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Comments on Avyakt Murli – June 9, 2013

1. As the aim so the qualifications
2. A vision of the 3 aspects of time of those who are master and child at the confluence age.
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Both Murlis today have a relationship. Both of them deal with our aim and objective in this Spiritual life.

In the first Murli, it is about becoming an Angel. However, being a figure of a 99% “effort maker” rank, is something which is not achieved by many. Please note that in the simplicity of this explanation, there is something unfathomable, which takes to experience that if there is no ego, then those 3 things will be equal automatically.

Effort is needed when there is ego. That effort is to be able to recognize it, so ego does not take charge of our lives. BapDada’s teachings is aimed so our love for Him will be the “easy method” to become ego-less.

BapDada ’s teachings have the characteristic to be quite simple for uncomplicated minds for love is not something to churn about, but to “churn” or realize this knowledge, we will need to go a step further; otherwise, we will become just those who repeat “key words” without the experience which brings a different understanding than the intellectual one.

The difference then is those who feel real love for BapDada do not need any other ingredient. But those who do not and are just faking it, their dishonesty will be taking them to a life of frustration. That is why, spirituality starts with honesty. Love is numberwise, and so are the methods to become ego-less.

On the second Murli, BapDada talks about becoming a ”perfect image;” and the aim is to be an embodiment of knowledge. That is someone who is egoless, someone who at the same time does not have devotee sanskaras.

Even though greater knowledge now means to have been a great devotee in the past, at this time; to be a devotee is part of the “house cleaning” to be performed. Asking for special favors to God, imploring, being dependent of others, to be lost into rituals; all of that belongs to devotion.

Note how in the first Murli, BapDada talks about being an “master almighty authority” and how childish things get into the way of actually becoming that. BapDada brings into our awareness of that which we already are but we cannot realize yet. The importance of having a Brahmin birth.

On the second Murli, BapDada mentions about the importance of time. Note how in Sakar Murlis everything is about the “future.” Make effort now and the reward will be in the future, the Golden age.
However, in avyakt Murlis it is clear, that whatever we have to become we need to display that NOW. As a matter of fact, BapDada even mentions that maids are the ones who decorate the King and Queen there, but here it is BapDada Himself decorating us through the jewels of knowledge.

BapDada is asking us to “do things” out of love and not out of compulsion. BapDada is asking us to sacrifice as the proof of love.

That sacrifice is nothing else but to sacrifice our own weaknesses, in other words; the vices which start with the consciousness of “I,” – ego.

If there was no “I” there wouldn’t be any vices.

AVYAKT MURLI – June 9, 2013