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Comments on Sakar Murli – December 10, 2012

Essence:Sweet children, no matter how virtuous, sweet or wealthy someone is, you must not be attracted to anyone. You mustn’t remember the body.

Question:: Which sweet words for the Father emerge through the lips of the children who have received Knowledge?
Answer: Oho Baba! You have given us the donation of life. Sweet Baba, by giving us the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world, You have liberated us from all sorrow. So, how much we should thank You!

Question: What should you do so that you are not pulled by anyone except the Father at the end?
Answer: Baba says: Children, don’t keep anything extra with yourself out of greed. If you keep anything extra that will pull you and you will forget the remembrance of the Father.

Song: Have patience o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Essence for dharna:
1.Help everyone with knowledge and yoga. Become doubly non-violent. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.
2.Become a destroyer of attachment. Your intellect should not be pulled by anything. Practice having constant remembrance of the one Father.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of dharna and create the future world on the basis of your elevated sanskars.
Only through the elevated sanskars of the present time will the future world be created. The sanskars of one kingdom and one religion are the foundation of the future world. The religion and dharna of self-sovereignty is purity in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections. There should be no impurity, that is, no other religion in your thoughts or even in your dreams. Where there is purity, there is no name or trace of impurity, that is, no waste or sinful thoughts. Only such souls are said to be embodiments of dharna.

Slogan:The power of determination melts even harsh sanskars like wax.


In this Murli the theme was to understand God better and the need to “glorify his name.” Some points were given about not being attached to anything but rather remember the Father alone.
The usual line is “be attached to Baba.” Let me say that “attachment” to anything even to Baba is “attachment.” Being conquerors of attachment is to be beyond attachment.

Below some Murli points to churn:

“He comes just to give you children the inheritance of unlimited heaven. “
God “comes” to give us knowledge or in another way of saying it, to “remind us” about knowledge so we can remember about our true nature.

“Neither does someone teach Me nor do I have a father. Everyone else enters a womb and takes sustenance from their mother. “
Taking birth means staying in the cycle of time and experiencing. God cannot take birth for otherwise, He will be bound by the laws of the Drama. Note that when a prophet soul comes for the first time, that soul will not experience karmic accounts until birth is experienced. Similarly, no one has taught that soul what he knows. It is a role. The same with us, there is the “play” of being a teacher and a student, but the roles intermingle and the “illusion” is that we are “learning” something new; when we cannot learn anything new…. Because there is nothing new! It is just what it is in the role what is able to be expressed.

“People know that they were in heaven at some time and that they were pure, for this is why they call out: O Purifier! O Bestower of Salvation! Give us salvation”
This is an interesting line for those who think that “BKs are the only ones who go to heaven.” Every soul who at least had 2 births, had a reminiscence of “something better in the past.” That is what they will call their “heaven.” To call the “Golden age” Heaven is very arbitrary in relationship with other souls of the tree. If everyone else is in “hell,” through duality we know that they had to experience “heaven” as well. I have written on this point many times and certainly hope that somehow, it will be considered to avoid “elitism” in the Drama. Pure gyan is not “elitist” at all, but fair and beneficial for all.
As we know, everything is relative according to the perspective and role of a soul.

“You mustn’t remember anything physical. You are souls. No matter how good human beings are, whether they are wealthy or sweet, you mustn’t remember bodily beings. You simply have to remember the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.”

This point is understood; however, we remember human beings and we remember different things. Why? As we know, due to karmic accounts which bring our body consciousness. We cannot fight against this as when we try “not to remember something,” what we can do is “settle karmic accounts” through yoga and remembrance ; thus, soul consciousness will appear. That is the “cure” all medicine and the “right” response for all types of “yukties.” (methods.)

“The history and geography of the world will repeat.”
Note that Baba is not mentioning the “history and geography of the Universe will repeat.”
It is my “new thing” to understand better the concept of “axial precession” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axial_precession_%28astronomy%29#Effects
I feel that “proof” for the 5000 year cycle could be hidden here. We shall see… 🙂

“You don’t cause any type of sorrow and this is why it is said that non-violence is the supreme religion. All human beings commit violence. “
We really hope that we don’t cause any type of sorrow… 🙂

“The divine activities are those of God. He is the Jewel Merchant, the Business man, the Ocean of Knowledge and the Magician. Ah, but how would the incorporeal Supreme Soul make a bargain? It is human beings who would be businessmen. You know all the things of how He is the Businessman and the Jewel Merchant. Why does everyone remember Him? Oh Purifier! Bestower of Salvation for All, Remover of Sorrow and Bestowcr of Happiness. The praise is of the One.”
Interesting lines of devotional faith. Note how God is “humanized” so He could be better understood.

“The Father says: This knowledge that I give you then disappears. There are many of those Gitas. Nevertheless, the old Gita will emerge again. The paper that you use will not emerge again. The Gita is in many languages. The highest of all is the Gita, but they have all been created by human beings. They are not accurate.”
Those lines could confusing. Baba mentions about the “true Gita,” (Murlis) and then mentions that the “Gita” is the main scripture. If He is referring to the Murlis as scriptures, then everything will “emerge again” as scriptures. “Truth” of a scripture is a relativistic perspective according to time and belief system which is supported by the picture of the “inverted tree.”

“You now belong to the Father while alive. Maya, Ravan, pulls some to himself. For them, it is said that death in the form of Ravan ate them. They come into God’s lap and then change and go into the devil’s lap. Death didn’t eat them; they belonged to God while alive and then belonged to Ravan while alive. They become righteous souls here and then go there and become unrighteous. “
This is an example of the “ black or white” teaching tool of comparison. Note that the concept of “numberwise” wasn’t used here so Baba could make his point to push the “little children” to belong to God and not the “devil.” With a more mature understanding we can see that Brahmins are numberwise. When it is time for someone to leave, that is as much “fortune” that soul will claim.

“There is no need for you to keep any pictures. Do you not know Shiv Baba that you keep a picture of Him? Is it that you can only remember Him by keeping His picture? “
Let us not be attached to pictures. That belongs to the path of devotion. Attaining soul consciousness is not a matter of remembering pictures. It is in experiencing soul consciousness.

“Children, become complete destroyers of attachment. If you have attachment to anything, if you have two to four pairs of shoes, you will remember them. This is why you are told not to accumulate too many things. Otherwise, your intellects will be pulled by those things. Don’t remember anyone except the one Father. Some have greed for good clothes, two to four pairs of shoes, a watch, some money etc. If you keep those things, you will remember them. Baba should know what you have with you. In fact, you mustn’t keep anything. Only keep that which you are given. You shouldn’t remember anything except one Baba.”
The paragraph above certainly refers to a particular setting. It was the children living with Baba and Baba taking care of their needs. When you do not have material possessions, having a pair of nice shoes will incite some sort of envy and greed. That is the prize of making shoes as “valuable possessions.” The same scenario happened in the prisoner camps in World War 2. Possessing cigarettes was the “currency.” Money did not have value, but cigarettes had. So we could say that whatever we deem of value in this life, we will remembered.
Nowadays I can have 5 pairs of shoes and 3 watches, etc. but if I do not put a special value to those things, I will not remember them.
I sincerely hope that no BK is taking the advice above literally.