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Comments on Avyakt Murli, February 3, 2013

The easy way to be constantly powerful is to have pure and positive thoughts for the self and also for others.


This is an outstanding Murli. Behind all the simplicity, lies depth which will be recognized as what BapDada is describing has been experienced.

Note that change of language when referring to “Maya.” In a typical Sakar Murli, the phrase: “Warning! Be careful! Take precaution! Maya will eat you raw!… Ravan is your enemy. You have to conquer Ravan, etc. Now, in avyakt times: “You have welcomed Maya, Have you not? Or are you still afraid of her?” 🙂

Please note that this is not my “own manmat,” It is BapDada in 2 different occasions according to time.

What is truly interesting to me is how we are so engaged in remembering the “fearful” ways, the “punishment,” the “divorcing the Father” all of that, and not being able to see the other side, which avyakt Murlis explains so beautifully, “fear free,” and with depth. I just wonder… 😉

The need of the time is the need of time. There was a time when “fear” was needed and another time when it is not. It is never the same. It changes. There is benefit in everything for a Brahmin soul at this time, as long as our consciousness is awaken.

Some points to churn:

“The essence of the 18 chapters of the Gita is that God made Arjuna a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. So, this 18th is the memorial of this. No matter how deep the love of Father Brahma was for the children, he didn’t have attachment but love in his heart.”

We can say that January 18 means the completion of the 18 chapters of the Gita. Conquering attachment being the last chapter. We cannot act “detached” as much as we cannot act “loving.” Remembrance, to experience the self, soul consciousness, etc; will bring those qualities naturally. We cannot take a class on how to be “detached,” that is intellectual stuff only. To be “out there” is how we know, if our stage has improved. There is no teaching without a test.

“Even then, while living together and while seeing the children in front of him, no remembrance of any bodily form harassed him. He was completely detached and loving. This is why it is said: Conqueror of attachment and embodiment of remembrance. He had no consciousness of “mine” about anything; he even became free from attachment to the consciousness of the body. So, today is the day for learning the lesson of following the father in the same way.”

There is no consciousness of “mine,” if there is no consciousness of “I.” That is the “I” of having a personality. My body, my attainments, my house, my intellect, my name, feeling defamed, feeling disheartened…all of that is related with the consciousness of “mine.” Just to say “May Baba and no one else,” is the very surface of a deep spiritual journey of becoming empty, that is to “die alive.”

“This avyakt day has been a day for awakening souls who are without knowledge and making them aware of God’s task, because, on seeing Father Brahma, the majority of people used to believe that Brahma was your God. They used to think that Brahma was the God of the Brahma Kumaris. However, what did they think when Brahma transformed his part from the corporeal form? That the God of the Brahma Kumaris had now gone away. They even thought that if not today then tomorrow the work of the Brahma Kumaris would end. However, you know that your Karankaravanhar, working through Brahma, is the Supreme Soul: He is that and will be till the end. So, this is God’s task. It is not the work of any human being. “

The understanding of BapDada remains a puzzle for outsiders. It is misunderstood by many Ex-Bks and it is simplified by many Brahmins. To know this is another “numberwise” business. It is not a matter of intellectual understanding.” Experience has to be there. What it is very unusual is for Brahma Baba to still teach, help and be present even though, his physical body is no longer. That experience is what those who have not experienced will not be able to believe. This is something to be careful about for other people have their own belief based on their own experiences. Certainly the difference is the capacity of the soul to transform and to experience soul consciousness. Many can transform due to a “magical” experience in their life, but without soul consciousness. Many may have experienced soul consciousness, but without a step-by-step transformation process which implies settling karmic bondages. It is a painful process which requires a “special” soul. That is the proof of God for me. My own transformation without the “magic” (and one day I woke up, and I was different, I became “enlightened”) but at the same time, with a lot of “magic…” 🙂

“If Brahma Baba hadn’t adopted the angelic form, none of you souls would have reached here today, because the uncertainty in the atmosphere was making the task of this world revolution fluctuate. Therefore, Brahma Baba becoming avyakt became the reason for opening the fortune of the maximum number of children.”

That is as true as it gets. I wouldn’t have been a BK with just hearing gyan the way it was presented to me: Lots of devotion, lots of “we are the only ones,” lots of “surrendering, renunciation, detachment, “time to go home” and “hellish” living on Earth to be processed, in exchange of a Golden episode with Krishna for 21 births as one of his gopis, after “I shed my dirty old body…” Sorry. Not for me. I am being honest. 🙂

It was the experience. It was the magic of understanding something that I wasn’t able to. It was the feeling of finding what I was searching for without knowing. It was Brahma Baba working through my “double sister” as I knew it later.
That was the “trick.” The fish was hooked into the bait of self transformation, one more time.

“ You have welcomed Maya, have you not? Or, are you afraid, thinking, “What has happened?” Are you a little afraid? Whenever Maya comes to you in a trivial form, you are aware of her ordinary, insignificant form and Maya also knows that you now know about her. However, when any fearsome form of Maya comes, then constantly play the game as a detached observer, just as they have the game of wrestling.”

I love that paragraph. To conquer Maya is to be a detached observer. Until I have not reached that consciousness, which by all means is “pure” soul consciousness; I will have a wrestling match with Maya. However, I will not know about my stage if I don’t wrestle with Maya. For that I need training. I need to prepare myself. This is acceptance of Maya as a teacher and not Maya as an “enemy.” There is a different consciousness here. Without understanding or with a “childish understanding,” it is about fear. About running away. About closing doors for fear of “divorcing the Father.” “Severe punishment.” “Crying in distress,” “Failing cycle after cycle,” See that? 🙂

It is all in our consciousness. There is no other “method” explained by Baba but remembrance to maintain that consciousness. It is our task to experience with this and find out what remembrance is all about.

