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Comments on Avyakt Murli , November 25, 2012

This Murli brings nice points to churn.

The main point is the one related with “all relationships” with the Father.
There are many ways to view it, and an article will be solely about this point.

I feel the most important item to be aware of, is that we cannot have all the relationships with the Father, unless we become detached observers. Please let us keep this in mind. This comes from today’s avyakt Murli.
Another point to be aware of, is related with our thoughts and their relationship with our sanskaras. Basically, our thoughts demonstrate our sanskaras in a “merged” form.

When we are aware of our thoughts, is when we can do something to change them. Here is where the “thought” of having all relationships with BapDada can be useful; however, it is a thought against another thought.

By being a detached observer, we are in soul consciousness, when we are in soul consciousness there is fulfillment and even though we have no relationships; at the same time; that is what means to have all relationships with the Father, for there is no distance, no separation between souls.

There is no “neediness,” inside use, but fulfillment; therefore, we are “like the Father,” meaning; we have all relationships with Him.

The second part of the Murli was dealing with the responsibilities that a BK teacher has. Note that BapDada was referring to the “sisters,” (it is up to us to generalize to brothers as well or to leave it as it is, just sisters. We would need to know more about the circumstances to know better.) BapDada mentioned, that teachers have a very good part in the Drama and that they possess many chances.

The last part of the Murli , dealt with forging a relationship now at the confluence age with the Father, so we could experience a close relationship with Father Brahma throughout the cycle; starting with Krishna. This also means that our relationships at the confluence age with Brahmin souls will have an impact in our relationships with those souls in the cycle of time.

AVYAKT MURLI – November 25, 2012