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The value of the painting


We have a predetermined concept of something which we consider valuable in life. For some, that value is called a “goal,” or a “mission in life,” or an “accomplishment,” or some idea of universal service to humanity, to “change it,” to “transform it,” etc.

With that “mission” in mind our lives become an “end” in itself, and the “means,” that is the “walk of the traveler” has a meaning only if the “mission” is accomplished.

We have created words to make that illusion as something “real,” we call that “life purpose.”

Have you observed a painting?
What makes that painting “valuable”?

Note that “value” is something created by our minds, just as beauty is a concept to live by for an intellectual mind.

Beauty is an experience, not a thing. It is a personal experience. Very personal, just like God.

Value is also personal.

Mathias the wise tree, was sharing with his friend Ananda.

Mathias: What is the value of a painting, Ananda?
Ananda: It doesn’t have a value in itself, but the one given collectively, by a group of people, the “experts.”
Mathias: Is it possible for a painting to have a “goal”?
Ananda: No, unless that goal is accepted by others.
Mathias: What is the “mission” of a painting?
Ananda: whatever the author desires…
Mathias: and… if others do not see that “mission”
Ananda: Then, the painter could get upset if he depends on the value that others give to his painting.
Mathias: Your life is like a painting. The “value” of the painting is artificially given by many, but a painting is only supposed to show itself.
Your life is being painted by you. Your value of that painting is all that matters although, that painting truly does not have a value… It is beyond that concept. Your life is meant to be lived, to be expressed and shown. That is your mission, your accomplishment, your goal….and at the same time, there is no goal, accomplishment or mission unless you give that information to your mind.

Ananda: I want my painting to be beautiful…
Mathias: Then, discover and uncover what is already painted and being painted at the same time. Show it, so it can be appreciated.

Ananda: But… others will compare. They will label me and put themselves higher or lower or at the same level… They will call me this or that, defame me or praise me…
Mathias: Oh my friend… That is their own issue… but it could be yours if you want it…

Return to your origins – By Mathias

mathias (2)

Raysha was reunited with her friend Mathias, the wise tree.
In their conversation, Raysha was experiencing a problem with a woman. The issue was related with loyalty and distrust.

Raysha : Why is it said that a woman’s worst enemy is another woman?

Mathias : When a woman has mistrust, pain or internal voids , then it is difficult for her to be loyal to another woman.
However, that pain can become the key to a ¨rebirth¨ because it stimulates the participant to deepen inside and evacuate all fears, inoculated through mental or physical words.

Raysha thought about the answer and then asked:
Is that internal void equal to what is known as being empty or emptiness?

Mathias: No

Raysha: What is Emptiness?

Mathias replied:
Emptiness is the most delightful experience because it develops the female part, that is creativity in the art of ¨decorating ¨ the new. For something to be ¨new, ¨ it has to be empty. When the self is empty is has space for new decorations with that which comes in our life as newness.

The skill to match ¨colors¨ depends on your self-assurance and desire to risk when conscious that everything from the past is already lost.

Raysha : What do you call distrust ?

Mathias : Distrust allows you to ¨learn to bail .¨ (rhyme in Spanish ¨desconfianza¨= distrust and ¨fianza¨= to bail.) This means that despite the error, you might be free again.

The time which has been experienced as a ¨prison¨ was just a moment to stop in the race of ¨obsession.¨
Distrust also brings new reasons for caution.

Thanks to this, there is development of harmonic movement, which carries a natural connection with the atmosphere; that is the connection with the environment, with Nature.

On emptiness, world service and compassion


It was a windy but sunny day near a small beach by the Bay.
Mathias was speaking with his friends, Raysha and Ananda about transformation of the self.

The topic of emptiness was discussed. Emptiness as the absence of prejudices, beliefs, ideas, analysis, preconceptions, worries etc; which are clouding the mind from feeling at peace and harmony.

Ananda: “Mathias, how do we increase the experience of emptiness?”

Mathias: Emptiness comes to you when you understand the rhythms of the mind and the heart. When you have understood the word harmony. It is a state where the being is away from prejudices. It is a state of appreciation beyond questioning. It is an instant in which you let go, as if you surrender to the experience.

