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Comments on Sakar Murli 4-30-12

Essence: Sweet children, have the faith that whatever you have belongs to the Father.
If you look after it all as a trustee, everything is purified. You will be sustained from
Shiv Baba’s treasure-store.

Question: What must you definitely be cautious about after you have completely
surrendered yourself to Shiv Baba?
Answer: When you surrender yourself to Shiv Baba, everything belongs to Him.
You then have to take advice at every step. If you perform any wrong action, you
accumulate a lot of sin. You cannot commit sin with money that belongs to Shiv Baba,
because each penny is worth a diamond. You must look after it very well. Nothing
should be wasted. Baba doesn’t take anything from you, but use whatever wealth you
have to serve human beings in order to change them from worthless shells into valuable diamonds.

Song: People of today are in darkness.

Essence for dharna:
1. Earn a true income and return with your hands full. Become a true businessman
and make a true bargain with the one Father.

2. In order to cleanse your heart, stay in remembrance of the Father as you prepare
Brahma bhojan. Eat and feed others food that is cooked while in yoga. Renounce the vices,
become decorated and decorate others with the jewels of knowledge.

Blessing: May you have the constant awareness of victory and remain happy, for,
by becoming an image that attracts, you give happiness to everyone.

We souls are victorious every cycle. The tilak of victory should remain constantly
sparkling on your forehead, for this tilak of victory will give happiness to others
because the face of a victorious soul is always cheerful. Seeing a cheerful face, everyone
is naturally attracted to happiness. At the end, when no one will have the time to listen
to anyone, your cheerful face that attracts everyone will serve many souls.

Slogan: To spread the light of the avyakt stage everywhere is to be a lighthouse.


Belonging to the Father means to surrender. What do we surrender? Ego. Nothing else, nothing more.
Without surrendering ego, we will commit "sin." How is that possible?

Because there will be someone making decisions, someone doing things, and whenever there is someone "doing" things do not happen as they should happen but as "I think" they should.
This meaning is a bit deeper than just saying and thinking: "I belong to you Baba." "Everything I have is yours."
Note that this just "fancy talk," "POLITICALLY CORRECT TALK," but the "I" giving things to God, the "I" who belongs to someone, that "I" hasn’t been surrendered.
Ego is still there as "I."
God does not require anything from anyone, but yet "everything belongs to Him."
This is a very good "yukti" to transfer our egotistical ways so the ego still exists but now, there is someone who a surrender to, who I belong to, that is God.
Ego still exists.

"I" thinks: "It is my money." Reality is: nothing belongs to anyone. "I" then says: " I must give it to Baba." Then the "I" feels "good" about that action..when in reality "nothing has been done."
Many times we just stay in this game of words and "nice labels," but there is no realization that surrendering means acceptance. Total acceptance. It is not "giving up." There is nothing that belongs to us, so we cannot "give anything up," we can just accept what it is.

Giving "everything to Baba" means to accept that nothing belongs to me. To accept that nothing belongs to Baba either, because Baba does not need anything, does not own anything… that is, unless there is ego in between… 😉