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AVYAKT MURLI – March 3-2013

Comments on Avyakt Murli – March 3, 2013

To be merged in remembrance means to be absorbed in love. (original 12-6-75)

In this avyakt Murli we have some important points to churn about.
1) What is the significance of being trikaldarshi
2) What is the meaning of being merged in love with the Father
3) What is the significance of the power of the discernment at the “Maharati” level.

In this Murli BapDada will “sing the praise” of the children by noting the “special fortune” that we have. Indeed it is very special. It is unique and it is a representation of the capacity of a Brahmin soul. However, let me remind everyone (today playing a devil’s advocate role) that, this “uniqueness” also comes with a “price” in the cycle of time and that is the experience of duality which becomes stronger in our experience than any other soul as well.

Therefore, BapDada is drawing our attention into “creating” that elevated future. Note that the very use of the word “creating” implies that it is in our hands to “make this happen.” That is usually the understanding that most souls have and that BapDada uses in his explanations. Nevertheless, there is the element of “What can the Father do, if it is not in the child’s fortune.”

There is a greater understanding of the beauty and accuracy of the Drama, which is not meant to “fight our way” into it, neither to “sit around and wait,” however, that understanding is not that easy to understand, nor explain. It needs to be experienced. We are not fighting with the Drama. That would be like a dog chasing its tail. The Drama is working through us already

BapDada is asking us to remember our fortune as a means of feeling “zeal and enthusiasm.” Being “Trikaldarshi,” means that asking questions such as why? Or what?; becomes unnecessary due to our understanding of Knowledge.

BapDada mentions that “Double foreigners” have the specialty of “surrendering to the Flame;” “They hear knowledge, have an experience and continue on in this path; “ whereas a Bharatwasi will ask questions, think about it and then go for it. I thought that those remarks show how in 1975 things were going that way. Certainly, in my case it was more like the Bharatwasi “way.” I thought about and decided that this it, based on the knowledge and the experience that I had in relationship with the knowledge and the cycle of time. Certainly, without an “experience,” it would be almost none the number of “double foreigners” in this knowledge. Why? Because this knowledge may be “intuitive,” someone may feel that “this is right,” but without depth, doubts could come easily at a later time.

There are very, very few souls who have come into this knowledge based on the understanding of Gyan alone.
Nowadays, I find that questions are being asked by “double foreigners,” as well as “Bharatwasis.” Times change.
Nevertheless, the blessing that “double foreigners” will awaken the well known “Kumbhakarnas” of Bharat is still there.

This knowledge is giving us the possibility of being “trikaldarshi.” Once we know what the future has in store, we can move accordingly, that is “with the Drama.” Being “trikaldarshi” by understanding Gyan, should take care of any doubts, of any “maybe” thoughts. The power of Gyan is in its understanding.

“At this time you understand on the basis of knowledge, that to be merged in the remembrance of the Father or to be absorbed in love and to forget yourself is what they refer to as becoming One.” “To be merged in the Father, that is to be merged in the ocean of all virtues; is known as being absorbed in love, that is being merged in love for the Father.”

In the lines above, many will take that “absorption” as it is about “me” and Baba alone. Then, the fantasy of the romantic love will appear. If we look at the above sentences closer, BapDada is talking about being merged in the “Ocean of virtues.” That means, “BEING VIRTUES OUSELVES.” When we ourselves become the image of virtues, we are merged in love, in remembrance of the Father.

I would like to draw your attention to this article:

Where remembrance is explained based on points from different avyakt Murlis.
Remembrance is definitely way more than a romantic “rendezvous” with Baba.

Finally, the aspect of discernment at the more subtle level, by just being able to discern vibrationally, where time and space are no longer “barriers.” That is definitely a very sophisticated way to discern people and situations.

Someone who I know closely, had that experience in front of a couple of the Dadis. “wah your fortune!” was one exclamation from one of them; by just looking at the soul, and the other time: “You are a victorious soul.” With that type of “guarantee,” fear to control the Drama would be definitely gone.

That power to discern is there already and exemplified by the Dadis.