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Comments on Sakar Murli- February 13, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, you Brahmins are now on a very steep pilgrimage. This is why you have
received a double engine. You have two unlimited fathers and also two mothers.
Question: Which title can you children not give yourselves at the confluence age?
Answer: You BKs cannot give yourselves or write the title ‘His Holiness’ or “Her Holiness’ because,
although you souls are becoming pure, the bodies are still created from tamopradhan matter.
You mustn’t take on this greatness now. You are still effort-makers.

Song: This is a story of the flame and the storms.

Essence for dharna:
1. With the knowledge of the world cycle, become trikaldarshi and a spinner of the discus of self-realization and also serve to make others the same.
2. At the confluence age, move away from the cottage of sorrow and definitely become pure in
order to go to the cottage of happiness and peace.

Blessing: May you be a most elevated being who follows the highest codes of conduct from amrit vela till night.
The codes of conduct of the confluence age make you the highest beings and this is why you are called the most elevated beings who follow the highest codes of conduct (maryada pushottam). The easy way to protect yourself from the tamogurii atmosphere and vibrations are these codes of conduct. Those who stay within the codes of conduct remain safe from labouring. You have received the codes of conduct from BapDada for every step you take. By moving along according to these steps, you automatically become maryada purshottam. Let your life be according to the codes of conduct from amrit vela till night time and you will then be said to be the most elevated, that is, you will be the highest beings among souls.

Slogan: Those who mould themselves to any situation are the ones who are worthy of receiving everyone’s blessings.


In this Murli the main theme is to teach Gyan to others. It was important to find different ways that were appealing for souls so they become interested. Baba gives different examples on how to explain Gyan. Note that his explanations are devoid of Indian bhakti, (Souls come and go back home etc.) which proves the point that this knowledge does not have to be explained under a devotional Hindu background to be understood. Certainly there is a difference between a Westerner BK-to-be understanding and a Bharatwasi soul at this time; but at the same time, a Westerner BK should be aware that in past lives, Hinduism remains as part of our sanskaras.

The main point of Gyan is self transformation through soul consciousness. If we keep this in mind, we could live a life free from “devotion.” Why is that important? Because otherwise, “fear” appears along with that devotional love which is not related with self transformation.

What fear? Fear that if I don’t do this or that, God will be “upset” with me and God could punish me. Fear, that if I don’t do particular rituals, I will be “impure.” Love for the Father will get us back love, an experience which is also true in the path of devotion and the experience of many souls from many other religions; but those experiences do not mean “self transformation through soul consciousness.” I believe that this is an important point to keep in mind.

Below some points to churn.

“Many mothers and kumaris teach at schools and the Government wouldn’t get upset if they also taught everyone the unlimited history and geography. If you explained to their seniors, they would be even happier. You should explain that not until they understand the unlimited history and geography can children benefit and that there cannot be victory in the world either. You children are being given a signal for service. If someone who is a teacher explains this world history and geography in his college, the children can become trikaldarshi. “

This is probably something which will not be feasible now in most countries. A school, and a college are meant to follow a certain curricula which supports the current belief system. Even though school children could probably be able pick up this knowledge a lot easier than a “brainwashed adult,” this is not allowed to happen.

Perhaps a good pilot experiment would be for Brahma Kumaris to open a school for children, open for all children; where subjects such as this “unlimited history and geography” could be taught along with “traditional” curricula. Also the emphasis could be in human values. This would be a good way to demonstrate how Brahma Kumaris is involved in the welfare of society regardless of religious background.

This is not something new for some similar schools have been opened after a Guru (J. Krishnamurti comes to mind in Ojai, California-USA) as well as coming up with different ways of teaching (Montessori, Waldorf, etc.) which is a viable way. Perhaps this is currently being done.

“Here, matter is tamopradhan. At this time, no one can be called completely pure. Even young children otherwise would be pure. Deities were completely viceless.”

Therefore, we cannot separate the “pure ones” from the “impure ones” in a “black or white” fashion. It is a numberwise mix.