Emptiness could be experienced in different levels, but the “great emptiness” will allow you the metamorphosis to live in a different manner. As it has happened to Raysha already. Big emptiness.
Your cells, your body, your mind will be filled with a different energy. The experience of emptiness is vital to be wholesome, healthy.

When the hands of the clock tell us about a time to come, it is important to be prepared. In the same way, human beings nowadays, experience emptiness due to altered states of consciousness.

Ananda needs to increment that experience of emptiness without bringing into his mind prejudices and to his heart nostalgic sentiments, but rather the art of enjoyment. To appreciate and to smile are the necessary ingredients for a perfect fit.

Ananda: “How could we serve humanity better, by doing things or by experiencing emptiness?”

As you become ready, you will be able to better understand others and Nature, then that service will be of quality. That is because something called “speed-response” will be there. Otherwise, when there is lack of harmony; food arrives when there is no hunger anymore.

Ananda: “Is Compassion a form of goodness?”

Mathias: Compassion arises from the heart. It is that pile of sentiments with goodness, which explode and irradiate towards that which is ready to receive.

That could be a place, a person an object.

Ananda:” For that to happen we need to be in emptiness?”

Mathias: Once you have experimented emptiness, you need to fill that with sentiments, a mixture of harmonized feelings. Once all of that is there, compassion arises.

For example, when you prepare your banana shake; the first thing that must be there is an empty blender, then the ingredients, then it is the mix, and then that mixture it is ready to be given.
You enjoy that.. . and then you have to wash it…

Ananda: “Oh! So it is empty again! ”

Mathias: Yes.
If you don’t clean, if you don’t wash it, then germs and disease will appear. The heart becomes contaminated.

To be clean we need to be aware of different energies around us, which we could absorb under different circumstances.

Ananda: “Emptiness brings compassion as long as there is emptiness…” 🙂

Reasoning needs to finish to understand Spirituality

mathias (2)

This is the talk about “Spiritual matters” between 2 friends, Mathias and Ananda.  The talk started with the recognition of fear and how an intuition is related with fear. As the talk went on, “reasoning and logic” turned that friendly sharing into some sort of “debate,” where listening to another in the light of self observation was forgotten and only intellectual concepts took over.

Mathias: Fear creates suppositions, suppositions create wear and tear in the self; that break down will finally exhaust you.
Precaution and intuition does not trap you in that state of mental exhaustion.

Ananda: When a person says that intuitively she has to leave from doing something, that intuition gives her fear to leave right away….
Mathias: That intuition is not intuition. Intuition is something fast, instantaneous. It doesn’t give time for doubt.

Ananda: An Intuition could be mistaken?
Mathias: If that intuition does not go according to your wishes, then for you it will be a mistake, but if it goes according to the Universe it cannot be a mistake.
Ananda: Then, an intuition could be according to the Universe or according to our expectations?
Mathias: Definitely.

Ananda: If I am afraid that a dog will bite me, and I want to get out from it, then intuition appears….
Mathias: When there is fear, there is no intuition. When there is day there cannot be night.

Ananda: Interesting…
It seems like fear is what is making us suffer..
Mathias: When there is intuition there is no fear for a few seconds but because an intuition is so fast, then fear could come.. That is why intuition needs to be followed by action because there shouldn’t be an empty space after it.
Intuition is quick. Fear is slow, long.

Ananda: But..fear is a thought, right?
Mathias paused and realized that Ananda kept asking questions without considering and observing in himself the answers that he was getting, then Mathias decided to discourage Ananda’s reasoning by asking unrelated questions instead. This is what is known as “Koans” or riddles or mental puzzles, words just to exhaust the reasoning ability of someone who is trapped in concepts which will not allow that person to “see” without limiting definitions.

Mathias: Is the day an action?
Ananda thought that question to be weird, it was not related with the talk at all but Ananda answered Mathias’ question anyway.
Ananda: The day is an action? No, it is not an action.
Mathias: The night, is a state of consciousness?
Ananda: Yes and No.
Mathias: To lie is an action or an alternative?
Ananda: It is an alternative.
Mathias: It is not an action?
Ananda: No, I have not performed an action.
Mathias: When you lie, you create karma?
Ananda: Yes.
Mathias:What is the meaning of karma?
Ananda: Action. But I have not performed an action…
Mathias: It is an akarma then?
Ananda: It is an akarma which could have consequences…
Mathias: There could be consequences when there are no actions?
Ananda: No.. There cannot be consequence when there are no actions… but to lie, you say it is an action, but I am not doing any actions..
Mathias then finally replied:  Mathias haven’t said that.. Mathias only tries to make you tired until he can speak with you.
Ananda smiled nervously and said…OK
Mathias further added: Mathias only wants to speak with you.

