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AVYAKT MURLI – February 2, 2013 -(Season)

AVYAKT MURLI- 2-2-13 – (English)

Comments on Sakar Murli, February 2, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, the’Father’s direction is: Become introverted. You mustn’t speak bitter words or spread peacelessness. Don’t cause sorrow to anyone.

Question: What method does the Father show you to make the world full of peace and happiness?

Answer: Children, it is the evil spirits of lust, anger etc. that have made the world poverty-stricken. It is through these that even the urns that were full of jewels and diamonds have become empty. The whole world has become poverty-stricken. These five vices, which are present in everyone at this time, are your enemies. There has been so much damage since they came into existence. The Father shows you the way to remove them: Children, become introverted. Only with remembrance of the Almighty Authority Father can you conquer these evil spirits. When you gain victory over these evil spirits, the world will become full of happiness and peace.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become introverted, check yourself and chase away the evil spirits that are within you. Don’t
become extroverted. Remain peaceful.
2. Let your lips speak sweet words. Let only jewels emerge through them. Don’t speak bitter
words. Forget everything including your body.

May you be a special soul who receives the fruit in the form of contentment with the seed of
In this special age, the most elevated fruit grown from the seed of speciality is contentment. To
remain content and to make everyone content is the sign of a special soul. Therefore, give the
water of all powers to the seed, that is, the blessing of speciality and the seed will then become
fruitful. Otherwise, from time to time, the fully grown tree will shake in the storms that come
and break. That is, there won’t be zeal, enthusiasm, happiness or spiritual intoxication for
moving forward. So, make the powerful seed fruitful using the right method.

Slogan: To distribute the holy food (prasad) of experience and make the powerless powerful is the greatest charity.


In this Murli, Baba wil concentrate on the vices, specially anger. This vice of anger is detrimental to maintain inner peace. This vice is considered to be “normal” in the world, for to impose over someone else’s will is the way to “push” and get things done. The use of “force” and “fear” are the progeny of anger. Along with anger, there is lust. Both vices are very important to understand and transform (aka: conquering them) for we can “reform” the self easily. This “reformation” does not happen by memorizing scriptures or listening to classes. It happens solely and naturally by remembrance of God and our original nature.

Baba will explain in this Murli the importance of remembrance in many ways.

Below some points to churn:

“You children have to remain very introverted. Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. The Father sits here and gives this teaching. You children too just have to give this teaching and not say anything else. You have to explain that this is how you have to live at home with your family. This is manmanabhav. This is the first and foremost point.”

BapDada’s definition of being introverted is explained in the blessing of the Murli of January 28: “Remain constantly free from all bondages and become yogyukt: this is known as being introverted. Therefore, do a lot of service, but do that having become introverted from extroverted. “ That is manmanabhav, that is remembrance.

“Therefore, how does He give peace? He gives the direction to you children to remember Him. You don’t have to say anything in words but just remain introverted. Remain very sweet and don’t speak bitter words. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.”

More remembrance and nothing else. Words are not needed.

“Where there is anger, there is peacelessness. When you become angry, you defame the Father’s name. Tell everyone to chase away the evil spirits. Once you have chased them away they won’t exist for half the cycle. These five vices are now very powerful and in full force. People’s eyes and mouths are also criminal. It makes the self heated and also the family.”

Vices are expressed through our senses. What we call a “vice” is a virtue in its tamopradhan stage. Things will decrease in quality as time goes by. “Chasing away the vices “means to be “manmanabhav.” Remembrance to experience soul consciousness to change the direction of “descending” into “ascending.”

“In order for you to become soul conscious, the Father is teaching you the pilgrimage of remembrance. There are many who don’t understand fully. They become confused because they have been doing devotion. Devotion is body consciousness; they only remember physical images. “

Remembrance is not related with physical objects to remember. It is experience of the soul through intense love to God. No images needed but just the opening of feelings from the heart. That has a healing current, a blissful sensation; there is inner change in that experience.

“Some say: There is nothing in front of me, so how can I remember Him? It is then explained that the Father is incorporeal. He is the unlimited Father. If you don’t remember Him, how would you receive peace? You don’t have to say anything through your mouth.”

You don’t have to “see” anything either. The heart goes where there is this gratitude. To feel that bliss which comes through a “cleaning process” of following the code of conduct, is to feel the self while remembering God through knowledge, through a particular experience or memory. There is no need for “visual aids.” That is devotion as well as meditation 101.