“You can impress anyone with the knowledge of this world cycle. You should explain: You came from the supreme abode, adopted that costume and are now acting out your role. Now, at the end, everyone has to go back home and then come and play their parts again. Whatever effort each one makes at this.time, he or she will accordingly take birth in a royal or wealthy family. All receive a status numberwise and will continue to be transferred numberwise.”

That is easy knowledge in a “nutshell.” Compare that with: “God sends you to play your part. If you don’t listen to Godly knowledge then you will experience punishment and will repeat the same experience eternally. God will take His procession of Sitas back home and grant them “liberation in life” in a numberwise manner so they can then go the “in-laws,” then when Ravan comes, all the Draupadis will be crying out in distress until Rama the “director” of this unlimited play comes to destroy all bodily religions through Shankar, who is a subtle deity sitting in the subtle region.”

The issue when explaining knowledge through a devotional story is that “knowledge is meant to fit that in,” when as explained; “pure Gyan” is far more complex and unlimited. There is no depth for self transformation in devotional stories but a dependency on the whims of a God who controls everything in our life. Even our “inheritance.” As time changes, explanations should change as well to fit a more “Global” cultural knowledge.

“Everyone says for the sake of saying it that they are children of God, but you have now become that in a practical way.”

Every soul is a “child of God” only in the sense that we want to explain knowledge with the background of the “patriarchal family.” We are eternal souls. There is a role running through us. Based on that role is our capacity to be “practical.” God has manifested through every religion founder at different times according to the need of the time.

Night Class-08/04/1968

“This is the Godly mission that is continuing. Those who belong to our deity religion will come back here. Those people have a mission to create Christians. Those who become Christians receive happiness in the Christian dynasty. They receive good wages and this is why there are many Christians.”

As we know, the role is running in every soul. Someone who is a Brahmin soul will be placed by the Drama so that soul could take Gyan at his “right time.” We need to see that everything is already contained in the Drama and when ego interferes, opposes; there is suffering, repression.

“Christians at that time” does not mean Christians at the end of the Kalpa. They could be Brahmins in another life. This vision we can gain when we see things in an unlimited way. However, in India one of the strongest reasons for conversion from Hindus into Christianity was the existence of the “Hindu caste system” and the privileges of certain status. If you are an “untouchable,” you are secluded to certain duties. If you are a Brahmin you have all the privileges to further your spiritual study. In Christianity the teachings that “all are equal under the eyes of God,” was appealing. The fact that Christians had more money, made that even a greater appeal. Religion, historically has been used by foreigner cultures to subdue, to divide other potential colonies in time, therefore; funding was required.

“Here, everyone calls out to the Father: Come and make the impure ones pure, liberate them and take them home. The Father would definitely take you home, would He not? People performed so much devotion in order to return home. However, it is only when the Father comes that He can take you back. “

As explained above, the “procession of Sitas” going back home.

Second Night Class – 09/04/1968

“Look, there was just the one religion, one kingdom, one undivided religion in the golden age. There was no other religion that there would be conflict. That was the kingdom of Rama (God) which is why there was peace in the world at that time. You want there to be peace in the world, but that was in the golden age. Later, when there were innumerable religions, there was peacelessness. However, until someone understands this, you have to continue to beat your heads.”

The above has been taken as :” Everyone has to think the same way.” “Everyone has to be the same” to go back to the “Golden age” with those sanskaras.
The only reason why there was no “division” is simply because there was no ego. Otherwise, we could see “division” in Status in the Golden age.

For that, at this time Baba has taught us the power to “tolerate” which is more than not displaying discomfort when insulted, etc. It is about acceptance both ways. Not only a vertical top down hierarchy, but also that means to allow variety to flourish. In that tolerance of differences, there could be unity at this time.

The issue is not that “innumerable religions created peacelessness,” but innumerable egos did.