Ananda is full of concepts and has a “debating” attitude. It is about demonstrating who is “right.” He has a conceptual answer for everything based on reason and logic. However, his learning in life is based on experiences and not in mentally understanding concepts. Mathias words are helpful as long as Ananda can see those words in himself and not when he separates those words as mental concepts.

The “problem” of  Ananda is the “problem” of most intellectuals when dealing with Spirituality. Learning about life and the self is not “book learning.”  To debate about who is “right” means very little when it is about knowing the self.

Ananda: I want to understand, that is why I ask questions..
Mathias: It is not from the game of reasoning where you could understand. You will only run around like a dog chasing its own tail until you get tired of it…But when you get tired and sit down and observe, you will understand.

Opening to life to let the “inner child out” By: Mathias

mathias (2)

Mathias, the “wise tree” was speaking with his friend Ananda about the importance of opening to life.

Mathias: “If your “opening “is small you will not be able to feel, and something which does not feel has a limited expression. Usually; in rare occasions it will express; its manifestation is lack of satisfaction; thus, opening is the key.

Now, do we need to think about it to have that opening? No, it doesn’t depend on that.

Opening is part of the experience of feeling. To feel then is the experience which allows you to be combined and that will keep you in a common union with your environment. While being in that opening, in that common union, that becomes a celebration.

Extremes are not healthy. Neither something in between.

It needs to be complete, ample. But always leave an empty space like in the stomach. Oxygenation must be complete but in nourishing ourselves there has to be a space in this, because that space gives movement to sound. In the physical world, sound is very important.”

Ananda: “When our expectations are not fulfilled, then we feel a need to “protect” ourselves so we don’t suffer. Is that opening not to have expectations?”

Mathias: “Friend, What do you protect?”

Ananda: “It is like an “internal child.” As if this inner child feels mistreated. It is as if the environment is harsh. The expression of the world causes suffering in that inner child.”

Mathias: “You need to separate the “inner child” and the ego.
A child will not have the need to feel that he needs to be protected.
The one who is afraid is the ego.
The one who has that need to be protected and defended is the ego. It is not the child. The child needs to come out, because if not that child will drown.

In fact, opening is necessary to let that inner child come out, because he is locked out.

There is a tendency to confuse the inner child with ego. If that inner child does not come out it will get sick.”

Ananda: “How the inner child develops ego?”

Mathias: “The inner child does not develop ego. That inner child is always there. There is ego and inner child. The inner child always is the inner child.

Ananda: “How ego comes out then if a child does not have ego?”
Mathias: “It is called Growth.
When you were a small child, ego was there, but it didn’t manifest itself yet.”

Ananda: “If ego comes out of growth, then ego is not bad…”

Mathias: “Right. It is not bad. As long as it doesn’t hurt you.”

Ananda: “And that suffering will not allow you to get rid of ego?”

Mathias: “Not necessarily. You put the limit. When a small child goes out and sees fire, that child is not afraid. That child wants to see and touch the fire. He will burn himself a bit, but that pain will mark the limit.
To continue to exist does not mean to burn yourself completely, but to learn the limit.

Ananda: “What I have to learn then, is the limit?”

Mathias: “Not only yours but also the one of others. Those limits are always moving …but sound will let you know the limit,.

Ananda: “Sound?”

Mathias: “Yes. You need to learn to listen. Everything has a limit. When you exceed that limit it becomes a noise.”

Ananda:”Ego brings expectations. People will not be able to fulfill those expectations.”

Mathias: “Expectations will never be fulfilled. They are illusions.
There shouldn’t be expectations but appreciation. A small child has appreciation: smiles, looks at things, plays, admires, enjoys… that is all. He is not taking anything.

