mathias allows me to experience and open myself to discover through my own changes.
You let me go with my ideas of the moment, and even though I may have asked the same question before in a different way, your answer is not the same now… I could see that an authoritative answer such as : “God is this” will only limit my own discovery; then I could say that God is a discovery…

Mathias: Which you will discover according to your location…
Ananda: Location?
Mathias: The way your consciousness is situated to observe. Your perception goes according to that.
There is a painting. Many people will look at it in a different way according to their location.

Ananda: Then, even though those are different locations, none of them is wrong… but humans are always trying to convince others about the righteousness of their own perceptions, their own locations.

Mathias: Why Mathias should try to change you? To beautify you but not to change you.

Ananda: Mathias you helped me to know myself as a being…
Mathias: Mathias only helped with a snip here and a snip there to beautify that small growing plant who is now a shrub. Mathias did not change your essence.

Ananda: Interesting way that you have to interact. It is definitely not human…
Mathias: Which is neither good nor bad, only different…
Ananda: yes… only different, my friend!

Transforming violence


Violence is a way of living nowadays. There is violence in actions, in words, in thoughts… Violence comes with a force and whenever there is a “wall” inside us; that self-created personality known as ego, then that force of violence will hit the wall creating some damage. Obviously there is a “reply-back” a reaction when hurt, and that expands violence. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

The issue has always been that “wall.” Someone throws a stone at the wall. That wall will feel the impact when there is enough violence gathered, sufficient force. Nevertheless, that violence will come back to the originator with the same force and with all the violence gathered through the suffering of others in the path, that is when the “walls” of “others” have been damaged.

The beauty of evolved spirituality is to be able to transform that force rather than to feel the impact or to repress a reaction or a feeling in the name of “being good,” “holy,” a “saint.”

Mathias was sharing with his friend Ananda about this topic.

Mathias: Violence requires of something or someone to be made, but when it passes through someone, then that violence is not trapped. That violence will transform into strength. Everything, has utility.

Ananda: But that force is not violence?

Mathias: Strength, not violence. It is the strength that you have when you climb a mountain. Strength is what the little “Bambi” has when he has to stand up on his own legs…

Ananda: But, you say that this comes from violence?

Mathias: You said that the surroundings are violent. That is a nutrient for those who know how to assimilate that nutrient.

Ananda: Is this what is known as transformation or we let that force go through us by becoming “empty”?

Mathias: First, you need to let it go through. That violence shouldn’t find anything inside you. Violence could find an echo in you and then a feeling of guilt will arise, but when there is no “wall” anymore, then the ball goes along without hitting anything…

Ananda: And how that becomes strength then?

Mathias: When it comes back… It is a “little push”… It will get back to the place of origin through the same path that it was sent…

Ananda: And when it comes back, it does it with strength?

Mathias: With great strength, my friend. But for that one who has let that force go through, it becomes a great push… The question is where?
Where you are focused… and if your focus is to enjoy… then… ohhh… Thank you for spitting on me!! Ohh…. Every time that you want I will be here.. ahhh!

Ananda: That is the story of the Buddha who was spat by someone… That is another perception…

Mathias: Isn’t that called pleasure?
Ananda: Who enjoys?
Mathias: That one who was enjoying before; enjoys even more due to that little push…

Ananda: But that does not mean to be “empty” only?

Mathias: Emptiness is only temporary in a world of movement, but emptiness is important… it brings creativity.

Ananda: To experience that enjoyment as the Buddha sounds fantastic, but it is just intellectual understanding. Most will merely do a performance, they will pretend to be “holy” but inside them there will be anger. But how do you get to that experience of enjoyment without pretending?

Mathias: What comes out from you towards life?
Ananda: Now? It is appreciation, gratitude to be here…

Mathias: Even for that one who tries to force you into something?

Ananda: That is an experience that I wouldn’t like to go through…
Mathias: Why my friend?
Ananda: Because someone is forcing me to do something…

Mathias: That means that there is wall …
Ananda: Yes… That is what I meant.. All of these things could be just theory…unless there is something that comes or happens in my conscience.. to take that wall away…

Mathias: It is your decision…
Ananda: Only a decision could make that happen?

Mathias: Totally…
The day will come when you could say to that one forcing you… Thank you for being there, for I realize now that there is no violence in me… and you are the instrument for that.. Thank you!

Take the fear to feel away from you and you would have accomplished that.

Goodness of feelings to go beyond duality


There was a discussion between Orkus the bird, and Ananda about the importance of celibacy in a spiritual life.

Orkus maintained that to reproduce and to enjoy sexuality was part of his nature. Orkus mentioned that he has never seen a conflict in sexuality and he cannot understand how human beings make sexuality such an issue.

Ananda on the other hand mentioned that celibacy was a tool to allow him to know himself, for otherwise, he would have to assume many unwanted consequences. At this time it is like playing the “Russian roulette” with someone, he said. Ananda mentioned that there are very few people nowadays who see sexuality beyond pleasure and relief only, but as a way to integrate beings, to enhance their existence and relationship.