“If a kumari remembers a kumar, her mind would never become peaceful and her intellect would continue to work; she would continue to remember him. The Father explains: The five vices are no less. It is said: Evil spirits have entered this one. There isn’t just one evil spirit, but five of them have entered. It is the evil spirits that have made you poverty-stricken. When the evil spirits are removed, you become masters of the world.”

That experience of the kumara is a good teaching tool to understand remembrance. It is not necessary visualizing a face, it could be many things; but the bottom line is that there is a feeling of being alive, of being elated, of light happiness. That is remembrance. Experiences do not happen to us just so we can experience the evil side of them; there is good in them as well as long as our vision align with goodness.

“Don’t even ask! The evil spirit of lust is still there because even though someone may stay pure, he or she is still born through vice. Therefore, use your intellect for everything. Everyone has evil spirits in them.”

However, there is some goodness in those who are considered to be evil, and evil in those who are considered to be good. It is a mixture. Lust is received through an “inheritance” (reminds me of the story of Adam and Eve when they were dispelled from Paradise) but also through karmic accounts. For a BK soul is the time of settlement, for another soul is the time to continue downhill through entropy. Different roles according to time.

“It is truly these evil spirits that have made the condition of Bharat what it is. This is also the drama. These evil spirits are called Ravan. Look at the stories they have made up in the scriptures! It is those stories that have destroyed all truth. The Father now says: Remember Me! I am the Purifier. You will become pure by remembering Me.”

It is the Drama. We can “moralize” things and call them “evil” and “good.” Bottom line, repetitive and eternal Drama. There is no point in being judgmental when there is no way to change “repetition.” Just experiences. Remembrance is numberwise, part of a role.

“Only the Father shows you the path to liberation and liberation-in-life and enables you to have disinterest in the old world. However, when someone sees someone beautiful, don’t even ask! They don’t understand that although the face is pretty, the soul is ugly, the soul is tamopradhan. Nowadays, when someone looks for a girl to marry, he wants someone pretty, although he may not be that handsome! “

Beauty is a perception. Karmic accounts are involved. The way the perception of beauty affects us is what constitutes a karmic bondage: possession, jealousy and other vices come. It is about “me,” and “mine.”

There is no sense of “matching physical beauty,” for there is extreme variety of forms and personalities.

“The evil spirit of lust is so great! They desire to hug someone and talk to that one. Baba doesn’t even like to see the faces of such children; they are like untouchables. The Father says: You have to die from your bodies. You belong to the Father. Therefore, consider yourselves to be souls.”

On the other hand “pretending” that there is no such a desire, is not beneficial either. The problem is not in the activity (hugging, talking) but are the intentions what matter. That is where the issue of purity is observed.

“Although they speak of 330 million deities in Bharat, there would be the special eight jewels among them who pass with honours. They would receive a prize. You understand that the destination is very high. While moving along, you fall and there is the presence of evil spirits. Then, you say: OK, if not the sun dynasty, then the moon-dynasty kingdom is also fine. Subjects, maids and servants also have to be created. The approximation is of 330 million. In fact, the population of Hindus should be greater because they were the true deities.”

The destination is high, but it is not the same for everyone. Ask yourself what is remembrance? If you know, why don’t you become karmateet in a year? Why some souls take longer? Why some souls do not have the same bondages? Numberwise. Everything happens according to capacity. Don’t ask why, but see that we are all different and we need to honor that. The “Kingdom,” is not a “democracy.” It appears to be competitive, “race to be one of the 8,” but it is not we cannot compete against each other. You can sit 7 hours for meditation, your mind was concentrated for half an hour. I see the external show, but the internal stage, I do not.

Note the last sentence about the population of Hindus. It was believed that Hindus only were the “true” deities. Knowledge changes in time as our understanding and timing changes.

“This is the corrupt world. There is no corruption there. No one understands Ravan. Ravan is a great enemy. You are conquering him. You are the Shiv Shaktis for whom it is said: Salutations to the mothers. You are the ones who conquered him, numbervvise, according to the effort you made.”

Conquering Ravan means to empty the self. There is no one to conquer, just to empty completely. Ravan is just the other side of the coin. Turning it around is what takes a lot in just one lifetime. Once the resistance is gone, we can let life/Drama/Baba, to show us the way. Wherever we walk we will be arriving, for there is only our own path to follow, without knowing the route.