But then the child will ask with innocence and then the environment will show him the limit. But the child will not stop asking, and then life will show him that he needs to give.

Give and take, appreciation, know the limits… all of that becomes part of a training in life and this shouldn’t cause a trauma, but rather to be able to be in harmony with all of this.

Only enjoy. Learn to make music. Your internal sounds in harmony with the external: the birds, your respiration, your heart, the wind, everything in a common union.

This experience of no limits will help you understand the limits.

Spiritual sexual alchemy: Understanding Being and Non being.

glass of water

One of the most important teachings to realize in Spirituality is the “concept” of “being and non-being.” In other words, we are “this,” but also “that.” This knowledge is very helpful when we are experiencing different things in life.

Yes, I am a soul; but also I am a human being. Therefore, it is not about “denying” what we defined as not “being,” but rather to become aware that according to my consciousness, I could be “either one,” or both if necessary.

Youth and old is another such duality that we typically select. We value youth and despise old. Ego issues and suffering will arise out of this partial “choice.”

As a matter of fact, the time when old age starts and thus, the physical form declines in a visible manner, that is the time when spirituality blossoms. In a way, we are being helped by life. On the other hand, when that attachment to the physical form is strong, then we see the pitiful picture of older individuals trying to “look young” again. To be attached to the form is a sure way to suffer. Not to be able to recognize the opportunity to thrive in the “real” aspect of the self, is to be searching for the “ghost” of happiness on something which is temporary.

Similarly in sexuality, many look at it from the perspective of reproduction. There is life. However, that is tinted with the selection of “pleasure over pain.” That pleasure is not only physical but psychological. When that selection has been made, there is space for suffering to arrive as well. Attachment to pleasure brings pain, paradoxically.

For a “normal” individual the act of ejaculation or to have a “wet dream,” is “normal,” there are many studies done over “normal” people which clearly states that this behavior is “normal.” For them, it is all bout the human body. Then, a sexual urge is like water in a glass. Once that glass is full of water (sexual energy,) then it needs to be “released.”

That “release” occurs in many ways, but the point is, that from the physical perspective of a “normal” human being, we are talking just about water and a glass. If there is pleasure once the water overflows the glass, then that is an experience to “repeat and enjoy” in as many possible ways. That depletion of energy is “OK” for “normal” people “do it.” 🙂

However, in the world of spiritual alchemy, that same sexual energy is the beginning of the change in our personality.

That sexual energy will attach to another building block, which is related with the use of our energies. When we use our energies without being conscious and we add violence in one way or another, that energy will spill again, that is it will be a glass of water again rather than a “conduit” for higher awareness.

If our energies are channelized in balance so there is no physical exertion or emotional and mental pressures from the outside, then that energy will flow into an upper channel; that “upper channel” is the one dealing with feelings. It is from this channel that we can conquer the sense of touch and from that, sex-lust.

After that channel there is an upper movement to the power of words and sounds. At this point, we will be able to listen with attention and empathy to internal sounds as well as external. Every human being “emits” a sound. Those sounds are not just words but the “sound” in itself communicates many things: fear, anger, love, etc.

Once there is a mastery of those feelings, we can really talk about a person who is in balance with all sounds, inner and outer and thus, that person will be able to move in harmony.

As we can see, sexuality could be a “glass of water” or a channel for spiritual growth.

“Normal” people do not know about the later, for that takes more than “making money,” and “doing what normal people do,” that is spiritual upliftment beyond religions and words, it is the experience which cannot be transmitted but only experienced.

As our consciousness; so we will be able to see a glass full with water or a channel for Spirituality. Both visions are “valid,” but different. Both visions bring different results. It all depends on our level of awakening.

(Note: Adapted from a class from Mathias as experienced by avyakt7.)

Silence, Movement and Calmness – By: Mathias

(from “the Awakening”- Mathias – translated from Spanish)

Many times we limit our thinking by talking to ourselves and by talking to ourselves in a negative way, through the use of language in an improper way. Together with this; we are continually ingesting toxic emotions which have brought our planet, physical and emotional damage.

How do we finish these habits?
1) By becoming conscious of silence
2) By having undivided attention to movement
3) By taking things with calmness.

