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Comments on Avyakt Murli – June 16, 2013

Only a contented soul can become a special deity for others
Original: !-16-77

In the first avyakt Murli, BapDada points out that this path is about imbibing knowledge. Attaining knowledge has the fruit of being a contented soul.
What is a contented soul? A soul without desires.
This is a stage arrived at through the experience of self realization for as long as there is the consciousness of our physical realm; there will always be desires.

It is in that stage where an embodiment of knowledge becomes a bestower of blessings for all.
Those pure feelings and good wishes have no desires in them. They are pure and for that reason, they are able to touch another being in an uplifting manner.

BapDada mentions that there are souls who are in this path because of experiencing love, cooperation, connection and devotion. Those souls do not have what it takes to imbibe knowledge, thus their status will be accordingly.

Special Importance of 18 January
Original: January 18, 1977

In this Murli BapDada is reminding us the importance of being an embodiment of remembrance, which means the form of power.

To be merged in BapDada’s love means to become equal to the Father. The sign of love is equality.
How do we become equal to the Father? When there is soul consciousness, when we become the embodiment of remembrance; that is the form of power. Again, to love the Father means to be equal to Him. That is being soul conscious. That is our equality.

BapDada gave a list of 3 different levels according to “effort.”
The ones in the crown of the head, who are the embodiments of this knowledge and who are merged in love with the Father, meaning equal to Him. Then, the “garland around his neck” who “do the talk” but not always the walk and haven’t been merged in the love of the Father yet. (Soul conscious= equal to Him.) and finally the “decoration of the arms,” that is those who are cooperative souls.

Then BapDada switched the topic to the one of the 1976 “destruction” by asking if we have become the embodiments of remembrance and conquerors of attachment.

Destruction is a feared word and has been used to “shape up the children to make effort.”
“Make effort now, or destruction will come and you will claim a low status.”

When we have understood knowledge at a deeper level, we can only see transformation. The “3 acts of God” that is creation, sustenance and destruction are a continuous cycle. Creation will come after destruction again and since we are eternal, we cannot die. We cannot be destroyed. Never.
In the childish state of affairs of not having understood that point of Gyan, then fear will be there for there is attachment.

Then we discover that many “effort makers” are holding on to this path as a“life insurance” only. “Better become a BK so we can get a piece of Paradise while available.” “Better buy some property in India to save my life in case of destruction.”

If there is not destruction, then they will go back to their “old” selves. 🙂
This last sentence is what BapDada will refer to in the upcoming Murli paragraphs.
That seems to be the circumstance back in 1977 that I gather from what BapDada is telling us in the Murli.
Then of course, the issue about getting married arises or buying property.

As far as marriage, let me repeat the point again, that back then is not the same as today.
If you are a single BK who is not living at a center, then the question arises:
who is going to take care of you as you get older? Who is going to take care of you as you experience diseases? Sure, it is Baba through others.

Shall I let my “lokiks” take care of me? Shall I give them that extra “bondage” or “burden”? 🙂
The option to live at a center or to “center” our life around the center only; is not the only alternative now and that is something that in my opinion the BK organization will have to deal with.

Legally, marriage is the “accepted way” of society to provide for those issues.
There is a difference between lust and attachment and marriage. Marriage does not mean lust or attachment for someone who has worked on the self. We are numberwise, so to draw a line for everyone to follow the same things, is sure a way to bring issues.

Nevertheless, the Drama provides with the right method according to time. That right “method” maybe different for different individuals according to time and circumstance; just as BapDada’s teachings are. (As He has mentioned in the avyakt Murli of February 24, 2013. – Teachings are according to time and circumstances.)

There is a difference between 1977 and 2013. 36 years have gone by.
The worry about getting others married (sons-daughters,) is a typical Indian tradition, which again is changing as Indian youth absorbs Western traditions. The decision is not only with the parents anymore.
Teachings are according to time.

The childish game of destruction forecast needs to end. We don’t know when we are going to leave our own bodies, but we know that it will happen in our “life time.” 🙂

That is a certain destruction which is truly not… A paradox. 🙂

AVYAKT MURLI – June 16, 2013