Ananda: There are people who believe that heaven is to have a good orgasm! That is ridiculous… and then he started laughing.
Orkus: For them, that becomes a positive experience in their minds. You seem to be rejecting their experience.

Mathias, the wise tree heard the conversation and added:
Orkus’ point is on one side. Ananda is on the other side… that is to feel uncomfortable or to reject.

Ananda then said: Friend, I am not rejecting… I am just making a little fun of that childish idea…

Mathias: You are rejecting friend …and when you reject, that will attract you.
Ananda: I want to conquer sexuality…
Mathias: How can you conquer something that you reject?
Perhaps the day when you hear about that without that affecting you. Perhaps the day when there is an emotional emptiness in you as when someone talks about drinking 5 cans of sodas rather than just one… but of right now, that topic moves you. It works you up.

Orkus: All of those debates about perceived opposite viewpoints, are all intellectual games… without openness from any position.

Mathias: In feelings there is openness, openness means to respect free will and to respect everyone’s processes and to look at them as something natural in them. You do not compare that with you, but only observe it and appreciate it.

Something that is happening there and also is happening in you, and with greater intensity as you put information in your mind.

To call something spiritual and something else not spiritual is to separate.
The spiritual path is truly just a word, when in reality someone “is.”

There is the story of 3 monks who were walking down the river. Then they saw a prostitute there. For them “spiritually” speaking, to help her cross the river was something negative because she was a prostitute. One of them felt compassion and helped her and the other monks judged him.
-How is it possible for you to touch a prostitute? They said.
The monk responded: “I have only helped her to cross the river but, you continue to carry her in your mind.”

What is Spirituality, my friend? It doesn’t deal with touching or not touching but to maintain some information for a long time in your mind, which will then be introduced in your own body.

The one who touched with feelings of goodness, is liberated. Those who did not touch but rather judged with their minds, compared and rejected; those are trapped.

What is freedom then? To understand the totality.
Totality means that which happens in others will occur in you as well as long as you do not respect the harmony of the natural movement of the time periods in the physical plane. In this is included your own physical body which will be affected.

Intensity is in your heart. Reasoning kills your feelings

Balance Heart And Mind

Mathias, the wise tree; was sharing deep things with his friend Ananda. Going to the depth as only Mathias and Ananda know how to do.

Mathias: What makes a being imperishable?
Feel.. an answer from your heart…

Ananda took his time and answered to Mathias.
Ananda: To belong to what is imperishable.

Mathias: To belong gives you permanence?

Ananda: Yes.

Mathias: My friend, to what do you belong to?

Ananda: To everything that exists… and also to that which doesn’t exist…

Mathias: Intellectually speaking we could say : “yes” and “no,” but in reality from your heart, ask yourself: What is that which you belong to?

Wait for the answer. It is something non-intellectual. It is not the answer which everyone believes to be. Observe your own roots before replying.

Ananda: The response that came was “love.”
Mathias: Do you belong to love, then?
Ananda: Yes… crazy answer… 🙂
Mathias: Let me be crazy, then… 🙂
Ananda: A response without reasoning.

Mathias: Are your intentions in your actual existence hand in hand with love?
Ananda: Yes … but not completely.
Mathias: Where do you get love, my friend?
Ananda: It is there.. it is like the drop of water belonging to the Ocean.
Mathias: Do you feel full of love, then?
Ananda: No.
Mathias: What is needed then to experience love?
Ananda: well…that my inner wall goes away…
Mathias: What wall?
Ananda: The internal wall which has been placed there to give me an identity. To make me believe something… what I am.
Mathias: In which moment do you become aware or conscious of that wall?

Ananda: when I wake up.
Mathias: and before that what is in there?
Ananda: Emptiness.
Mathias: and in that emptiness, what do you place?
Ananda: Nothing.
Mathias: Then.. in that emptiness there is a need to place love.
Ananda: Yes, for emptiness makes up a “form” and through that form, I relate.

Mathias: What inspires that love in you… what makes it happen?
Ananda: Beauty.
Mathias: What is beauty?
Ananda: something which inspires….

Mathias: Today I will give you a secret formula, my friend… Are you ready?
Intensity is in your heart. Reasoning kills your feelings. Tell that to everyone.

When you open your heart, when the wall goes away… simply think of this and then feel. People think more than what they feel.. and it is the opposite. More time is needed to feel and less time to think. More gratitude and love comes from that exercise.

Reasoning calculates. Reasoning does not measure based on the common good. Reasoning many times is subjective and it depends on the influence of the surrounding environment; that means that it only knows how to read the limited intentions but not the bottom.

The bottom is like the eye of the hurricane. It is there where the secret resides. All yours. Explore, submerge yourself and then come out bringing the gem in your hands… and then smile, because then, you found the path to your own freedom.