“Don’t ever say, “What shall I do? How will it happen? What will happen now?” Has Baba already taught you -the lesson that whatever is happening is good and whatever is to happen will be even better? To become a Brahmin means that everything is good. Maybe, sometimes a thing that you had never even dreamt of would happen, and some things may not have happened before knowledge, but as soon as you come into knowledge they happen.”

We know that everything is good, because we have the knowledge of the cycle of time. It is a circle. We will reach “here” again in 5000 years. It is all good because that is the way it is. When we add “morality” or the “becoming better” factor, we become greedy and spiritual ego arises and with that the consciousness of “mine.”

Emptiness to be One. There is no fear at that point because there is “no one” to have fear.

“So the situations also especially make you experienced in having two particular powers. One is the power to tolerate, to have detachment and become a conqueror of attachment and it also teaches you the lesson of having the power to face, so that you learn something for the future. Therefore, the situation has only come to teach you these two lessons: the power to tolerate and the power to face. So, when you say that you are just a trustee and that nothing belongs to you, do you really mean that from your heart or are you just saying it with a slight deception?”

As long as we have the consciousness of “mine” coming from the “I” of a personality, we will feel attached. When we say that we are “trustees,” that is “everything belongs to Baba,” that means to be a “trustee,” that means to be a “detached observer,” that means to be soul conscious. The practical way of knowing that we have “powers” is through situations. That is the opportunity to find out about our “practical” stage.

“You are already trustees, that is, you have renounced everything. To be a trustee means that you have handed everything over to the Father. What would be “mine” anyway? When you think of something as belonging to you, then there is a small problem. Everything is good and everything will work out well, and you are therefore carefree. This is known as being an embodiment of power.”

Please see the paradox. Baba’s word for “emptiness” is to be a trustee. It is not just words such as “Baba, everything which is mine, belongs to you. You are my everything;” for in those words the consciousness of “mine” is there. A deep realization that we are “naked,” and that everything around us is temporary but useful is important. In that space of emptiness is when “true” power appears because our stage remains unshakeable as long as we are in that consciousness. Fluctuation is part of learning to ride a bicycle…some learn faster than others.

“Brahma Baba becoming an angel became a means in the drama to reveal the Godly task. Does Brahma Baba exist or not? You are not able to see him.”

Some BKs can see him. Others can feel him. Others can perceive the “magic,” of sustenance by Brahma Baba or through others. Without Brahma Baba, there wouldn’t be an experience of God for BKs, neither unlimited help in his task. The “magic” resides in recalling those experiences and to realize how unique they are. Brahma Baba does not appear to the whole world, but to Brahmins only; because even though the task is about world transformation, that will happen through reaching our most elevated stage. As the Golden age will be populated with beings who karmically deserve to be there, at the same time, there are beings who will physically transform this world through destruction (wars, natural disasters, etc.) Two tasks performed at the same time but with different polarities.

“Those who are celebrating their 60 years extracted the butter and all of you came to eat it. You must have heard the history today. If you had had to make that much effort, you would have run away. However, at the present time, the field of service is prepared.”

However, the “new generation” comes with a different kind of intellect. That is the type of intellect that will allow them to achieve BapDada’s blessing of “last so fast.” Note that this type of souls come with spirituality built in and with an intellect which is able to grasp things which the ones from 60 years ago wouldn’t be able to. The ones from 60 years ago were the tough ones, the resilient ones, the ones who would be called “die hards,” but their faith was based on the experiences that they had, not in the knowledge that they were able to understand. There is a difference according to time.

“There are many chances for service. You can do as much service as you want.”

The internet is a great avenue. Hundreds at once. However, this type of service is catered for those who have a different kind of intellect. Everything happens according to time.

“You may forget the entire murli, but you can remember two words and continue to do that in a practical form. In fact, you know these two words; they are not new. One is to have positive thoughts (subh chintan). To change the negative into positive is known as having positive thoughts. Negative can become positive and you can change it, but you simply have to check whether you have positive thoughts even while performing actions. The second is constantly to have good wishes for others. So, positive thoughts for the self and pure thoughts for others (subh chintak) are both connected with one another. If you don’t have positive thoughts, you can’t have good wishes for others.”

🙂 Now, “shrimat” says that you may “forget the entire Murli,” but do not forget to have positive thoughts for the self and good wishes for others…. 🙂 Don’t recall hearing that in a Sakar Murli. That is the essence of Gyan. See how what is important is the “spirit of the law.”

“Don’t ever be disheartened whenever there is a physical illness, a storm in the mind, a physical upheaval of your body, any upheaval in nature, any fluctuation in service or, in fact, any type of upheaval. Become those who have big hearts.”
“Those who maintain courage receive help. First, there has to be the child’s courage and then the Father will help. However, you lose courage and then think that you didn’t receive Baba’s help, that Baba doesn’t do anything at the moment of need. So don’t just remember half the sentence.”

One step of courage to receive 1 thousand fold of help from the Father.

“First of all, become a completely detached trustee. Nothing is “mine”. This consciousness of “mine”: “My name will be spoilt; I will be defamed; this is my child, my mother-in-law does this to me…” Everything like this happens when there is the consciousness of “mine”. Wherever there is the consciousness of mine, the intellect turns around and you change.”

Note that BapDada has been repeating this theme along the Murli. Consciousness of “mine” is an illusion.

AVYAKT MURLI – February 3, 2013