“It is the task of the Father alone to establish peace in the world and to give liberation and liberation-in-life. You have to churn the ocean of knowledge in this way and then explain these points. You should write in such a way that people are able to understand it clearly. This world has to change. This is the land of death. The new world is called the land of immortality. It is also a wonder how the people of the land of immortality remain immortal. There, they have long lifespans and they change their bodies by themselves at the right time, just as they would change clothes. All of these matters have to be explained. Achcha.”

Another piece of advice from Baba as to how to give knowledge which is the theme of the Murli today.

Comments on Avyakt Murli- January 13, 2013

This avyakt Murli has interesting points to ponder.
For me, it was about being aware of the channels of spiritual understanding. For me it was about the understanding of the chakra system and the way we understand and express according to our spiritual experience. How is that?

Most spiritual knowledge begins at the third chakra, which means “will power.” When we express the self through our activities and understanding through this chakra, we will use words such as: “we must,” “we should,” “ it has to,” etc. This is a “lawful” understanding. We think we have a clear difference between what is right and what is wrong. We become “black or white.”
In this understanding, it is easy to deny everything else which “interferes” with our task or perceived duty.

This is the beginning of spirituality in the BK system. It is good, but at one point; we will be shown a different view.
BapDada’s Avyakt Murli, felt that way to me. However, unless there is experience, we will be stuck in the “third chakra” and we will not move on into a higher one, the “heart.” The “heart” has its own understanding.
BapDada’s avyakt Murli, went into 3 considerations to make “real improvement” in BK life.

1) Belong to the Father and no one else. Not even think about anyone or anything.
2) Become a master; that is become aware that the physical realm creates a dependency unless we keep the awareness of the master, we will become “slaves” of it. The body is part of that “creation” for we are souls.
3) Remaining a trustee. That is the sense that “nothing belong to us, but we belong to the Father.”

If we merely go by the words, we will end up “doing” the following: 1) Thinking that we are keeping a connection with God if we separate ourselves from anyone that could be “Maya” to us. Making sure that we do not “belong” to someone. 2) Thinking that being soul conscious means to deny the body and to “go beyond it.” 3) Giving away everything the role has as possessions, even not doing household shores because that is time being “wasted.”

This is the typical “understanding” of most BKs who have not experienced the soul in a deeper level.
The advice that Baba is giving us is great to keep us out of trouble, but we need to remember that knowledge is not “a literal” interpretation for BapDada will come the next day, and explain other points that will talk about the opposite and that could contradict the former. That is why we learn through experience to “balance” both “opposite sides.”

For me everything is in the experience of the soul. When I experience the soul, I am close to God. There is no separation, because I am experiencing that, thoughts are gone (then I don’t think in people) because this experience is fulfilling, we do not depend on others to feel “alive.” However, we can experience relationships and maintain that “self-respect” which is not related with neediness and the sense of “possession” of others. The issue is not “not to have loving relationships with others.” The issue is that we do not know what is love, because we have not experienced it, because we have not explored the self.

The awareness of the soul, will give us that “disinterest,” according to Baba’s vocabulary; which is not “real disinterest” but it is that something is no longer attractive. This happens naturally.

When we are expressing and understanding at the “third chakra level,” we will “act” with disinterest, which eventually will be observed as “fanaticism,” because our actions will not be through understanding (thoughts, words and actions aligned) but our words will say “do disinterest,” our thoughts will say “this is hard to do,” and our actions will express “ I do not understand.” That is why it becomes important to express through the “heart” chakra as a true beginning for spiritual endeavors.

Similarly, we can do all the household tasks, as long as we are in the consciousness of a “karma yogi.”
Everything resides in our consciousness, but we are concerned only in our external activities. However, our thoughts are in conflict when there is no experience of the soul.

A sense of “belonging” is good. It is fundamental, but we are souls. That is our main sense of belonging. We belong to Baba, because He is a soul, incorporeal. In that experience there is no separation. The actions are part of our “roles,” and we act for the “sake of it.”

All the knowledge is about soul consciousness. In that experience, there is a different understanding.
BapDada will express the same “soul consciousness” in different ways in every Murli.