1. Becoming conscious of silence:

Silence allows sound and symphony to build and shape up everything that exists in this world.
Silence also communicates, meaning; it transports subtle information to far away distances with great intensity.
Silence allows restructuring of our language and its form by nullifying the effect of a destructive atmosphere.
Silence gives life to “space.” Without space there is neither form nor harmony.

When rain drops down, it has sound. The wind has sound. The combination of both is symphony.
The space between each sound will bring stillness to the mind.

In that stillness. there is emptiness and in this emptiness, it is possible to expel or eliminate any type of energy from the physical body, even the one which has introduced itself in the heart.

To begin the “healing dose,” it is important to bring an attitude of celebration, cheerfulness and then dance. All of this is in relationship with others.

Many times in the “party of life,” the sounds coming from the mouths or hearts of someone, are like noise, but still we need to dance. For movement will not allow us to accumulate that given energy, and they will hesitate to give the same noise again.

Celebration of life is a song. The symphony of silence.

In order to heal and regenerate we need to use:
Light + sound
Space + time
Silence + Stillness
All of that will equal cellular regeneration.

We could call everything mentioned thus far, the “structure of the symphony” and this should be combined with the other “doses” to intensify its effect.

This effect with affection is called magic.

Before trying to take the next step, let go of all structures from the past. Don’t fix anything without making sure that you have let go before.
Let go, give a space to yourself. Now fix a “theme” to work on at a time, then give it form. Then, let it go; do not expect anything. Let it go. To know that this movement has harmony with life is known as celebration.

2. Bring complete attention to movement.

In this movement there is power. That harmonious movement utilizes this symphony; that means time and space which together along with harmonious breathing in total consciousness, will bring the renovated restitution of energy in the self.

A relaxed, fluent movement increases performance. It improves the distribution of oxygen, allowing us to better absorb the essential nutrients of life.

Movement with attention and consciousness will allow us to reach self-mastery of the physical senses with greater agility besides clarity of vision.

This extrasensory perception will speed up the manifestation of what is emitted in matter. The mind in its state of density usually stops this movement.
To move means to let go. To bring attention means to fix, to establish, then our consciousness will be able to give that a new form.

3. Take things with calmness

Psychological time and the structures from the past, need to be eliminated. To go beyond time, we need to finish with all interest in physicality and all its different roots.

To be in calmness is the art of disinterest. It is to generate a redirection with the unlimited. To break all barriers brought by time means to move at great speed. That speed without harmony, creates chaos.

For example: One morning John went for a walk to know the town but with the excuse in his mind of “not having time,” he wouldn’t allow himself to enjoy anything.

To take things with calmness, is to introduce in the mind a new habit, a new behavior, which means to observe and then to emit, to act and then to perceive , to perceive and then to transport.

Transformation of that which is perceived, means to dissolve and generate new spaces, where the physical senses do not play an important role, since these are limited by time and space.

For example: To listen in silence is only possible when you are capable of going beyond the influence of any physical sense. This is done through the stability of vision. That is, to look for a space where the mind is free from the influence of time. To be in a hurry or to believe to be in a hurry does not help to relax the mind. The “information” will flow through you and because you are unable to “catch it,” this information will naturally dilute itself.

Calmness means to feel the absence of the unknown, is to surrender to certainty in an appropriate way. It is to feel that that which has arrived to you has necessary motives to exist and requires total acceptance.

In this conformity with that which exists, a natural skill will emerge in you and the nutrients for life will arrive to you and all of the sudden only gratitude will emerge in you.

The harmonic movement allow us to take things with calmness; that is to feel total respect for that which comes without any further labels as good or bad, because this labeling will not allow its manifestation with a null state; it will avoid the development of communication and healing through a healthy use of the energy of words.

While things are happening, only there is a need to celebrate life. To use our time in healing that pressure of our own mental belief that everything should happen faster. Sometimes, that movement in our life stops because we are not ready; and this will bring great consequences; which could last days, months or even years.. . and even though that could happen, still take things with calmness because in the least expected moment, perhaps a door will be open! We could come in, but to remain there, means to maintain that harmony and thereby understand that everything is coming to us in the right moment. This does not depend on no one or anyone. It just happens. When? At the right time.

In the meantime, celebrate, smile and dance with life.